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Experimenta - part 5 of 5 (2004-2006)

This is the permanent archive for the radio show "Experimenta", that aired on Radio Nova in Oslo from 1996 to 2006. Here you can listen to 137 of the shows, with over 150 hours of music.

The profile was to play "everything from ambient to hip hop", via genres like trip hop, jazz, pop, soul, lo-fi, electronica, house, techno, drum'n'bass, breaks, noise, glitch, rock, mashups etc.

A big principle was to not play the same track or mix more than once, and over 2700 different tracks were aired. The host was Per Christian Frankplads.

International guests included:
The Orb, Mixmaster Morris, Ben Christophers, Raw Deal, Elegia/Laurent Collat and i:wound

Norwegians guests included:
Lindstrøm, Nils Petter Molvær, Bugge Wesseltoft, Rune Lindbæk, Claes Olsen, Eivind Olsvik, Mind Over MIDI/Helge Tømmervåg, Nicholas Sillitoe, Origami Galaktika/Benny Braaten, Päron Soda, Raymond Pellicer, Sketch/Kai Mikalsen, Sternklang and Xploding Plastix

Part 1: 1996-1999
Part 2: 2000
Part 3: 2001
Part 4: 2002-2003
Part 5: 2004-2006
Part 6: Detailed playlists for shows from 1996 to 2000 (unfortunately no recordings exits)

Part 5: 2004-2006


Isan - First Date: Jumble Sale

AIR - Cherry Blossom Girl (Simian Mobile Disco Mix)

Ignition - Night Flight

Ennio Morricone - Voce Seconda (Remix By Haruomi Hosono)

Orbital - Initiation (Orbital Remix)

Slowpho - Summer Flirt (Mind Over MIDI's Sommer I Kristiansund Remix)

Carl A. Finlow - Ghetto Server

Eight Frozen Modules - Datacasting

Trans Am - Pretty Close To The Edge

Lisa Germano - From A Shell

The Egg - Endless Rodeo

Si-cut.db - Glad/E

Cause 4 Concern - Moongerm

Tali - Lyric On My Lip

Ennio Morricone - Un Uomo Nello Spazio (Computerjockeys Remix)

Ennio Morricone - Come Maddalena (Aardvarck Remix)



Zero 7 - Home

AIR - Cherry Blossom Girl (Fanny - CBG Demo)

Kim Hiorthøy - Door Opens Both Ways

Frost - Amygdala (Mental Overdrive's Bleep Mix)

Jaga Jazzist - Lithuania (Martin Horntveth Remix)

Sir Dupermann - Pin Thrower

Kinobe - Party Animals

Funk D'Void - Electrix 313

Michael Mayer - X

No Doubt - It's My Life (Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White Duke Remix)

Funkkontakt - Arachnopop

Kelis - Milkshake (Freq Nasty's Hip Hall Mix)



Field - Cycle

Kammerflimmer Kollektief - Mantra

B. Fleischmann - Grunt

Her Space Holiday - From South Carolina

Goldfrapp - Black Cherry (M83 Remix)

Electronicat - Hoo Woo Woo

Jay-Z & The Beatles - December 4th (Mashup By DJ Danger Mouse)

Zero 7 - Home (Stereolab Remix)

Starsailor - Four To The Floor (Thin White Duke Mix)

Kangos Stein Massiv - Saltvann (Prins Thomas Miks)

Zero B - Lock Up (2003 Bootleg Mix By Victorville)



(Guesting the show this time was Audun Forgard aka DJ Snau. I played the first half hour, he took care of the last.)

Dust Brothers - Hit Me Again (Cheeba & Mackrosoft Remix)

Beats International - Burundi Blues

Soul II Soul - A Dreams A Dream (A Night At The Opera Mix)

Cymande - Bra

Salvatore - Orval

VA - DJ-mix by DJ Snau



Lars Horntveth - Kahlua Blues

Deathprod - Orgone Donor

Chicks On Speed - Where The Wild Roses Grow (Vs. Kreidler)

cLOUDDEAD - Dead Dogs Two (Boards Of Canada Remix)

Ravi & DJ Løv - Har Fårtalt Alt

Sixtoo - Old Days Architecture

Nuyorican Soul - I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun (4 Hero Remix)

Skalpel - 1958 (Skalpel Remix)

The Streets - Fit But You Know It (Radio Edit)

Kraftwerk - Aerodynamik (Alex Gopher & Etienne De Crecy Dynamik Mix)

Elektrofant - Gospel Control

I'm Not A Gun - Make Sense And Loose (Ulrich Schnauss Remix)



(This program was a part of the 8-year anniversary for Experimenta, and the concept this time was to play ONLY records from the 90's and bought ONLY from during ONLY the last two months.)

Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares - Kaval sviri (The flute plays)
(from CD "Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares volume two") (79201-2)
(.fr Disques Cellier/.us Nonesuch/Elektra, 1988)

Nona Gaye - The things that we all do for love
(w+p: Derek Bramble)
(from CD "Love for the future") (92181-2)
(.us Third Stone/Atlantic, 1992)

Neneh Cherry - Move with me
(w: N. Cherry/C. McVey/L. Kravitz, p: Booga Bear/Johnny Dollar/Neneh Cherry)
(from CD "Homebrew") (7 86516 2)
(.uk Circa/.us Virgin, 1992)

Bassomatic - Science and melody (S&M mix)
(w: Gosling/Rutherford/Gibbs/Sobers, p: William Orbit)
(from CDS "Science and melody") (VSCDG 1392)
(.uk Virgin, 1991)

Black Star Liner - Inverse
(w: Hosein/Harrop/Salmon, p: Choque)
(from CD "Yemen Cutta connection") (EXPCD006)
(.uk EXP, 1996)

George Michael - Mother's pride
(w+p: George Michael)
(from CD "Listen without prejudice vol. 1") (CK 46898)
(.uk CBS/.us Columbia, 1990)

Roger - (Everybody) Get up
(w+p: Roger Troutman/David Gamson)
(from CD "Bridging the gap") (26524-2)
(.us Reprise, 1991)

Kodo - Ibuki reconstruction (by DJ Krush)
(w: Motofumi Yamaguchi/Tetsuro Naito/Ryutaro Kaneko, p: DJ Krush)
(from CD "Sai-so") (WK 51904)
(.jp Sony/.us Red Ink, 1999)

Ronny Jordan meets DJ Krush - Love I never had it so good
(w: Q. Jones/T. Bahler/P. Austin/R. Tee, p: Ronny Jordan/DJ Krush)
(from CD "Bad brothers") (IMCD 8024)
(.uk Island, 1994)

Eight Frozen Modules - Heartbeat of a dog
(w+p: Ken Gibson)
(from CD "The confused designer") (TR62)
(.us Trance Syndicate, 1997)



(This program was a part of the 8-year anniversary for Experimenta, and the concept this time was to play tracks from the 80' and 90's that I should have played before on the show.)

Aphex Twin - Icct Hedral (Phillip Glass Orchestration)

Bassomatic - Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Bass (Va Va Voom Mix)

Pet Shop Boys - Opportunities (Original 12'' Mix)

The Thompson Twins - Doctor! Doctor! (12'' Mix)

Electronic - Getting Away With It

Change - Change Of Heart

Tangerine Dream - Love On A Real Train (from "Risky Business" OST)

Kate Bush - Cloudbusting (The Organon Mix)

The Korgis - Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime

Tungtvann - 96%

Diana Ross - Love Hangover (12" Version)



(This program was the main 8-year anniversary show for Experimenta. The concept this time was to break the usual policy of only playing tracks once, and repeat some of the best music from 1996 to 2004.)

Phileas Fog - Wizard

Tortoise - Dear Grandma And Grandpa

Jedi Knights - The Truth

Boards Of Canada - Alpha And Omega

DJ Krush - Meiso (Klub Mix By DJ Shadow)

Rune Lindbæk - OK, Kjør Romskip

LFO - Loch Ness

Goldfrapp - Utopia (Sunroof Mix)

Ambersunshower - Running Song (Tony Maserati)

Neotropic - 15 Levels Of The Empire State (Small Fish With Spine Mix)

Xploding Plastix - Joy Comes In The Morning

Daren Seymour & Mark Van Hoen - Supermind's Light Becomes Part Of The Earth (Feburary 29th, 1956)

Anne Marie Almedal, Jan Bang, Erik Honoré & Nils Chr. Moe-Repstad - Death Restored

Bergmund Waal Skaslien - Khatami In Abali

Unforscene - Z



(Guesting the program this edition was Hans-Peter Lindstrøm aka Lindstrøm aka slowSupreme of Feedelity Recordings, and he took care of the music selection.)

Snuten - Crazy B (Lindstrøm Remix)

Lindstrøm & Christabelle - Music (In My Mind) (Radio Edit)

Tantra - Hills Of Katmandu

Lindstrøm - Oops... I Got Rings Of Fire

Seals & Crofts - Nine Houses

Lindstrøm - There's A Drink In My Bedroom And I Need A Hot Lady (Part 1 & 2)



Jean F Cochois - Days, weeks and years
(from CD "Electronique love") (E 01110111 CD)
(.de Elektrolux, 2003)

AIR - Surfing on a rocket (to the smiling sun remix by Joakim)
(from 12" "Surfing on a rocket") (VST 1871)
(.fr Source, 2004)

Imatran Voima - Give Me My Money
(from CDR "The church of latterday maggots")
(.no Tellekro/Tellé, 2004)

Fila Brazilia - You won't let me rock
(from CD "The life and times of Phoebus Brumal) (T032)
(.uk 23, 2004)

The Orb - L.U.C.A.
(from CD "Bicycles & tricycles") (COOKCD298)
(.uk The Hexus/Cooking Vinyl, 2004)

Bark Psychosis - Reserve shot gunman
(from CD "Codename dustsucker")
(.uk Fire, 2004)

Kelis - Trick me (Adam Freeland remix)
(from CDS "Trick me") (VSCDX 1872)
(.us/.uk Virgin, 2004)

Astrid - Rainwater (Mr Velcro Fastener dub mix)
(from double 12" "Rainwater") (STA 1-32025)
(.us Statra, 2004)

Kaptein Kaliber - Hjelp
(from CD "LP! Digitalt remastret") (TELLE 024CD)
(.no Tellé, 2004)

Funkstörung - Fat camp feva (Funckarma remix)
(from 12" "Fat camp feva/Disconnected) (!K7162EP)
(.de !K7, 2004)

RJD2 - De l'alouette
(from CD "Since we last spoke") (DJUXCD 84)
(.us Definitive Jux, 2004)

David Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto - World citizen (Ryoji Ikeda remix)
(from CDS "") (WPCL-10043)
(.jp Warner, 2003)

Wibutee - Glør
(from CD "Playmachine") (986 681-7)
(.no Jazzland, 2004)



Society London - Desire (Chilluminati remix by Illumination)
(from compilation CD "Illumination: The Chilluminati remixes) (0602498146552)
(.no Jazzland, 2004)

AIR - Surfing on a rocket (remixed by Juan Maclean)
(from 12" "Surfing on a rocket") (VST 1871)
(.fr Source, 2004)

Jah Wobble - Elevator music part 10
(from CD "Elevator Music volume 1A") (30HZCD22)
(.uk 30 Hz, 2004)

Mikkel Metal - Substance reshape
(from 12" "Remix EP part 2") (08)
(.dk Echocord, 2004)

Lali Puna - Small things
(from CD "Faking the books") (MM044CD)
(.de Morr Music, 2004)

Lars Horntveth - Tics (Four Tet remix)
(from CDS "The joker") (STS075CD)
(.no Smalltown Supersound, 2004)

Jon Kennedy - Something that's real
(from 12" "Way I feel") (GC 178)
(.uk Grand Central, 2004)

Operator - Closed circle
(from CD "OS 1.1") (BEN 011 CD)
(.uk Benbecula, 2004)

Mr. Projectile - Love here (L'usine mix)
(from 12" "Love here EP") (SEMISEX 001)
(.uk Semisexual, 2004)

Hybrid - Higher than a skyscraper (Towers of Babel mix by The Orb)
(from CDS "Higher than a skyscraper") (DISNCD121)
(.uk Distinct'ive, 2004)

Two Lone Swordsmen -Formica fuego (featuring Nick Burton)
(from CD "From the double gone chapel") (WARP CD 119)
(.uk Warp, 2004)



(Guesting the show this time was Øyvind Holen, music journalist and author of the book "Hiphop hoder", which chronicles the history of Norwegian hip hop. On the show he had selected a lot of early Norwegian rap and talked about the artists as well.)

B.O.L.T. Warhead - Flags on fire (northside theme)
(from CD "The re-enforcement") (517973-2)
(.no PolyGram, 1993)

Ståle Stiil - Skateboard
(from CD "Yo") (CR 110922)
(.no Criminal/Stageway, 1992)

Mr. Walker & the Walkmen - This is your walkman talking
(from 7" "This is your walkman talking") (CBSA 6270)
(.no CBS, 1985)

Ute til Lunch presenterer Carl I. Hagen - Hagen-ræpp
(from 7" "Hagen-ræpp") (1 37526 7)
(.no EMI, 1989)

Snikksnakk - Her er det no' muffens!!
(from 7" "Her er det no' muffens!!")(SHR 101)
(.no Second Hand, 1989)

Felony Force - Drugs
(from compilation 7" "Rock mot rus") (RMR 9007)
(.no Rock mot Rus, 1990)

MC Cey - Hold it
(from 7" "3.5.25") (877 924-7)
(.no PolyGram, 1990)

A-Team - Peace doctor
(from 7" "Peace doctor") (879 178-7)
(.no PolyGram, 1990)

Flava to da Bone - Everybody say ooh
(from CD "Feelin' da flava") (4509-99407-2)
(.no Warner Music, 1995)

Warlocks - After dark wallhitters
(from CD "Top notch") (TEECD 001)
(.no Tee Productions/CNR Music, 1997)

N-Light-N - Euphony (you phony)
(from CD "Deep green") (TEECD 002)
(.no Tee Productions/CNR Music, 1997)

Tailormade - P... ..luvaz
(from compilation CD "Hilsen NordNorge") (NNCD 961)
(.no NordNorsk Musikkproduksjon, 1996)

Pen Jakke - De kom ridende
(from CDS "De kom ridende") (NDBUT011)
(.no dBut, 1999)

Gatas Parlament - Stem Gatas Parlament
(from compilation CD "Rhymers bench: The Norwegian rap compilation") (RARCD9903)
(.no Rhythm and Rhymes, 1999)

Equicez - Negative kids (radio edit)
(from CDS "Negative kids") (EQUICEZ01)
(.no Pass-It, 2002)

Jaa9 & OnklP - Stank ass hoe part 2
(from promo CD "Sjåre brymæ") (CCD 020)
(.no C+C/Sonet, 2004)



Mum - This nothing in the faraway
(from CDS "Dusk log") (CD10FAT03)
(.uk Fat Cat, 2004)

Björk - Oceania (radio mix featuring Kelis)
(from promo CDS "Oceania")
(.uk One Little Indian, 2004)

Kings of Convenience - I'd rather dance with you (the after dark Parliamix)
(from CDS "I'd rather dance with you") (SOURCDX 102)
(.uk Source, 2004)

DJ Krush - Road to nowhere
(from CD "Jaku") (517578 2)
(.jp Columbia/Sony, 2004)

Moder Jords Massiva - Borderline (longstocking celebration)
(from CD "Propaganda") (FFCD 10)
(.se Flora & Fauna, 2004)

Mikkel Metal - Kaluga
(from 12" "Dorant/Kaluga") (KOM 104)
(.de Kompakt, 2004)

Yunx - Easyway
(from 12" "Snake in the Grass EP") (Ai010)
(.uk Ai, 2004)

DJ Krush - Univearth (featuring Tetsuro Naito)
(from CD "Jaku") (517578 2)
(.jp Columbia/Sony, 2004)

The Bug - Fuck version
(from CDS "Aktion pak") (CAT 158 CD)
(.uk Rephlex, 2004)

Teebee - Tsunami
(from double LP "The legacy") (SUBTITLESLP002)
(.no Subtitles, 2004)

Annie - Heartbeat
(from promo CD "Anniemal")
(.uk 679, 2004)

Felix da Housecat - Rocket ride (Rude photo rude mix by Dave the Hustler)
(from 12" "Rocket ride") (ENR 521)
(.us Emperor Norton, 2004)

The Prodigy - More girls (featuring Ping Pong Bitches)
(from CDS "Girls") (XLS 195 CD)
(.uk XL, 2004)

Psyketeller - Old skool
(from compilation CD "Don't hang the DJ volume two") (PN 62004 CD)
(.no Planet Noise, 2004)



Alexander Rishaug - Or L!
(from CD "Possible landscape") (ASP 2024)
(.us Asphodel, 2004)

Isis - Maritime (remix by Mike Patton)
(from 12" "Oceanic remixes volume 3")
(.us Robotic Empire, 2004)

Stina Nordenstam - Get on with your life (Pluxus remix)
(from CDS "Get on with your life") (5028018)
(.uk V2, 2004)

Depeche Mode - Enjoy the silence (Timo Maas extended remix)
(from CDS "Enjoy the silence") (LCDBONG34)
(.uk Mute, 2004)

Pablo Francisco - Little tortilla boy
(from DVD+CD "Bits and pieces - Live from Orange County")
(.us Red Distribution, 2004)

AIR - Alpha beta gaga (Jackson remix)
(from CDS "Alpha beta gaga") (VSCDX 1880)
(.uk Virgin, 2004)

De La Soul - Verbal clap
(from CD "The grind date") (SANCD296)
(.us Sanctuary, 2004)

Dirty Oppland - Vi er gutta
(from CD "Bondegrammatikk mixtape")
(.no Tornado, 2003)

Etienne De Crecy - Morpheus
(from CD "Super discount 2") (DIFB 1030CD)
(.fr Solid/Different, 2004)

Fatboy Slim - Close to home
(from CD "Palookaville")
(.uk Skint/.jp Epic/Sony, 2004)

Massive Attack - I am home
(from soundtrack CD "Danny the Dog") (8 74394 2)
(.uk Circa/Virgin, 2004)

Jaa9 & OnklP - Viser hvor landet ligger
(from CD "Sjåre brymæ") (CCD 020)
(.no C+C, 2004)

Medicine - As you do (Jacques Lu Cont's Spoonful of sugar)
(from CDS "As you do") (WALLD094)
(.uk Wall of Sound, 2004)

Home Video - The tundra
(from 12" "Citizen EP") (WAP 179)
(.uk Warp, 2004)

Kåre & the Cavemen - Rubber city revolution
(from CD "Jet age") (8 42775 2)
(.no Virgin, 1997)



Neotropic - Small moves

Stina Nordenstam - The world is saved

Sense - Early rain

Waki - Submarine

Tim Koch - Speak Canadian

The Hacker - Electronic snowflakes

Hexstatic - That track

Afrika Bambaataa - Take you back

Funkstörung - Chopping heads (featuring Tes)

Radian - Transistor

Transglobal Underground - Vanilka

Snuten - Chin up!

Kango - Fersk Fesk (Trulz & Robin Remix)

Rennie Pilgrim - Atlantis

Transglobal Underground - Take the 'a' tram

Ananda Shankar - Jumpin' jack flash



Her Space Holiday - The Young Machines (The Album Leaf Remix)

Console - Mount Everest Horizontal

Boot Cut Rockers - Monster Parade

Wagon Christ - Deux Ans De Maïa

Del Wire - Ran

L'Usine - Everything Under The Sun

Thomas Fehlmann - Feat

Depeche Mode - Little 15 (Ulrich Schnauss Remix)

Bola - Vhieneray

Illumination - I Can Feel It

Downliners Sekt - Perpendicular 8

Brtschitsch & Galluzzi - Bordell

Electro Music Specialists - Close Encounters

Buckfunk 3000 - 2 Much Booty (Product 1 Rmx)



Laurent Garnier - 9.01-9:06

Daft Punk - Make Love

Gwen Stefani - What You Waiting For? (Jacques Lu Cont's TWD Mix)

Starsailor - Four To The Floor (Thin White Duke Mix)

Abe Duque - Miracle To Fill My Life

Amon Tobin - Displaced

Lemon Jelly - '76 Aka The Slow Train

The Chemical Brothers - Surface To Air

E.S.T. - The Well-Wisher

AFX - Laricheard

Roots Manuva - Colossal Insight (Röyksopp Remix)

DJ Mental - Rugged Wid It (Feat. Roots Manuva & Seanie T)

M83 - Moonchild



Rhythm & Sound - Boss Man (Feat. Walda Gabriel)

Prefuse 73 - Hideyaface (EL-P Mix) (Feat. Ghostface Killah)

Michael Andrews - 28:06:42:12 (Daedelus Mix)

Actress - Credit Da Edit

AmmonContact - Good Life To Groove Merchant

Autechre - Fermium

Aphex Twin - XMD 5a

AFX - Klopjob

Claude Young - Electronic Dissident 2 (Bitten Hard By The Black Dog)

Miss Kittin - Requiem For A Hit (LFO Mix)

Plump DJs - The Pressures

Soulwax - E Talking (Rex The Dog Mix)



Emiliana Torrini - Lifesaver

Nina Simone - Little Girl Blue

Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto - Moon

Saul Williams - Twice The First Time

One Self - Be Your Own (Vadim Dub Mix)

Kraftwerk - Trans Europe Express (Live In Budapest)

Dextro - Gees A Piece

Madvillain - Accordion (Four Tet Remix)

Skalpel - Low (Reconstruction By The Amalgamation Of Soundz)

Luke Vibert - Cash'N'Carry Acid

The Chemical Brothers - Giant

Juliet - Avalon (Jacques Lu Cont Versus Remix)

Sarah Vaughan - Peter Gunn (Max Sedgley Remix)



Praveen - Haze

Tahiti 80 - Changes (Jaga Jazzist Remix)

Róisín Murphy - If We're In Love

Datarock - I Used To Dance With My Daddy

Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Indian Summer

The Herbaliser - Gadget Funk

The Quantic Soul Orchestra - West Pier Get Down

Zodiac - Pacific

Hardfloor - Itz Not Over

Sophie Rimheden & Håkan Lidbo - Främling (Johan Fotmeijer Remix)

Isolée - Schrapnell

AFX - Reunion 2

Calyx - Chasing Shadows



Sigur Rós - Andvari

Beck - Broken Drum (Remixed By Boards Of Canada)

Nils Petter Molvær - Marrow (Sofa Version By Raymond Pellicer)

Tears For Fears - Woman In Chains (Jakatta Awakened Mix Radio Edit)

Rob Swift - Military Scratch

The Juan MacLean - Dance Hall Modulator

Skipsapiens - Mucha Latencia

Beck - Still Missing (Röyksopp Remix)

Röyksopp - Boys

Goldfrapp - Ooh La La (Original Extended Mix)

Public Enemy - They Call Me Flavor (Feat. Paris)

Rob Swift - Another Friendly Game...



Bloc Party - Compliments (Shibuyaka Remix By Nick Zinner)

Husky Rescue - City Lights (Vector Lovers Radio Mix)

TNT Recordings - The Theme From 'Your Mammy'

T.Raumschmiere - Monstertruckdriver (Dabrye's Big Truck Remix)

One Self - Paranoid (J Star Remix)

The Juan MacLean - I Robot

Freescha - Drive Me Wide (Reversed)

Thee Maldoror Kollective - Undercity (Open End Feeder Mix By Mick Harris)

The Human League - The Dignity Of Labour Pt. 3

Laurent Garnier - Barbiturik Blues (By C2 AKA Carl Craig)

LCD Soundsystem - Tribulations (Lindstrøm Remix)

Juliet - Ride The Pain (Duke Mix)

Röyksopp - 49 Percent (Ewan Pearson Glass Half Full Remix) (Feat. Chelonis R. Jones)

Stewart Copeland - Equalizer (Live)



Porn Sword Tobacco - Detta Är Kärleken Som Dansar

The Boats - Sarah Alice

Perculator - Poetry Of Men And Mice

The Chemical Brothers - The Boxer (DFA Version)

Digable Planets - Rebirth Of Slick (Cool Like Dat)

Minizza - En Forêt

Jon Balke's Batagraf - Rraka

Boards Of Canada - Peacock Tail

Amorphous Androgynous - Indian Swing

T.Raumschmiere - A Very Loud Lullaby (Si Begg Remix) (Feat. Sandra Nasic)

The Orb - Captain Korma

Mr. Oizo - Latex

Nils Petter Molvær - Darker

Stacs Of Stamina - Mourning Morning



Rachel Goswell - Plucked One (Names On Records By The Earlies)

Lambchop & Hands Off Cuba - Blur

Kate Bush - Aerial

Der Dritte Raum - Canal Du Midi

Spooky - Strange Addiction (Dub Addiction)

Depeche Mode - Shake The Disease (Remixed Extended)

Orbital - Belfast

Tahiti 80 - Here Comes... (Simian Mobile Disco Remix)

The Human League - (Keep Feeling) Fascination (Improvised 12'' Dub)

Gang Of Four - What We All Want (Dandy Warhols Remix)

Lesbians On Ecstasy - Tell Me Does She Love The Bass (A Scream Club Remix)



Biosphere - Sherbrooke
(from LP "Dropsonde")

Carl Craig - A Wonderful Life (version)
(from CD "The Album Formerly Known As")

Reload - The Biosphere (Global Communication Remix)
(from 2CD "76:14 Expanded Edition")

Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas - Foreløpig Bit
(from CD "Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas")

The Black Dog - Alt/Return/Dash/Kill
(from CD "Silenced")

Nine Inch Nails - Only (EL-P Remix)
(from promo CDM "Only (Remixes)")

Freddy Fresh - I Feel Real Good
(from CD "Diggin' Up Ghosts")

Bloc Party - Banquet (The Streets Mix)
(from CDS "Two More Years")

Four Tet - A Joy (Remix)
(from promo CDM "A Joy")

The New Mastersounds - Two Note Brown
(from 7" "Two Note Brown")

Ulrich Schnauss - Nothing Happens In June
(from 2CD "Far Away Trains Passing By")

Lackluster - Swamped
(from CD "What You Want Isn’t What You Need")

Will Saul - Where Is It? (Feat. Ursula Rucker)
(from CD "Space Between")



Thievery Corporation - Sleeper car
(from CD "Sounds from the Thievery hi-fi")
(.us Eighteenth Street, 2006)
(COMMENT: Brand new track on a re-issue of the classic album from 1997.)

Roots Manuva - Things we do
(from promo CD "Alternately deep")
(.uk Big Dada, 2006)
(COMMENT: Compiled of unused, remixed and alternate tracks from the "Awfully deep" sessions.)

Sally Rodgers - All that she knows
(from promo CD "Madmen and lovers")
(.uk Other, 2006)
(COMMENT: One part of A Man Called Adam debuts solo with a mellow and quite acoustic album.)

William Orbit - Fragamosia
(from CD "Hello waveforms")
(.uk Sanctuary, 2006)
(COMMENT: Orbit is back with an ambient and downbeat album filled with his trademark beautiful melodies and soothing production.)

Lindstrom and Prins Thomas - Mighty girl (Vran gog)
(from promo 12" "Mighty girl")
(.be Eskimo, 2006)

Plaid - Crumax rins
(from CD "Spokes")
(.uk Warp, 2003)
(COMMENT: They played a laptop/DJ-set this night at Blå, and we gave out tickets.)

Mr. Velcro Fastener - The flock
(from CD "Telemacho")
(.fi Stars-Music, 2006)
(COMMENT: Finnish electro!)

Plump DJ's - Dr. Dub
(from 12" "Dr. Dub")
(.uk Finger Lickin, 2005)
(COMMENT: British breaks, sampling Thompson Twins' "Doctor doctor".)

Depeche Mode - Shake the disease (Tiga remix)
(from compilation CD "Future retro")
(.us Rhino, 2006)
(COMMENT: OK remix of a classic track, and the whole compilation album is full of new names remixing old songs by 80's artists. Needless to say, the originals are usually better...)

Propaganda - Valley of the machine gods
(from promo CDM "Valley of the machine gods")
(.de Amontillado, 2006)
(COMMENT: Reduced to a duo, this former quartet now releases 12"es on this little German label. This track is a cinematic and floating affair, and the 12" should be followed by three others in this series.)

Jon Kennedy - Cutup
(from CD "Useless wooden toys")
(.uk Grand Central, 2005)
(COMMENT: Jon was DJ'ing the following day at Blå, and we gave out tickets.)

Tungtvann - Aldri
(from mp3)
(COMMENT: A Norwegian version of "Gasolina", and much better!)

Teebee - Not the one
(from 12" "Not the one/Step up")
(.uk Subtitles, 2006)
(COMMENT: Heavily sampling Pete Namlook's "Air"-album.)



Prefuse 73 - With dirt and two texts (afternoon version)
(from promo CD "Security screenings")
(.uk Warp, 2006)
(COMMENT: Even more abstract and less hip hop on his new album.)

Justin Robertson - Love movement (Ulrich Schnauss remix)
(from 12" "Revtone - The Berlin mixes")
(.uk Bugged Out, 2003)
(COMMENT: One of the most lush and beautiful tracks ever... instant bliss in this amazing remix by German electronica maestro Ulrich Schnauss.)

Stereolab - Whisper pitch
(from CD "Fab four suture")
(.uk Too Pure, 2006)
(COMMENT: On this, their new album, Stereolab do what they've always done - maybe most exciting for those who are already fans.)

Róisín Murphy - If we're in love (Matthew Herbert's lovers remix)
(from 12" "If we're in love")
(.uk Echo, 2005)
(COMMENT: A really cool jazzed out and slow Matthew Herbert remix of ex-Moloko frontwoman Roisin.)

Stereolab - Miss modular (single version)
(from CDM "Miss modular")
(.jp EastWest Japan, 1997)
(COMMENT: Maybe THE best Stereolab track ever. The remixes on this single are by Kid Loco, Automator and Autechre, but the original is just so perfect that it can't really be improved.)

Gus Gus - Demo 54
(from 12" "Need in me")
(.is Pineapple, 2005)
(COMMENT: This 12" came just before Christmas, and this is a long and groovy instrumental that just rolls slowly.)

Yello - Desire (12" mix)
(from CD "Stella (remastered)")
(.uk Universal, 2005)
(COMMENT: All their albums were recently remastered with bonus tracks, many of which never released on CD before, and this is of course one of the better Yello songs, here presented in the full 12" mix.)

Monolake - Plumbicon (Rebreather mix)
(from 12" "Plumbicon versions II")
(.de Monolake/Imbalance Computer Music, 2006)
(COMMENT: From the German high fidelity-geek Robert Henke, this 12" contains two external remixes. The one I played is by sound designers Rebreather - I think it's their first musical release - and another by Deadbeat. This mix "deploys all cinematic stylings for a stretched, midnight sci-fi variation", says

Propaganda - Valley of the machine gods (more discipline mix)
(from 12" "Valley of the machine gods")
(.de Amontillado, 2006)
(COMMENT: Reduced to a duo, this former quartet now releases 12"es on this little German label. This track is a cinematic and floating affair, and the 12" should be followed by three others in this series.)

Nina Simone - Little girl blue (Postal Service remix)
(from double promo LP "Remixes one")
(.us Skyline, 2006)
(COMMENT: This track was previously available on the collection "Verve remixed 3", and is now featured on this release with many more remixes of Nina Simone... none of which are very exciting, except this cute little re-take on the classic "Little girl blue".)

Stanton Warriors - Hope time (the Rogue Element remix)
(from 12" "Stanton sessions vol. 2 sampler 2")
(.uk Punks, 2006)
(COMMENT: A massive UK breaks tune pumped up by Rogue Element.)

Prince - When Doves Cry (Doves Fly By Original Sinners)
(from white label 12" "Original Sinners vs Doves fly)
(.uk ??, 2006)
(COMMENT: The classic Prince-tune, reworked by (possibly) Klaus 'Heavyweight' Hill (aka 2 Sinners). Very cool UK breaks version.)

The Knife - Na na na
(from CD "Silent shout")
(.se Rabid Records, 2006)
(COMMENT: A slow one to finish off...)



William Orbit - Surfin'
(from CD "Hello waveforms")
(.uk Sanctuary, 2006)
(COMMENT: Orbit is back with an ambient and downbeat album filled with his trademark beautiful melodies and soothing production.)

Lawrence - Falling down on a dam of mashed potatoes
(from compilation CD "Childish music")
(.de Staubgold, 2005)
(COMMENT: This compilation contains quirky, naive and childish music from artists like Dr. Rockit, Devendra Banhart, Nobukazu Takemura, Sketch Show, Maher Shalal Hash Baz, F.S. Blumm, Anne Laplantine, World Standard and many more.)

Coldcut - Man in a garage (Nick Franglen Lemon Jelly remix) (Feat. John Matthias)
(from CDM "Man in a garage")
(.uk Ninja Tune, 2006)
(COMMENT: Beautiful and soothing remix by one half of Lemon Jelly. This mix is very different from the original.)

Massive Attack - Live with me (Feat. Terry Callier)
(from double CD "Collected")
(.uk Circa/Virgin, 2006)
(COMMENT: Great new track and single from Massive Attack, coinciding with the release of their double compilation CD "Collected". Fantastic and sad video as well.)

Sufjan Stevens - Chicago
(from CD "Illinois")
(.us Asthmatic Kitty, 2005)
(COMMENT: Acoustic pop/rock/folk with a hook you'll remember for days.)

Gotan Project - Diferente (Feat. Cristina Vilallonga)
(from 10" "Diferente/Domingo")
(.uk XL-Recordings, 2006)
(COMMENT: The duo is back with much awaited new material.)

Peak - Get Carter
(.uk Afro Art, 2005)
(from compilation CD "Biggabush - Sound sensation")
(.de Stereo Deluxe, 2005)
(COMMENT: Funky cover of a song from the original "Get Carter"-soundtrack. Here's an informative little read about the story of this excellent track:

Up, Bustle & Out - Bob your head
(from CD "City breakers - 18 frames per second")
(.de Collision, 2006)
(COMMENT: No longer on Ninja Tune, but this album resembles the old stuff they did, only fuller and more organic. I can really recommend this album, full of headnodding beats and tunes. Music to smoke to. Except I don't smoke.)

Freddie Foxxx aka Bumpy Knuckles - P.A.I.N.E.
(from CD "Konexion")
(.us Rapster, 2003)
(COMMENT: DJ Premier produced this track, and Freddie is insanely hard. Reminds me Tim Dog, somehow.)

Alexander Robotnick - Problèmes d'amour (midnight version)
(from 12" "Problèmes d'amour")
(.it Fuzz Dance, 1983)
(COMMENT: I played this original pop/disco classic and gave out tickets to Blå the same evening, where DJ Skatebård and DJ Balthazar came straight from Bergen to play wonderful italo disco all evening. Where else could you hear Fun Fun and Den Harrow this evening? No where. Except in my living room at the afterparty!)

Gaute Drevdal - Strike back (pt. I)
(from 7" "Strike back")
(.no ??, 2006)
(COMMENT: Don't know the label here, but it's a cool brassy retro uptempo track that was released the following day at Bar Royale.)

Soundhack - Track B1
(from 12" "Soundhack #2")
(.de Soundhack, 2000)
(COMMENT: Classic and insanely funky German cut up house by Frank Timm.)

Claude Vonstroke & Galen - Disco kryptonite
(from split 12" "Disco kryptonite/Bake me dome tonight")
(.us Cadang, 2006)
(COMMENT: A nice little electro track to finish off the evening.)



(This program was a part of the 10-year anniversary for Experimenta, and the concept was to play ONLY seminal tracks and remixes from the 80's, since that's the foundation of a lot of the newer electronic music I had played during the 10 years of the show.)

Depeche Mode - Never Let Me Down Again (Split Mix)

Propaganda - P-Machinery (Beta)

Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill (12'' Mix)

Talk Talk - Happiness Is Easy (12'' Mix)

Belouis Some - Imagination (Dance Mix)

Phil Collins - Take Me Home (Extended Version By John 'Tokes' Potoker)

Janet Jackson - When I Think Of You (Dance Remix)

Shannon - Let The Music Play (Re-Mix)

Alexander O'Neal - (What Can I Say) To Make You Love Me

The Flirts - Helpless (You Took My Love) (12'' Extended)

Evelyn Thomas - High Energy

Tom Hooker - Real Men

Fun Fun - Happy Station (Scratch Mix)

Stephen 'Tin Tin' Duffy - Kiss Me (Mixe Plural)



(This program was a part of the 10-year anniversary for Experimenta, and the concept was to play ONLY seminal tracks and remixes from the 80's, since that's the foundation of a lot of the newer electronic music I had played during the 10 years of the show.)

a-ha - Soft Rains Of April

Godley & Creme - Cry

Eurythmics - Paint A Rumour

Princess - After The Love Has Gone (DJ Bad Mix)

Den Harrow - Catch The Fox (Extended)

Malcolm McLaren - Madame Butterfly

Prince - Pop Life

Nu Shooz - I Can't Wait (Dance Mix)

Eric B. & Rakim - Follow The Leader

Gwen Guthrie - Ain't Nothing Going But The Rent

M - Pop Muzik (12" Version)

Dee D. Jackson - Automatic Lover

Pet Shop Boys - Opportunities (Let's Make Lots Of Money) (Dance Mix)

Desireless - Voyage Voyage (Euro Remix)

Divine - You Think You're A Man (Extended)



(This program was the last edition ever of Experimenta, and a part of the 10-year anniversary for the show. Guesting the show this time was the crazy record collector, music journalist and radio host Ørjan Sletner. The concept was to play ONLY seminal electronic tracks from the 90's, since that sound had been part of the foundation for the show's 10-year run. Thanks for listening!)

The Black Dog - Chesh

Pablo's Eye - When You Smile

B12 - Phettt

Aphex Twin - Ptolemy

Nav Katze - Crazy Dream (Retro 313 Future Memory Mix By Reload)

Psyche - Andromeda

The Future Sound Of London - My Kingdom (Part 5)

The Orb - Blue room (Excerpt 605)

Pete Namlook (Air) - Travelling Without Moving (Trip 5)

Biosphere - Novelty Waves (Arctic Mix)

Underworld - Rez

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