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Stems and multitrack files I'm looking for

Here are the multitracks I have:

Here are artists and songs I'm looking for multitracks of:
A Flock Of Seagulls - The More You Live
Depeche Mode (except "Never Let Me Down Again", "Personal Jesus" and "Policy Of Truth")
Frankie Goes To Hollywood (except "Relax")
George Benson - Give Me The Night
George Benson - Midnight Love Affair
George Benson - Moody's Mood
George Benson - Turn Out The Lamplight
George Benson - What's On Your Mind
Grace Jones (anything)
Isaac Hayes - The Look Of Love (and anything else)
Madonna - Bedtime Story
Madonna - Burning Up
Madonna - Justify My Love
Madonna - Masterpiece
Mariah Carey - Can't Let Go
Michael Jackson - Black Or White (multitrack session)
Michael Jackson - Get On The Floor
Michael Jackson - Girlfriend (76 tracks or other version)
Michael Jackson - Rock With You (49 tracks or other version)
Michael Jackson - Thriller (multitrack session)
Michael Jackson - Workin' Day And Night (49 tracks or other version)
Nicolette Larson - Lotta Love
Rihanna - Don't Stop The Music (Pro Tools multitrack or other version)
Robbie Williams - Angels
Robbie Williams - Let Me Entertain You
The Jackson 5 - Darling Dear (16 tracks or other version)
The Jackson 5 - I Wanna Be Where You Are (16 tracks or other version)
The Jackson 5 - It's Great To Be Here (16 tracks or other version)
The Police - Every Breath You Take (23 tracks or other version)
ZTT (anything from this label)

Please email me at if you have any of these! Thanks.

(Updated 25/4-2018.)
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