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F*ck Iran and Sweden - and this is why

The dictatorship in Iran forces women to cover their hair, and recently a Swedish delegation obediently followed orders. Article in UN Watch:

1) F*ck Sweden. They should boycott Iran and demand specific improvements in the country, and not deal with the theocracy before these changes have been implemented.

2) F*ck the trade minister Ann Linde and the rest of the recent Iran delegation from Sweden - they are a disgrace to both their country and real feminism. ALL of the women should have refused to wear a hijab, instead of giving in. The country only wants money, and would have had to accept a refusal. The women should also have demanded to shake the Iranian men's hands.

3) F*ck Sweden for saying that they have a "feminist government", when Linde is trying to defend her hijab use in Tehran by saying that "failing to do so would have broken the law". No - you don't actually have to respect religious bullsh*t. BBC News:

4) F*ck the Swedish public broadcaster SVT for trying to hide the fact that minister Linde and the women in her delegation chose to wear hijabs:

5) F*ck the Swedish finance minister Magdalena Andersson for comparing hats with hijabs ( No matter what she says, a statement like that shows that she has very little empathy for subdued women. Read this excellent criticism by Masih Alinejad of My Stealthy Freedom:

6) Also watch this speech by Alinejad on why female politicians must challenge compulsory hijab:

7) And finally, f*ck World Chess Federation (FIDE) for allowing Iran to host the women’s world chess championship, when they knew that the players would be required to wear the hijab. CNN ( and (

P.S. This extreme political correctness is a big part of why Sweden is so f*cked, and why the country will have huge problems in the near future.

P.P.S. Why are men's and women's chess tournaments separated anyway? Are men really better than women in the game? If so, are they so much better that women't can't compete in the same championships?

P.P.P.S. Sort of similar hijab case from Norway in 2010, with Martine Aurdal: