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MTV "Inhuman Traffic" - documentary about human traficking

"Inhuman Traffic" is an 30-minute MTV-documentary about human traficking, narrated by Angelina Jolie. It features interviews with real traficking victims from various parts of the world.

Please give a link to this blogpost to anyone you think should see this!

And go here for the whole campaign by MTV.

Clip 1/6:

Clip 2/6:

Clip 3/6:

Clip 4/6:

Clip 5/6:

Clip 6/6:


Madonna CD-single covers - part of defining the 80's

I found a collection of covers for Madonna's 40 CD-single collection (which you can buy here), and it's so much pop music history in those images...

Here's the cover for "Cherish", and you can click here to see 39 more.


My new cat - Mio, my Mio.

I have a cat! And he's adorable and soooo cuddly. He always wants to sleep in my lap, no matter what. I think it's because I found him on the street, and he's in need of some love and affection.

The veterinary says he's about 5-6 months old, so I'll decide right now that his birthday is... the 17th of May! (Norway's Constitution Day.)

He needed a name, so I asked around. And Roxana came up with Mio. Great name! So now I have a Mio. Mio, my Mio. Thanks and kisses, Roxana.