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Experimenta - part 3 of 5 (2001)

This is the permanent archive for the radio show "Experimenta", that aired on Radio Nova in Oslo from 1996 to 2006. Here you can listen to 137 of the shows, with over 150 hours of music.

The profile was to play "everything from ambient to hip hop", via genres like trip hop, jazz, pop, soul, lo-fi, electronica, house, techno, drum'n'bass, breaks, noise, glitch, rock, mashups etc.

A big principle was to not play the same track or mix more than once, and over 2700 different tracks were aired. The host was Per Christian Frankplads.

International guests included:
The Orb, Mixmaster Morris, Ben Christophers, Raw Deal, Elegia/Laurent Collat and i:wound

Norwegians guests included:
Lindstrøm, Nils Petter Molvær, Bugge Wesseltoft, Rune Lindbæk, Claes Olsen, Eivind Olsvik, Mind Over MIDI/Helge Tømmervåg, Nicholas Sillitoe, Origami Galaktika/Benny Braaten, Päron Soda, Raymond Pellicer, Sketch/Kai Mikalsen, Sternklang and Xploding Plastix

Part 1: 1996-1999
Part 2: 2000
Part 3: 2001
Part 4: 2002-2003
Part 5: 2004-2006
Part 6: Detailed playlists for shows from 1996 to 2000 (unfortunately no recordings exits)

Part 3: 2001


Marcel - On the beach
(w: Marcel, p: Alex/Tommyboy)
(.de Mole Listening Pearls/UCMG, 1999)
(from compilation CD "Nuphonic 02") (NUX138CD)
(.uk Nuphonic, 2000)
(COMMENT: Nice chilled track to kick off the show with.)

Sternklang - Beautiful thing
(from compilation CD "O what a day") (SCD1UCM)
(.no UCM/Playground, 2000)
(COMMENT: Slightly more funky track from Norwegian Rune Brøndbo. Wonder what he's up to now? If he releases more stuff, we'll play it here.)

Raw Deal - Zulu
(w: J.Z. Robins, p: Raw Deal)
(from CDS "Sky high EP") (TLCD53)
(.uk Talkin Loud/Mercury, 2000)
(COMMENT: Jim of Raw Deal visited the show in edition 200025, click here XXX to see the playlist and listen to the show.)

Ravi Harris & the Prophets - Ravi's thing
(from CD "Funky sitar man") (BBE CD 002)
(.uk BBE, 1997)
(COMMENT: From a webpage: "It is nothing less than a public offence that such a collection of sitar-funk tracks like those featured on this superb LP have never been released. This is a chronical of one mans musical adventure to spread the word of psychedelic heavy funk, a form that has been hidden for far too long.")

Boozoo Bajou - Under my sensi
(w+p: Florian Seyberth/Peter Heider)
(.de Stereo Deluxe)
(from compilation CD "Batucada volume one") (MOLECD024-2)
(.de Mole Listening Pearls/UCMG, 2000)
(COMMENT: Nice compilation compiled by Minus B. Very German and funky vibes.)

Blowpipe - Mission
(w: A. Blick/R. Blick, p: Robert Harder)
(from CD "Epilogue") (HARM305)
(.uk Harmsonic, 2000)
(COMMENT: British project, sounding very avantgarde, on a new and interesting label.)

The Pharcyde - The rubbers song
(w: The Pharcyde, p: LA Jay/The Pharcyde)
(from compilation CD "Red Hot + Cool: Stolen moments") (GRP 97942)
(.us The Red Hot Organization/GRP, 1994)

Bugge Wesseltoft feat. Sidsel Endresen - You might say (Mind over MIDI remix by Helge Tømmervåg)
(l: Sidsel Endresen, m+p: Bugge Wesseltoft)
(from 7" "Mind over MIDI re-works") (BSS035)
(.no Beatservice, 2000)
(COMMENT: Helge Tømmervåg is one of many people who have remixed Bugge, but this version adds something I haven't heard before. Very nice vibes and a deep understanding for the song.)

Håkon Lidbo - Hypercube
(w+p: Håkon Lidbo)
(from CD "After the end") (APR049CD)
(.dk April, 2000)
(COMMENT: This Swede is apparantly involved in lots of projects dealing with many forms of electronic music. This album is really full of intertwined beats, skillful programming and parts of it can sound like some early Squarepusher.)

Rune Lindbæk - Roboterotikk
(w+p: Rune Lindbæk/Gaute Drevdal)
(.uk Repap/Paper, 2000)
(from compilation CD "Prima Norsk") (BSCD034)
(.no Beatservice, 2000)
(COMMENT: While we wait for Rune's debutalbum...)



Depeche Mode - Enjoy the silence (harmonium)
(from mp3 via Napster)
(COMMENT: Sad sad version I didn't know existed.)

Dust Brothers - What is fight club
(from mp3 via Napster)

Air - Casanova 70 (the secret of cool by Brendan Lynch)
(from mp3 via Napster)

Shawn Lee - Kill somebody
(w+p: Shawn Lee)
(from CDS " Kill somebody") (AMOUR 3D)
(.uk We Love You/Wall of Sound, 2000)
(COMMENT: Interesting nu souley stuff.)

The Latin Kings feat. Jille & Crille - Ainaziz
(p: The Latin Kings)
(from CD "Mitt kvarter") (8 50393 2)
(.se Redline/Virgin, 2000)

Mambo Kurt - Rap Medley: Woo hah! Got you all in check/The message/Walk this way
(p: Helmut Philipps/Uli Poesselt)
(from CD "The return of alleinunterhalter vol. II: Back in beige") (8 49912 2)
(.de Virgin, 2000)

Marlena Shaw - California soul
(from mp3 via Napster)

Turner - Moving in
(w+p: Keni Mok)
(from compilation double CD "Wir") (2094-2)
(.de Ladomat/Zomba, 2000)
(COMMENT: Originally from the album "Disappering brother", which came out in July 2000.)

Chemical Brothers - Hey boy hey girl (extended mix)
(from mp3 via Napster)

Planet Funk - Chase the sun (radio edit)
(w: M. Baroni/D. Canu/S. Duffy/S. Della Monica/A. Neri, p: Planet Funk)
(from promo CDEP "Chase the sun") (VSCDJ 1794)
(.uk Virgin, 2001)

Saint Etienne - Boy is crying (Hybrid mix by Mike Truman and Lee Mullin)
(w: Cracknell/Stanley/Wiggs, p: Saint Etienne)
(from CDS "Boy is crying (mixes)") (MNT60CD2)
(.uk Mantra, 2000)

Charged - Elektro punjabi da-koo (Wayward soul mix)
(w+p: Charged)
(from CDS "Elektro punjabi da-koo") (NR100CD)
(.uk Nation, 2000) (



(This program featured Anders Norås as guest-DJ, who played for two hours and wrote the comments below. Check out this mix!)

Hex - Harmonic
(w+p: Black/More/Carpenter)
(from 12" "Psychic dentist EP") (NTONE11)
(.uk Ntone/Ninja Tune)
(COMMENT: The name of this EP makes the hairs raise on my back, somehow I find the title "Psychic dentist" a little frightening. I have no idea why. Still this is a perfect ambient tune, and a good, gliding start for the show.)

Cabbage Boy - Mod you
(w: Si Begg/James Goldblatt, p: Si Begg)
(from 12" "Planet E.P.") (NTONE20)
(.uk Ntone/Ninja Tune)
(COMMENT: Yet another track from the golden days of the NTone label, a raging blip-blop drum frenzy.)

Extended Spirit - Caprice
(w+p: Stefan Leisering/Axel Reinemer)
(from 12" "Caprice") (SD1004)
(.de Sonar Kollektiv/Dialog, 1999)
(COMMENT: This song sort of wraps up my the ambient part of my set. It's a real quirky tune, and for you Norwegians out there this song might remind you of the children's show "Lekestue".)

Sepia - Freeway exile
(w+p: Robert Grillo)
(from 12" "Eau du vie") (ASCM 2023)
(.uk Ascension/Defender, 2000)
(COMMENT: This track comes from a 12" I ignored for a couple of weeks in the recordstore, the reason for this was that the cover looks like a full on goa-trance record. Oh my, was I wrong! My choice from this 12" is a jazzy dub tune, and it is probably not the best one. Just imagine what the other tunes are like!)

Earl Zinger - Song 2
(m: Albarn/Coxon/James/Rountree, l: Albarn, p: Spry/Zinger)
(.uk Regal/EMI, 2000)
(from compilation double LP "Real fidelity: The liberating sound of Division One") (DO LP22)
(.uk Division One, 2000)
(COMMENT: This track was originaly relased on a limited (500 copies) 7" single last year. Luckilly it appeared on the excelent compilation album "Real fidelity", making me able to play it for you. If you feel like you have heard this song before, you probably have! It is a cover of Blur's jump-up rock song "Song 2".)

Lickin' Shot feat. Rohan Lee - Get up & do it
(m: Stephanie D'Olieslager, l: Rohan Lee, p: Tomy Rombouts)
(from 10" "Get up & do it")
(.uk Break It Dubplate)
(COMMENT: A blend of reggae, noise and massive drums that sounds like nothing I've heard before. (Ok, I might be overdoing this a bit.))

Two Banks of Four - Afro blue
(w: Mongo Santamaria)
(from LP "Ciry watching") (SIRK LP002)
(.uk Sirkus, 2000)
(COMMENT: The Two Banks of Four sound could be describes as nu-jazz rock, but please do not confuse this with fusion jazz. Check out the album "City watching" to make up your own mind.)

John Coltrane - Afro-blue
(w: John Coltrane, p: Bob Thiele)
(from double LP "The best of John Coltrane: His greatest years") (AS-9002)
(.us ABC/Dunhill, 1963)
(COMMENT: As the Chemical Brothers once said: This song... needs no introduction.)

The Cinematic Orchestra - Ode to the big sea
(w+p: Jason Swinscoe)
(from double LP "Motion") (ZEN45)
(.uk Ninja Tune, 1999)
(COMMENT: The reason for choosing this track is that it is my current favorite from the "Motion" album, an album with absolutly no fillers.)

The Herbaliser - 40 winks (No sleep Vadim! mix by DJ Vadim)
(w: Wherry/Trout/Teeba, p: The Herbaliser/Malachi)
(from 12" "Mr. D.J.") (ZEN 1246)
(.uk Ninja Tune, 1996)
(COMMENT: I heard a voice, crying in the wilderness... faaaaarout in the wilderness.)

Bomb the Bass feat. Justin Warfield - Bug powder dust (Kruder & Dorfmeister session)
(w: Tim Simenon/Justin Warfield, p: Tim Simenon)
(.uk Island, 1995)
(from compilation triple LP "Back to mine: Faithless") (BACKLP5)
(.uk DMC, 2000)
(COMMENT: You probably know this one. The Kruder & Dorfmeister mix is one of many great versions of this track.)

Lambchop - Grumpus
(w: Kurt Wagner, p: Mark Nevers/Kurt Wagner)
(from LP "Nixon") (20152-2)
(.de City Slang/Virgin, 2000)
(COMMENT: The "Nixon" album by Lambchop was definitivily one of the best albums released last year. Most people where really amazed by the excelent single "Up with people", but there are many other tracks worth playing on the album. "Grumpus" is one of these tracks.)

Johnny Conquest - Walking to be a pearl
(w: Green/Horsham/Taylor)
(from white label 7" "Chrome horse") (S003)
(.uk Sirkus, 2000)
(COMMENT: A rather smooth accoustic guitar based track soon to be released on the Sirkus label. Relax, close your eyes and feel good!)

MK2 vs. Ryu vs. Karma - Stealth dub (full length mix)
(from 12")
(.de Spectrum Works)
(COMMENT: Nu-jazz'ers Karma wrestles the japanese ragga-hip hop group "MK2". I'm if I'm to judge, this sounds like a tuff fight!)

The Housemartins - Caravan of love
(p: John Williams)
(from 12" "Caravan of love") (GODX 16)
(.uk Go! Discs, 1986)
(COMMENT: My favorite accaplla track, 'nuff said.)

Hefner - Fish head
(w+p: Lee Jones)
(from LP "Residue") (INERT-14DLP)
(.uk Inertia, 2000)
(COMMENT: A track from the must-have Hefner high tech jazz album "Residue".)

Generique - Dernier domicile connu
(from compilation LP "Dusty fingers volume three") (DF-9073)
(.uk Strictly Break, 1998)
(COMMENT: Has anyone heard the new Robbie Williams single? You can say what you like about the man, but you must admit he's got a great taste when it comes to sampling!)

Astra Nova Orchestra - Soul sleeper
(w: J. Schroeder/K. Woodman, p: John Schroeder)
(from 7") (JM.006)
(.uk Jazzman)
(COMMENT: Anders Norås: Eagrly awaiting the return of easy listening!)

Intimate Stranger - Love sounds
(from 7") (ALA 1005)
(.uk Alaska, 1975)

Kenny Hawkes - Ashley's war part 2 (Two Lone Swordsmen mix)
(w+p: Kenny Hawkes)
(from 12" "Ashley's war part 2") (PAP038)
(.uk Paper, 1999)
(COMMENT: If all house tracks sounded like the dub mix (not the one played here) of this track, I would probably be comfortable as a house DJ. But they don't so I'll go on as an eclectic DJ!)

Isolée - Beau mot plage (Freeform reform parts I & II)
(w+p: Rajko Müller)
(from 12" "Beau mot plage") (CMC86RMX)
(.uk Classic, 2000)
(COMMENT: Ï wonder how many times Isolée are going to release this tune? I've got three or four different copies of it. But if the continue to improve it as much as Freeform Five did, they might as well go on forever!)

A Tribe Called Quest - If the papes come (remix)
(w: J. Davis/A. Muhamed, p: A. Muhamed)
(from the 12" Single "Can I kick it?")
(.us Zomba, 1990)
(COMMENT: If hip hop was as good today as it was in the beginning of the 90's, life would be great.)

Les Baxter - The hoggin' machine
(w: L. Baxter)
(from white label LP)
(.us Harlene Music, 1974)
(COMMENT: This stomper by Les Baxter comes from a film soundtrack. Unfortunately I can't remember the name of the movie. Anyway, my advise to you is: Check out soundtracks, old and new, as this is the most exprimental genre of music ever.)

Erwin Lehn Orchester - Color
(w: E. Lehn)
(from LP "Color in jazz")
(.de MPS, 1973)
(COMMENT: My favorite bigband leader Erwin Lehn with the title track from the excellent MPS album "Color in jazz".)

Johanne Grauer featuring Lorraine Feather - Can't sleep
(w: Feather/Perla)
(from compilation double LP "Mojo club dancefloor jazz volume 8") (564 931-2)
(.de MPS, 1978)
(COMMENT: Yet another track from the MPS label. This one is lifted of the "Mojo club" series, a compilation series well worth checking out.)

DJ Toolz - Uncle Bob
(w: DJ Jason, p: Blapps Productions)
(from LP "Ninja Toolz volume 4") (TOOL 4)
(.uk Ninja Toolz, 1995)
(COMMENT: Just a break... Not much to write about this one.)

Utsumi - Toiki
(w+p: Utsumi)
(.jp Disorient, 1999)
(from compilation quadruple LP "Freezone 6") (SSR 227 LP)
(.be SSR/Crammed Discs, 1999)
(COMMENT: Smooth Japanese jazz. I love Japan!)

Yasushi Ide - Plein soleil (accapella)
(w: Y. Ide, p: Y. Ide/Y. Ota)
(from 12" "Bossa très jazz presents Yasushi Ide")
(.jp Warner Music/Yellow, 1999)
(COMMENT: This acapella track is lush! A sweet, sexy voice talking in French. What more could you ask for?)

Smashing Pumpkins - Cupid de locke
(w: B. Corgan, p: Flood/A. Moulder/B. Corgan)
(from double CD "Mellon collie and the infinite sadness")
(.us Virgin, 1995)
(COMMENT: Last year we witnessed this bands break up. Luckily they managed to release one of their best albums five years earlier. I really think people should check bands like this to find good chill-out tunes.)



(This program featured Tikiman, who now lives in Berlin, and Circa Dub Sound System from Norway as guests. Later that evening they played Blå and gave a fantastic performance! We didn't write down the playlist, but please listen to the show!)



(COMMENT: I was at the Big Chill last summer - a very nice summer festival of alternative music and culture in the midst of the English countryside - and when I got this new double-CD in the post I thought I should play the whole shabang. So here's CD2. I played CD1 just before Christmas last year.)

Various - The Big Chill: Enchanted 02 (CD 2 of 2)
(.uk Big Chill Label/PK Music, 2000) (FACTOR 5)
Victor Davies - Brother
Sounds from the Ground - Pictured
Bonobo - The plug
Opaque - Opaque
Chris Coco, Lenny Ibizarre & Steve Afterlife - The big dream
Ted's Head - Street signs
Homelife - Mad waltz
DJ Food - Nocturne
Kirsty Hawkshaw - Sanctuary
Tim 'Love' Lee - The goodbye highway
Biosphere and Jony Easterby - Heights of the depths



Bidio - Isma
(w+p: Mathias Delplanque)
(from CD "Bilder") (HARM 307)
(.uk Harmsonic/Roundabout, 2000)

Garbage - Milk (Massive Attack mix)
(from mp3 via Napster)

Up, Bustle & Out feat. Martin Genge - Havana's streets
(from CD "Master sessions 1") (ZEN CD46)
(.uk Ninja Tune)

Max 404 - Quiddity (last visit)
(from mp3 via Napster)
(also to be found on the compilation "Headz 2: part B")

Furslide - Love song
(w: Jennifer Turner, p: Nellee Hooper)
(from CD "Adventure") (CDVUSX151)
(.us Meanwhile.../Virgin, 1998)

Blue Foundation - Wiseguy (The Prunes remix)
(w+p: Blue Foundation)
(from CDS "Wiseguy & Hollywood") (APR051CD)
(.dk April, 2001)

Rahzel feat. Q-Tip - To the beat
(from mp3 via Napster)

Xploding Plastix - Funnybones & lazylegs
(w+p: Hallvard H. Hagen/Jens Petter Nilsen)
(from CD "Amateur girlfriends go proskirt agents") (BSCD038)
(.no Beatservice, 2001)

House of Pain - Shamrocks & shenanigans (boom sha lock lock boom) (Salaam main pass)
(from mp3 via Napster)

Tungtvann - Fire elementa (remix)
(w: Jørg-1, p: Poppa Lars)
(from CDS "Fire elementa (remix)") (8 79003 2)
(.no EMI, 2001)

L.L. Cool J - Around the way girl
(w: M. Williams/J.T. Smith, p: Marley Marl)
(from CD "Mama said knock you out") (CK 46888)
(.us Def Jam/Columbia/CBS, 1990)

Lou Reed - Walk on the wild side
(w: Lou Reed, p: Lou Reed/David Bowie/Mick Ronson)
(.us BMG, 1974)
(from CD "Walk on the wild side: The best of Lou Reed") (ND83753)
(.us BMG, 1981)

Main Source - Fakin' the funk
(from mp3 via Napster)

Air - Kelly watch the stars (Moog cookbook remix)
(from mp3 via Napster)

Ceasefire - Trickshot (Puerto Rico demo)
(w+p: Derek Dah Large/Mark Pember/Jason O'Bryan)
(from compilation CD "Back 2 mono") (8 49909 2)
(.uk Wall of Sound/Virgin, 1995)

Zapp - Dance floor
(from mp3 via Napster)

William DeVaughn - Be thankful for all you've got
(from mp3 via Napster)

Beady Belle - Pantile
(l: Beate Slettevoll Lech, m+p: Beady Belle)
(from CD "Home") (013 509-2)
(.no Jazzland, 2001)

Nicola Conte - Bossa per due
(w+p: Nicola Conte/G. le Noci)
(.it Schema)
(from compilation CD "Batucada volume one") (MOLECD024-2)
(.de Mole Listening Pearls/UCMG, 2000)

Palace of Pleasure - Mile high dub
(w+p: Palace of Pleasure)
(from CD "Betty Ford, here we come") (S2CD 2505)
(.no POP/S2, 2001)

Tosca - Fuck dub (Haaksman mix)
(from mp3 via Napster)

Tricky - Makes me wanna die (the weekend mix by Stereo MCs)
(from mp3 via Napster)

The Brand New Heavies feat. Kool G. Rap - Death threat
(w: Jan Kincaid/Andrew Levy/Simon Bartholomew/A. Titus, p: The Brand New Heavies)
(from CD "Heavy rhyme experience vol. 1") (8573 81023-2)
(.uk Acid Jazz/London, 1992)

Scritti Politti feat. Mos Def & Lee Major - Tinseltown to boogiedown (Psycho Les mix)
(from mp3 via Napster)

Fingathing & Mr. Scruff - Just practise
(w: Fingathing/Mr. Scruff, p: Fingathing/Mr. Scruff/James Ford)
(from CDS " Just practise") (GC138CDS)
(.uk Grand Central, 2000)



Yo La Tengo - Danelectro 1 (remixed by Q-Unique)
(from promo CDS "Danelectro") (OLE 484)
(.us Matador)

Ty feat. Mpho - You're so...
(p: SPA)
(from promo CD "Awkward") (BDCD026)
(.uk Big Dada/Ninja Tune, 2000)

Darkside of the Force - Los verdaderos
(w: Darkside of the Force, p: Fat Marv)
(from the CD "Solar consciousness" by Salvador) (CC-CD 3002)
(.no City Connections/MTG, 2001)

Psychonauts - Live neutral earth
(.uk Mo Wax)
(from compilation promo CD "") (BBG2)
(.uk Beggars Banquet/Beggars Group, 2001)

Perculator - Listening pleasure
(from promo CD "Sergeant major")
(.no dBut, 2001)

Wagon Christ - Doin' the do
(from CDS "Receiver") (ZEN CDS100)
(.uk Ninja Tune, 2001)

The Herbaliser - A little groove
(from promo CD "Remedies") (ZEN CD18P)
(.uk Ninja Tune)

Klovner i Kamp - Tykt og tynt
(m+p: Alis, l: Dane/Alis/Dr. S)
(from CD "Bjølsen Hospital") (CC-CD 1004)
(.no City Connections/MTG, 2001)

Cloroform - The future ain't what it used to be (Morten Abel)
(from CD "Scrawl") (KAAA4)
(.no Cloroform, 2001)

Bill Withers - Who is he (and what is he to you)?
(w: B. Withers/S. McKenny, p: Bill Withers)
(.us Sony, 1972)
(from CD "The best of Bill Withers: Lean on me") (498170 2)
(.us Legacy/Sony, 2000)

Ugly Duckling - Rock on top
(.us 1500, 2001)
(from promo compilation CD "XL2001") (XLCD 137)
(.uk XL Recordings, 2001)

Brassy - I can't wait (Rob Swift remix)
(from CDS "Play some D") (WIJ 123 CD)
(.uk Wiiija, 2000)

Xzibit - Double time (explicit)
(w: A. Joiner/E. Sermon)
(from CDS "X") (670656 2)
(.us Loud/Sony, 2000)

Ladyvipb - Please heal me
(from promo CD "Stories of a broken heart and recovering") (NUX160CD)
(.uk Nuphonic, 2001)



(This program featured Xploding Plastix as guests and co-hosts, and they controlled the selection of music.)

Bugge Wesseltoft feat. Sidsel Endresen - You might say (Mind over MIDI remix by Helge Tømmervåg)
(l: Sidsel Endresen, m+p: Bugge Wesseltoft)
(from 7" "Mind over MIDI re-works") (BSS035)
(.no Beatservice, 2000)

Howard Maple - High five
(w+p: Håvard Abusland)
(from CD "Inside") (CCD 008)
(.no C+C, 2000)

Xploding Plastix featuring Jan Erik Vold - Tarantula
(from DAT)

Gonzalez - Gringo star
(from CD "Uber alles") (EFA 55227-2)
(.de Kitty-Yo, 2000)

Gert Wilden & Orchestra - Sexy girls (from "Mädchen die nach München Kommen")
(from CD "Schulmädchen report") (04374-2)
(.de Crippled Dick Hot Wax)

David Holmes - Rip rip
(from compilation CD "Music from the motion picture 'Out of Sight'") (MCD 11799)
(.us Mersey/MCA, 1998)

Luke Slater - All exhale
(w+p: Luke Slater)
(from CDS "All exhale") (CDNOMU66)
(.uk NovaMute/Mute, 1999)

The Idjut Boys and Quakerman - Corrective surgery
(from CD "Life: The shoeing you deserve") (GUCD8)
(.uk Glascow Underground, 1999)

Drum Island - La danse eleqtrique
(from CD "Drum Island")
(.be Apollo/R&S, 1997)

Xploding Plastix - Popfrontical eclection (teaching an egg)
(from DAT)



(This program featured only music downloaded from the net via the program WinMX.)

Kid 606 - Detective boy
(from mp3)

Rhythm & Sound - Never tell you (version)
(from mp3)

Ritchie Hawtin - Minus orange
(from mp3)

Stakker - Humanoid 2001 (Plump DJ's retouch)
(from mp3)

Mike Oldfield - Sentinel (Nobel Prize mix by The Orb)
(from mp3)

Future Sound of London - We have explosive (Oil dub)
(from mp3)

Curve - Rising (Headspace dub by Future Sound of London)
(from mp3)

CiM - Clean code
(from mp3)

Method Man - Bring the pain (Chemical Brothers mix)
(from mp3)

Keith LeBlanc - Malcolm X: No sellout
(from mp3)

Ultramagnetic MC's - Poppa large (East coast)
(from mp3)

Orb - Once more (Ft explores Satan)
(from mp3)

Ronny Jordan meets DJ Krush - Love I never had it so good
(from mp3)

Max 404 - Remembering dawn
(from mp3)

EPMD - Crossover (Hot tracks)
(from mp3)

Biosphere - The fairy tale (Faint source mix)
(from mp3)

Tungtvann - 96%
(from mp3)

DJ Vadim - The breaks (Techno Animal remix)
(from mp3)

Techno Animal - Bionic beatbox (Tortoise)
(from mp3)

Stephen 'Tin Tin' Duffy - Kiss me (Mixe plural)
(from mp3)

Centrefold - Dictator
(from mp3)

Flirts - Passion (dance mix)
(from mp3)

Joe Jackson - Steppin' out (live)
(from mp3)

Radiohead - Climbing up the walls (Zero 7 mix)
(from mp3)

CiM - Blue screen
(from mp3)

Spiritualized - I think I'm in love (Chemical Brothers mix)
(from mp3)



(This program featured Benny Braaten as guest and co-host, and he controlled the selection of music.)

B9 - demo

Origami Galaktika - Horisont 1
(from CD "Horisont")

Wojchezk - Gewinde

Jack of All Trades - N/A

The Legendary Pink Dots - Harvest babies
(from CD "Hallway of the gods") (SOL 50 CD)
(.us The Terminal Kaleidoscope/Soleilmoon, 1997)

Miro Slav Švicky plays Fujara and Whistles

B9 - Audiovisuelle bilder: Bratislava

AE - N/A (track 4)

Origami Galaktika - Punane ko
(from double CD "Stjernevandring/Eesti Lilled Silmad Süda")
(.no Jester)



Perculator - Friends
(from CD "Sergeant major") (NDBUT 021)
(.no dBut, 2001)

Method Man - Bring the pain (Chemical mix by Chemical Brothers)
(from mp3)

Pen Jakke - Snakket på byen
(from CDS "Generasjon hip hop") (OSLS CD 5)
(.no Oslove, 2001)

Hall & Oates - I can't go for that (no can do) (extended)
(from mp3)

Seelenluft - Auracar
(from CD "The Rise And Fall Of Silvercity-Bob") (KLCD 021)
(.de Klein, 2000)

Saint Etienne - Hug my soul (Limbo mix by Kris Needs)
(from CDS "Hug my soul (five mixes)")
(.uk Heavenly, 1994)

Carole King - I feel the earth move
(from CD "Tapestry") (493180 2)
(.us Ode Records/Epic/Sony Music Entertainment Inc., 1971)

Cerrato - Places to see
(from CDS "Ghosts")
(.no Osito, 2001)

Anja Garbarek - And then
(from CD "Smiling and waving")
(.no Virgin, 2001)

Future 3 - Frisk
(from CD "Like")
(.dk April, 2001)

Slowpho - I wake myself
(w+p: Hilde Drange/Christian Watkins)
(from 12" "Dial") (BS042)
(.no Beatservice, 2001)

Phonophani - End of all things
(w+p: Espen Sommer Eide)
(from CD "Genetic engineering") (RCD2016)
(.no Rune Grammofon, 2001)



(This program featured Helge Tømmervåg - Mind over MIDI - as guest and co-host, and he controlled the selection of music.)

Mind over MIDI - Walkman (featuring Oddman)
(from 10" "Walkman") (BS039)
(.no Beatservice, 2001)

Round Four - Find a way (found a way) (featuring Tikiman)
(from CD "Round One to Round Five: 1993 - 1999" (MSD-1)
(.de Main Street, 1999)

Radiohead - Everything in its right place
(from CD "Kid A") (5 27753 2)
(.uk EMI, 2000)

Autechre/David Sylvian - Shadowland/Drowning in the sea of independance
(mixed together by Helge Tømmervåg)

Mind over MIDI - Echo (featuring Hilde Drange)
(from CD "Project 3") (BSCD040)
(.no Beatservice, 2001)

Boards of Canada - In a beautiful place out in the country
(w+p: Michael Sandison/Marcus Eain)
(from CDS "In a beautiful place out in the country") (WAP144CD)
(.uk Warp, 2000)

Arovane - Amine
(w+p: Uwe Zahn)
(from CD "Atol scrap") (51664-2)
(.de DIN, 1999)

Lorenzo - Head odyssey
(m: Stein Bjercke/Robert Holm, l: Stein Bjercke)
(from CDS "No fidelity") (MMR009)
(.no Machine Machine)



Snooze - Quiet alone
(w: Snooze/Holiday/Waldron, p: Snooze)
(from CDS "Quiet alone") (SSR 229)
(.be SSR/Crammed Discs, 2000)

Cliff Martinez - I know she's in there
(w+p: Cliff Martinez)
(from original soundtrack CD "Traffic")
(.us TVT)

DJ Food - Looking glass
(w+p: Carpenter/Foakes)
(from CDS "The quadraplex EP") (ZENCDS91)
(.uk Ninja Tune, 2001)

Alexander Robotnik - Problemz de amour (Carl Craig remix)
(from compilation CD "Designer Music vol. 1")
(.us Planet E, 2000)

Bugge Wesseltoft's New Conception of Jazz - Lone
(w+p: Bugge Wesseltoft)
(from CD "Moving") (013 534-2)
(.no Jazzland/Universal, 2001)

Malaria! vs Chicks on Speed - Kaltes klares wasser (DJ Koze mix)
(from 12" "Kaltes klares wasser rmx") (SUPER DJ 2013)
(.de Superstar Recordings)

Dee Felice Trio - There was a time
(w: James Brown/Bud Hobgood, p: Bud Hobgood)
(.us King, 1969)
(from compilation CD "James Brown's funky people part 3") (012 157 745-2)
(.us Universal, 2000)

Kraftwerk - It's more fun to compute (Open source mix)
(from mp3)

Propellerheads - Spy break (short one)
(from mp3)

The Grid - Crystal clear (the crystal clear water revival by The Orb)
(from 12" "Crystal clear") (VSTX 1442)
(.uk Virgin, 1993)

Celectric - Digitizer
(w+p: Christian Askvig)
(from demo-CDR "Pulsewidth modulation")

Max 404 - Double flat
(from mp3)



Supersilent - 5.4
(from CD "5") (RCD 2018)
(.no Rune Grammofon, 2001) (

Amongst Myselves - Relics of an early universe
(w+p: Steve Roberts)
(from CD "Still life") (SG-012)
(.au RMC, 2001)

Brian Eno & J. Peter Schwalm - More dust
(from CD "Drawn from life")
(.uk Opal, 2001)

Nils Petter Molvær - Ligotage (Phonoversion)
(from CD "Recoloured: The remix album") (013 591-2)
(.de Universal Jazz, 2001)

Jaga Jazzist - Low battery
(from CD "A livingroom hush")
(.no Warner, 2001)

Alesini & Andreoni feat. David Sylvian - The golden way (remix by Dave Kent)
(from the double David Sylvian compilation CD "Everything and nothing")
(.uk Virgin, 2001)

Alpha - Especial
(from CD "The impossible thrill")
(.uk Melankolic/Virgin, 2001)

Ennio Morricone - Il grande silencio (remixed by Thievery Corporation)
(from CD "Morricone rmx") (86639-2)
(.us Reprise, 2001)

Digital South - Digital South
(from compilation CD "From dope till dawn") (PHZ 207)
(.de Pottheadz, 2001) (

Leggo Beast - Big egg
(w+p: Murray Clarke)
(from CD "Sines and cymbals")
(.uk Pork, 2001) (

Bel Canto - Shimmering, warm & bright (Alien Nation remix by Per Martinsen)
(from double limited CD "Retrospect")
(.no Warner, 1991)

VA - A Man Called Adam presents: Punta del Este sunset
(.uk Pagan/Ark 21, 2001)
Rachel's - Artemisia
Radiohead - Climbing up the walls (Zero 7 mix)
Issa Bagayogo - Sya
Brenda Fassie - Vuli n' Delia
Beta Band - Inner meet me
Tosca - Worksong
John Beltran - Collage of dreams
Suntwins - The big dream
Neon Heights - 16 again
Maurice Fulton - A night at Estudio Copita de Nieve
A Man Called Adam - Steady (Punta del Este mix)
Tal - I was told
Presence - Favour nothing
Pixies - Monkey gone to heaven



Björk - All is full of love (Choice mix by Howie B)
(from CDS "Joga") (TPLP81CD)
(.uk One Little Indian, 1997)

Sheila Chandra - Not a word in the sky
(from CD "This sentence is true (the previous sentence is false)")
(.uk Shakti/Indipop, 2001)

Depeche Mode - Dream on (Kid 606 mix)
(w: Martin L. Gore, p: Mark Bell)
(from CDS "Dream on #2") (LCD BONG 30)
(.uk Mute, 2001)

Coldcut - Rubaiyat (Carl Craig mix)
(from CD "Let us replay") (ZENCD39)
(.uk Ninja Tune, 1999)

Nils Petter Molvær - Dead indeed (Tunnel mix by Mind over MIDI)
(from CD "Recoloured: The remix album") (013 591-2)
(.de Universal Jazz Germany, 2001)

Talking Heads - Once in a lifetime (Liquid People remix)
(from white label 12")

Future Sound of London - Papua New Guinea (Hybrid mix)
(from 12" "Papua New Guinea") (12TOT 44)
(.uk Jumpin' & Pumpin', 2001)

Junk - The break street boys
(from compilation CD "Strictly B-Boy breaks volume 1")
(.de MZEE)

Grand Puba - Up and down
(from promo 12" "Up and down") (LPGRANDUP A)
(.us Rising Son, 2001)

Tungtvann - Dårlig
(from compilation promo CD " volume 3")
(.no Carhartt/Stress, 2001)

Ungdumshälsan - Session (blåljus)
(from compilation double CD "Jakten på under-orden")
(.se StreetZone, 2001)

Infesticons - Hero theme
(from compilation CD "Sound 01: A Big Dada sampler") (BDCD029)
(.uk Big Dada/Ninja Tune, 2001)

Clemens - Gangstastilo
(w: P. Dencker/J. Lomholt/C. Telling, p: Copenhaniacs)
(from CD "Professional bla bla... ")(8 50961 2)
(.dk Primo, 2001)

The Angel - Act as if (Act II remix) (featuring Divine Styler)
(from CD "No gravity") (23339-5101-2)
(.us Supa Crucial, 2001)



Biosphere - Ballerina
(from soundtrack to "Man With A Movie Camera", 1996)
(w+p: Geir Jenssen)
(from double CD "Substrata") (TO:50)
(.uk Touch, 2001)

The Cranberries - Zombie (Two Humps not One by The Orb)
(from mp3)

Boo Radleys - Lazarus (St. Etienne mix)
(from CDS "Lazarus") (CRESCD 187)
(.uk Creation, 1994)

Ronny Jordan meets DJ Krush - The jackal (the illest mix)
(from CD "Bad brothers")
(.uk Island, 1994)

Silent Poets - This is not an instrumental (remixed by Nightmares on Wax)
(from CD "For nothing remix") (TFCC-88217)
(.jp Idyllic, 1998)

Definite - Aldri (Feat. Viballistic & Spiro)
Bumpy Knuckles - The lah
(from mp3)

Jackson 5 - I'll be there (Small Circle of Friends mix)
(from compilation CD "Soul source: Jackson 5 remixes") (UPCH-1034)
(.jp Universal, 2001)

Hefner - Level green (alternate version)
(w+p: Lee Jones)
(from promo CDS "Level green") (INERT-18CDPRO)
(.uk Inertia, 2001)

DJ Krush and Toshinori Kondo - Fu-yu
(from CD "Ki-oku")
(.jp Apollo)

Stetsasonic - The hip hop band
(from CD "Blood sweat & no tears")
(.us Tommy Boy, 1991)

John Lee Hooker - Boom boom
(from CD "The best of friends")
(.us 1999, Pointblank/Virgin)
(COMMENT: This legendary blues man died eight days before the show.)

Ballistic Brothers - Blacker
(from CD "Rude system")
(.uk Soundboy, 1997)

Afrika Bambaataa & the Soul Sonic Force - Planet Rock (Swordfish mix by Paul Oakenfold)
(from 12" "Planet Rock remixes") (TBV 2266)
(.us Tommy Boy, 2001)

Plump DJ's - The push
(from 12" "Remember my name") (FLR.016)
(.uk Finger Lickin', 2000)

Orbital - Nothing left (Schizoid Man remix by Phil Holmberg)
(from CDS "Nothing left #2" (FCDP 365)
(.uk ffrr, 1999)

Muse - Sunburn (Timo Maas sunstroke remix)
(from CDS "Muscle museum")
(.uk Mushroom, 2000)

Mandalay - Beautiful (12" Canny mix)
(from mp3)



(This edition was no. 4 in a series of ambient mixes with no talking, just a spoken intro.)

Dan Jones - Title music
(from original soundtrack CD "Shadow of the Vampire") (PTE-8531-2)
(.us Pacific Time Entertainment, 2001)

David Bowie - Moss garden
(originally from "Heroes", released 1977)
(from CD "All saints: Collected instrumentals 1977-1999")
(.us Virgin, 2001)

Headphones - Clunky light
(from CD "Wave damage") (CE_034CD)
(.us Cetapath, 2001)

Björk - Amphibian (Mark Bell remix)
(from compilation original soundtrack CD "Being John Malkovich")
(.us Astralwerks, 1999)

Autocreation - Protoski
(w+p: Kevin Hector/Tara Patterson/Mark Van Hoen)
(from CD "Mettle") (INTA 003 CD)
(.uk Inter-Modo, 1994)

Kid 606 - Horseback
(from 12" "PS I dub ya E.P.") (FORCELAB 05)
(.de Forcelab/Force Inc., 2001)

The PsychoAcoustic SoundClash - Biopsychic detonator
(from CD "Volume one: Pasc vs SLBC vs Vulture Squadron") (KIP 009)
(.uk Korm Plastics/.de Staalplaat, 1997)

Chapterhouse & Global Communication - Beta phase
(from CD "Blood music: Pentamerous metamorphosis") (DEDCD 011S)
(.uk Dedicated, 1993)

William Orbit - Water from a vine leaf (Cromer Chroma mix)
(w+p: William Orbit)
(from CDS "Water from a vine leaf") (VSCDT 1465)
(.uk Virgin, 1993)

Slowdive - In mind (the 147 take by Reload)
(from 12" "In mind remixes") (CRESCD 157R)
(.uk Creation, 1993)



Xploding Plastix - 22-carat tear-jerker (featuring Rita Knudsen)
(from promo compilation CD "Arctic circles 3") (BSCD043)
(.no Beatservice, 2001)

Herbie Hancock - Kebero part I
(from CD "Future 2 future")
(.us Transparent Music, 2001)

Rune Lindbæk - Søndags beste
(from CD "Søndag") (REPAPCD004)
(.uk repaP/Paper Recordings, 2001)

Ursula Rucker - 7 (featuring M.A.D.)
(from CD "Supasista") (K7106CD)
(.de !K7, 2001)

Röyksopp - 40 years back\Come
(from CD "Melody A.M.")
(.uk Wall of Sound, 2001)

Aaliyah - One in a million
(from mp3)

Whimsical - Off the beaten track
(from 12" "Till I drop")

Timbuktu och Promoe - Det sociala arvet
(from double compilation CD "Ordkrig") (PGMLCD 7)
(.se Playground, 2001)

Ursula 1000 - Mr. Hrundi's holiday (Karminsky Experience mix)
(from compilation CD "Modular systems")
(.us Eighteenth Street Lounge, 2001)

Gus Gus - Ladyshave (fully bearded mix)
(from CDS "Ladyshave") (BADD9001CD)
(.uk 4AD, 1999)

Illumination - Cry me a river (Illumination remix)
(from promo CDEP "Cry me a river") (BMGNOPROM 02)
(.no +47/Love OD Communications/BMG Norway AS, 2000)

Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Relax (Coldcut remix)
(from 12" "Relax: Saeed & Palash remix") (STAR1222)
(.us Star 69, 2001)

Kraftwerk - Expo2000 (UR infiltrated mix by Underground Resistance)
(from CDS "Expo remix") (8 89612 2)
(.jp EMI, 2001)



Bryan Ferry - Time on my hands
(w: Adamson/Gordon/Youmans/Connelly, p: Rhett Davies/Bryan Ferry)
(from CD "As time goes by") (CDVIR89)
(.de Virgin, 1999)

The BlueBoy - Remember me (Rae and Christian remix)
(w: Miller/Evans/Shaw/Blackmore)
(from CDS "Remember me") (MRCXCD 2819)
(.us Guidance/.no Mega, 1997)

Radar - Caravane
(w: Christophe Goze/Francis Peyrat)
(.xx Frog in a Box Productions, 1999)
(from compilation CD "Mystic Groove") (QMG 5002-2)
(.us Quango/Palm Pictures, 2001)

Tranquility Bass - Lalala (Gimme another one of those bong breakin' hippie beats by T-Bass)
(from CDEP "Lalala") (ASW6206CD)
(.us Astralwerks/Caroline, 1997)

U.N.K.L.E. - Berry meditation (Fila Brazillia mix)
(w: Lavelle/Goldsworth/Kudo/Nishita)
(.uk A&M Records, 1997)
(from compilation CD "Brazilification: remixes 95-99") (KUDCD013)
(.uk Kudos, 2000)

D'Angelo - Devil's pie
(from CD "Voodoo") (8 48499 2)
(.us Virgin, 2000)

Bill Withers - Lovely day
(w: B. Withers/S. Scarborough, p: Bill Withers/Clarence McDonald)
(.us Sony, 1977)
(from CD "The best of Bill Withers: Lean on me") (498170 2)
(.us Legacy/Sony, 2000)

Air - Sexy boy (radio edit)
(w: Dunckel/Godin)
(from CDS "Sexy boy") (VSCDT 1672)
(.fr Source/.uk Virgin, 1998)

Butti49 - Brasilikum
(.us Guidance, 2000)
(from compilation CD "Quango: Brazilified")
(.us Palm Pictures, 2001)

James Brown - Say it loud - I'm black and I'm proud
(w: James Brown/Alfred Ellis)
(.us King, 1968)
(from CD "CD of JB II") (831 700-2)
(.us PolyGram, 1987)

Sly & the Family Stone - Family affair
(w: S. Stewart/S. Stone)
(from CD "The best of")
(.us Sony Music/.uk Sony Music, 1992)

E.W. Wainwright - The healer (Beatless remix by Paul Martin and Alex Attias)
(w: E.W. Wainwright)
(from compilation CD "Love from the Sun") (URCD092)
(.us Ubiquity, 2001)

D-Note - Lost and found (Sunship remix)
(from CDS "Lost and found") (VRCD 25)
(.uk Virgin, 1997)



(This program featured Rune Lindbæk as guest and co-host, and he controlled the selection of music.)

A Certain Ratio - Funaezekea
(w+p: A Certain Ratio)
(from 12" "Waterline") (FAC 52)
(.uk Factory)

Futura 2000 - The escapades of Futura 2000 (the escapades rap)
(.us Celluloid)
(from compilation LP "Celluloid - the electro years") (DI 1061 E)
(.uk Distance, 1998)

Curd Duca - Untitled
(from LP "Easy listening") (N199)
(.xx Normal)

Broadcast - Dave's dream
(from 12" "Extended play") (WAP129)
(.uk Warp, 2000)

C.J. Bolland - Mantra
(w+p: C. J. Bolland/C. Ferreira)
(from double LP "The 4th sign") (RS 92024 LP)
(.be R&S, 1992)

Goldfrapp - Utopia (Tom Middleton cosmos acid vokal)
(w: Goldfrapp/Gregory)
(from 12" "Utopia genetically enriched") (12MUTE264)
(.uk Mute, 2001)

Vildensky - #3
(from 12" "Untitled")
(.no NO LABEL, 2001)

Thomas Dolby - Hyper-active (heavy breather subversion)
(w+p: Thomas Dolby)
(from 12" "Hyper-active") (2 00015 6)
(.uk EMI, 1983)

Endraum - Spurenmeer
(from CD "Herzklang spiegelt am strassenrand") (EFA 16912-2)
(.ru Irond/Dark Division, 2003)

Mari Boine - Gulan du (Those Norwegians mix)
(from CDR)

Beady Belle - Ghosts (Kyd & Lindbæk mix)
(from CDR)

Prefab Sprout - If you don't love me (deep field mix by The Future Sound of
(w: Paddy McAloon, p: Stephen Lipson)
(from 12" "Life of surprises") (SKX 63)
(.uk Sony, 1992)

Daniel Wang - Islands
(w+p: Daniel Wang)
(from CD "Idealism")
(.us Environ, 2000)


.. 20011012:

To Rococo Rot and I-Sound - Pantone (Red)
(.de City Slang, 2001)

Busta Rhymes - Turn It Up (Remix) / Fire It Up
(.us Elektra, 1998)

Ruth Joy - Don't Push It
(.uk MCA, 1989)

dZihan & Kamien – Before
(.at Couch, 1999)

Sing-Sing - Tegan
(.uk Poptones, 2001)

Briskeby - Propaganda (Moon Orchestra Remix)
(.no dBut, 2001)

Arabic Breakbeats - Blue Turban
(.us Six Degrees, 2001)

Múm - There Is A Number Of Small Things & The Ballað Of The Broken Birdie Records (µ-Ziq Fucked Mix)
(.is TMT, 2001)

Deejay Punk-Roc - Blow My Mind (Plump DJ's Remix)
(.uk Air Dog, 2001)

Planetary Assault Systems - Groove For Thought
(.uk Peacefrog, 2001)

Critical Phase - Phase One
(.uk Fuju, 2001)

Tubeway Army - Jo The Waiter (Bon Apètit Mix by The Orb)
(.us Ultra, 2001)

Kinobe - Slip Into Something More Comfortable
(.uk Pepper, 2001)


.. 20011019:

Xploding Plastix - Behind the eightball (remix)
(.no Beatservice, 2001)

Howie B. - My Wee Cod Piece
(.uk Polydor, 2001)

Roots Manuva - The lynch
(.uk NME, 2001)

Aphex Twin - Cock 10 (Delco Freedom Mix)
(.uk Warp, 2001)

Teebee - The void
(.uk Certificate 18, 2001)

Chi Ali - No Surrender No Retreat
(.us , 1993)

Stereo MCs - We Belong In This World Together (Chicken Lips Remix)
(.uk Island, 2001)

Kings Of Convenience - I Don't Know What I Can Save You From (Röyksopp remix)
(.uk Source, 2001)

Sly & Robbie - Superthruster (DJ Mandrax Club Mix)
(.us Palm Pictures, 1999)

Kings Of Tomorrow - Finally (Lenny Ibizarre Mix)
(.uk Defected, 2001)

The Avalanches - Frontier Psychiatrist (Mario Caldato's 85% Mix)
(.au Modular, 2001)

Jaga Jazzist - Going Down (Tha Phoney Fred & Lov Remix By Erling Norderud Hansen and Anders Løvlie)
(.no Warner, 2001)

Peace Orchestra – Who Am I
(.at G-Stone, 1999)

South - Broken Head (Jagz Kooner Remix)
(.uk Mo Wax, 2000)

DJ Rap - Spiritual Aura (Freestylers Remix)
(.uk Proper Talent, 2001)



(This program featured Eivind Olsvik as guest and co-host, and he controlled the selection of music during the first part.)

VA - Eivind Olsvik on Experimenta
(.no Radio Nova, 2000)

Röyksopp - Eple (Bjørn Torske remix)
(.uk Wall Of Sound, 2001)

Four Tet - Glasshead
(.uk Output, 1999)

Badmarsh & Shri - Sajanaa (feat. Sanjogita Kumari)
(.uk Outcaste, 2001)

Julie Dexter - Peace Of Mind
(.us Blackbyrd, 2000)

Garbage - Stupid girl
(.uk Mushroom, 1996)

Zero 7 - Lo
(.uk Zero 7, 2000)

Kings Of Convenience - Failure
(.uk Source, 2001)

The Chemical Brothers - Come with us
(.uk Virgin, 2001)



Mari Boine - Mun Da Han Lean Oaivámuš (Phono Remix)
(.no Jazzland, 2001)

Tom Opdahl - Pinepulse
(.no Biophon, 2001)

Amphotic - Sternenschrei
(.de Soft Impact, 2002)

Bjørn Torske - Trøbbel På Taket
(.no Telle, 2001)

KRS-One - Sound Of Da Police
(.us Jive, 1993)

Xploding Plastix - The Jim Pedersen theme
(.no Beatservice, 2001)

The Chemical Brothers - Hot Acid Rhythm 1
(.uk Virgin, 2001)

Kaada - Go brown
(.no EMI, 2001)

Armand Van Helden - Doovoodoo
(.uk FFRR, 2002)

Kyd & Kango - Barakan
(.no Beatservice, 2001)

Kirk Degiorgio - Nairobi (Carl Craig Remix)
(.uk New Religion, 2001)

Justin Robertson - My dark places
(.uk Nuphonic, 2001)

4 Hero - Time (feat. Ursula Rucker)
(.uk Talkin' Loud, 2001)



(This program featured Ben Christophers as guest and co-host, and he controlled the selection of music.)

Tori Amos - Strange Little Girl
(.us Atlantic, 2001)

Ben Christophers - The stream
(.uk V2, 2001)

Aim - Underground Crownholders
(.uk Grand Central, 2001)

Ben Christophers - Leaving My Sorrow Behind (exclusive live acoustic version for Experimenta)
(.no Radio Nova, 2001)

Portrait Of David - Nine-Day Wonders
(.no Racing Junior, 2001)

Heather Nova - Walk This World
(.uk Butterfly, 1994)

Anja Garbarek - Stay Tuned
(.no Virgin, 2001)

Alog - Duck-Rabbit
(.no Rune Grammofon, 2001)

Arve Henriksen - Procession Passing
(.no Rune Grammofon, 2001)

Heather Nova - Virus Of The Mind
(.uk V2, 2001)



Polar - White Walls

Brothomstates - MDRMX

Salvatore - Chant Of The No-No's

MAS 2008 - Outpost Omega to Houston

Wibutee - First There Was Jazz

The Octagon Man - 10ft Flowers

Hardfloor - Acperience 1

Aritmya - Fresh

DePhazz - Love's Labour's Lost

Ursula Rucker - Supa Sista (Modaji Downlow Mix)

The Beatles - Something

Malcom Catto - Vibes

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