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Experimenta - part 1 of 5 (1996-1999)

This is the permanent archive for the radio show "Experimenta", that aired on Radio Nova in Oslo from 1996 to 2006. Here you can listen to 137 of the shows, with over 150 hours of music.

The profile was to play "everything from ambient to hip hop", via genres like trip hop, jazz, pop, soul, lo-fi, electronica, house, techno, drum'n'bass, breaks, noise, glitch, rock, mashups etc.

A big principle was to not play the same track or mix more than once, and over 2700 different tracks were aired. The host was Per Christian Frankplads.

International guests included:
The Orb, Mixmaster Morris, Ben Christophers, Raw Deal, Elegia/Laurent Collat and i:wound

Norwegians guests included:
Lindstrøm, Nils Petter Molvær, Bugge Wesseltoft, Rune Lindbæk, Claes Olsen, Eivind Olsvik, Mind Over MIDI/Helge Tømmervåg, Nicholas Sillitoe, Origami Galaktika/Benny Braaten, Päron Soda, Raymond Pellicer, Sketch/Kai Mikalsen, Sternklang and Xploding Plastix

Part 1: 1996-1999
Part 2: 2000
Part 3: 2001
Part 4: 2002-2003
Part 5: 2004-2006
Part 6: Detailed playlists for shows from 1996 to 2000 (unfortunately no recordings exits)

Part 1: 1996-1999


(This program featured Nick Sillitoe of Illumination/Ultraviolet as guest and co-host, and it was his selection of records which was aired.)

Aphex Twin - Analogue bubblebath volume 3
(.uk Rephlex)
(from compilation double-CD "Textures")
(.uk Volume)

Illumination - Hope to God (Concept #1)
(from double 12" "Hope to God")
(.uk Internal)

Spacetime Continuum - Fluresence
(from 12" "Fluresence EP")
(.us Reflective)

Seigmen - Pantheon (Mental Overdrive remix #2)
(from Christmas promo CDS "Pantheon")
(.no Sony)

Biosphere - The third planet
(.be Apollo/R&S)
(from compilation double-CD "Textures")
(.uk Volume)

Spacetime Continuum - Drift
(from 12" "Fluresence EP")
(.us Reflective)

Carl Craig - At les
(from compilation double LP "Virtualsex")
(.be Buzz)

The Other World Collective - Day world
(from 12" "Artificial world")
(.uk Peace Frog)

Deepika - Get off my back (unreleased +47-remix part II)
(from private DAT)
(.no BMG)

Tranquility Bass - Mya yadana (Brain broke)
(from EP "Broadcast standard series issue #2")
(.us Exist Dance)

Round Two - New day (club vocal mix)
(from 12" "New day")
(.de Main Street)

Irresistible Force - Waveform (remix)
(from 12" "Waveform")
(.us Astralwerks)

Velvet Belly - Drowning sun (Illumination remix part II)
(from private DAT)
(.no BMG)

Orbital - Belfast
(from 12" "Orbital III")
(.uk ffrr)

Natacha Atlas - Fun does not exist (Dolmus mix)
(from CD "Diaspora")
(.uk Nation)

Illumination - Satellite (Alpha to Omega II mix)
(from 12" "Satellite")
(.be Music Man)

Richard H. Kirk - Oneski
(.uk Intone)
(from compilation double-CD "Textures")
(.uk Volume)

Joy Division - Atmosphere
(from promo LP compilation "Permanent: Joy Division 1995")
(.uk London)



(This program featured Nick Sillitoe of Illumination/Ultraviolet as guest and co-host, and it was his selection of records which was aired.)

Ozric Tentacles - Phalarn dawn
(from CD "Pungent effulgent")
(.uk Dovetail)

Carl Craig - A wonderful life
(from CD "Landcruising")
(.uk Blanco y Negro)

Pete Namlook - Omid/hope
(from double LP "Silence")
(.de Fax/.uk Rising High)

Urban Tribe - Covert action
(.us Retroactive)
(from promo 12" "Headz 2 sampler")
(.uk Mo Wax)

Vanqueur - Elevation (version 3)
(from 12" "Elevation")
(.de Chain Reaction)

iO - Claire
(from double CD "ADSR")
(.ch Cheap)

Underworld - Oich oich
(from double CDS "Pearl's girl")
(.uk Junior Boy's Own/.de Logic)

Beaumont Hannant - Ormeau
(from double LP "Sculptured")
(.uk GPR)

Biosphere - Tunnel
(from soundtrack CD "Insomnia")
(.no Origo)

Kenny Larkin - Catatonic (Third state by Carl Craig)
(from 12" "Catatonic")
(.be R&S)

Thomas Köner - Aubrite
(from CD "Aubrite")
(.nl Barooni)

Ultraviolet - Lux perpetua
(from 12" "Two lights EP")
(.be Music Man)

Robert Hood - Detroit: One circle
(from 12" "The vision EP")
(.us Metroplex)

Ashra - Sunrain
(from CD "Sunrain - the Virgin years")
(.uk Virgin)

BFC - Galaxy
(from double 12" "Elements 1989-1990" by Psyche/BFC)
(.us Planet E)

Rhythim is Rhythim - Icon
(from 12" "Icon")
(.us Transmat)

Talk Talk - Chameleon
(from CD "The colour of spring")
(.uk EMI)



(This program featured Nils Petter Molvær as guest and co-host, and it was his selection of records which was aired. It also marked the world premiere of his "Khmer" album.)

Miles Davis - Shhh/Peaceful
(from CD "In a peaceful way")
(.us CBS)

Nils Petter Molvær - Song of sand II
(from CD "Khmer")
(.de ECM)

Nils Petter Molvær - Song of sand (Herbaliser remix)
(from private DAT)
(.de ECM)

Nils Petter Molvær - Tløn
(from CD "Khmer")
(.de ECM)

Nils Petter Molvær - Tløn (Mental Overdrive mix by Per Martinsen)
(from private DAT)
(.de ECM)

Ivo Pogorelich - Johann Sebastian Bach: Englische suite nr. 2, a-moll BWV 807, prélude

Bill Laswell - Dislocation
(from CD "Oscillations")
(.be Sub Rosa)

David Sylvian - Brilliant trees
(from CD "Brilliant trees")
(.uk Virgin)

Aphex Twin - 4
(from CD "Richard D. James")
(.uk Warp)

Shirley Horn - You won't forget me
(from CD "You won't forget me")
(.us Verve)



(This program featured Päron Soda/Phileas Fog as guests and co-hosts, and it was their selection of records which was aired.)

Päron Soda - Shirley
(from compilation CD "Igloo")
(.no dBut)

Jungle Brothers - Done by the forces of nature
(from CD "Done by the forces of nature")
(.us Warner Bros.)

Roni Size - Hot stuff
(from double CD "New forms")
(.uk Talkin Loud)

Group Home - Supa star
(from CD "Livin' proof")
(.us PayDay/ffrr)

Funki Porcini - Dubble
(from CD "Hed phone sex")
(.uk Ninja Tune)

Funki Porcini - Surge
(from CDS "Lets see what Carmen can do")
(.uk Ninja Tune)

Digable Planets - Dial 7
(from CD "Blowout comb")
(.us Pendulum/EMI)

Maxwell - Ascension (don't ever wonder)
(from CD "Urban hang out suite")
(.us Columbia)

Päron Soda - Pasta break
(from compilation CD "Igloo")
(.no dBut)



(Guesting the program this edition was DJ Darknorse, and he took care of the music selection.)

Darknorse - Frost
(from private CD)

Peter Gabriel - The feeling begins
(from double LP "Passion")
(.uk Realworld, 1989)

Folk & Røvere - Hengekøye (garage mix by Darknorse and Pål Nyhus)
(from private CD)
(.no Sonet)

The Irresistible Force - Nepalese force (Nepalese fish dances mix by Fila Brazillia)
(from 12" "Nepalese force")
(.uk Ninja Tune, 1998)

Dynamic Syncopation - Closer to the line
(from 12" "Classified documents EP")
(.uk Ninja Tune, 1998)

Mr Scruff - Large pies (Ratman mix)
(from 12" "Large pies")
(.uk Cup of Tea, 1997)

Endemic Void - Evolution
(from double LP "Equations")
(.be Language/Crammed Discs, 1996)

Upsetters - Red hot
(from LP "Eastwood rides again")
(.uk Trojan, 1970)

Dub Syndicate - Bedward (remix by Zion Train)
(from compilation LP "Research and development")
(.uk On-U Sound, 1996)

Snooze - I wanna be with you
(from double LP "The man in the shadow")
(.be SSR/Crammed Discs, 1997)

Sarilou - Compactism
(from compilation quadruple LP "Endlessnessism")
(.se Dot, 1998)

Spacer - Junk
(from 12" "Elements of twist")
(.uk Pussyfoot)

Spacer vs. Juryman - Blood
(from double LP " Mail order justice")
(.be SSR/Crammed Discs, 1998)

Dr. Rockit - Male james bonding
(from double LP "The music of sound")
(.uk Clear, 1996)

Nils Ødegaard & Darknorse - Noisefiller
(from private CD)

The Clifford Gilberto Rhythm Combination - Old dog new tricks (pt. 2)
(from 12" "Deliver the weird & junk classics")
(.uk Ninja Tune, 1998)



(Guesting the program this edition was Bugge Wesseltoft, and he took care of the music selection.)

Bugge Wesseltoft's New Conception of Jazz - Existence
(from double CD "Sharing")
(.no Jazzland/EmArcy/PolyGram, 1998)

Bugge Wesseltoft's New Conception of Jazz - Evenin' (long version)
(from double CD "Sharing")
(.no Jazzland/EmArcy/PolyGram, 1998)

Eivind Aarset - Superstrings
(from CD "Électrique noire")
(.no Jazzland/EmArcy/PolyGram, 1998)

Audun Kleive - Driveline
(from CD "Bitt")
(.no Jazzland/EmArcy/PolyGram, 1998)

Miles Davis - On the corner
(from CD "On the corner")
(.us CBS/.jp Sony, 1972)

Bertine Zetlitz - In my mind
(from CD "Morbid latenight show")
(.no EMI, 1997)

Bugge Wesseltoft's New Conception of Jazz - Breen'n glue
(from double CD "Sharing")
(.no Jazzland/EmArcy/PolyGram, 1998)



(This program featured Rune Brøndbo of Sternklang and Percussion Force as guest and co-host, and it was his selection of records which was aired.)

Spacer - Endlesspaceism
(w+p: Luke Gordon)
(from double CD "Endlessnessism") (DOTCD04)
(.se Dot, 1997)

Wagon Christ - Tally ho!
(w+p: Luke Vibert)
(from CD "Tally ho!")
(.uk Virgin, 1998)

TPO - Family stoned beat
(w+p: Ken Tagaki)
(.jp File, 1989)
(from 5*LP box "The original art-form" by Major Force") (MW082LP)
(.jp File/.uk Mo Wax, 1997)

Tycoon To$h & Terminator Troops - Action
(m: Masaguki Kudo, a: Toshio Nakanishi/Masaguki Kudo, w: Toshio Nakanishi)
(.jp File, 1988)
(from 5*LP box "The original art-form" by Major Force") (MW082LP)
(.jp File/.uk Mo Wax, 1997)

Perculator - Strings attached (Sternklang remix)
(from 10" "Double inhand baby") (MZN 9811)
(.no dBut, 1998)

Pyrator - Mein hund
(from LP "Ausland") (WR-012)
(.de AtaTak, 1981)

Perculator - In the sky (Sternklang mix)
(from CDEP "In the sky EP") (NDBUT 008)
(.no dBut, 1998)

Sternklang - Small incident
(w+p: Rune Brøndbo)
(from CD "Neolounge") (BSCD023)
(.no Beatservice, 1999)

Blakey & the Jazz - Superman road (Sternklang mix)
(from test CDS)



Kellee Patterson - I'm gonna love you
(from compilation LP "Soul beats vol. 2") (LOF-02)
(.uk Lost & Found, 1997)

Pen Jakke - Tre inn i dragen
(w+p: Stian D./Per M./Mathias R.)
(from CDS "De kom ridende") (NDBUT011)
(.no dBut, 1999)

Council - We're on top of thangs
(w: B. Buchanan/R. Alston/C. Bruce/J. Burks/N. Whitfield/B. Strong, p: Big Jaz)
(from original soundtrack CD "Black Mask") (TBCD1343)
(.uk Tommy Boy, 1999)

Naughty by Nature - Written on ya kitten (QD III remix)
(w: V. Brown/K. Gist/A. Criss/G. McDermott)
(.us Tommy Boy, 1993)
(from CD "Nature's finest: Naughty by Nature's greatest hits") (TBCD1310)
(.uk Tommy Boy, 1999)

Naughty by Nature feat. Zhane - Jamboree
(w: K. Gist/V. Brown/A. Criss/R. DeBarge/E. DeBarge/E. Jordan, p: Naughty by Nature)
(from CD "Nineteen naughty nine") (07822 19047 2)
(.us Arista, 1999)

Gatas Parlament - Stem Gatas Parlament
(w: Aslak/Elling/Martin, p: Martin)
(from compilation CD "Rhymers bench: The Norwegian rap compilation") (RARCD9903)
(.no Rhythm and Rhymes, 1999)

Hell - Suicide commando
(w: Schwarz/Sanudakura/Darc, p: Heinrich Müller)
(from CDS " Suicide commando") (VVR5002903)
(.de V2, 1998)

Les Rythmes Digitales - Hypnotise
(from promo CDEP "Darkdancer (album sampler)") (WALLCD021S)
(.uk Wall of Sound, 1999)

Orbital - I don't know you people
(w+p: P&P Hartnoll)
(from CD "The middle of nowhere") (3984-27194-2)
(.uk ffrr/London Records 90, 1999)

Speedy J - 1999 mitten menu (nutt mix)
(w+p: Jochem Paap)
(from 12" "1999 mitten menu") (12NoMu69)
(.uk NovaMute/Mute, 1999)

Underworld - Jumbo (Jedis sugar hit mix)
(from double promo 12" " Jumbo") (JBO5007706P)
(.uk Junior Boy's Own, 1999)



Garbage - You look so fine (Fun Lovin' Criminals version)
(from promo CDEP "You look so fine") (TRASH30)
(.uk Mushroom, 1999)

Silverbeam - Bedtime story
(w: Nellee Hooper/Bjork Gudmundsdottir/Marius de Vries, p: Silverbeam)
(from compilation CD "Virgin voices: A tribute to Madonna volume one) (EAGCD099)
(.us Cleopatra/.uk Eagle, 1999)

Alex Gopher - The child (Source Direct remix)
(w+p: Alex Gopher)
(samples "God bless the child" by Billie Holiday, w: B. Holiday/A. Herzog)
(from CDS "The child") (SLD 019 CDM)
(.fr Disques Solid/V2, 1999)

Propellerheads - You want it back
(from promo 12" "The extended play EP") (WALLT 045)
(.uk Wall of Sound)

Black Science Labs - Light between two moons
(from promo compilation CD "Hidden rooms > 02") (CERT18CD004P)
(.uk Certificate 18, 1999)

Christian Smith & John Selway - Move
(w+p: Christian Smith/John Selway)
(from white label 12" "Metropolitan EP") (IN-TEC01)
(.uk In-Tec, 1999)

Midas & Hermes - [B-side, track 1]
(from white label 12" "Capacity unknown EP") (TR010)
(.uk Tronic, 1999)

Mental Overdrive - Cheese royale
(from white label 12" "Cheese royale") (8 95789 6)
(.no Virgin, 1999)

Gaetek - Full logic
(from white label 12" "The outmove EP") (PRMT 033)
(.uk Primate, 1999)



(This program was a two-hour DJ-set from Mixmaster Morris AKA The Irresistible Force, who was in Oslo to DJ at the Chilluminati-evening hosted by Jazid on 26 May.)

Heavy Gunz - Pakistani Bliss
(from LP "Dope on dope and dope doops") (EWS 1022)
(.us Cold Shot Music Company, 1971)

4 Hero - Planetaria (Hefner remix)
(w+p: 4 Hero)
(from 12" "Escape that") (TLXX 38)
(.uk Talkin Loud/Mercury, 1999)

Extended Spirit - Illicity (pt. 1)
(w+p: Axel Reinemer/Stephan Leisering)
(from 12" "Solid water") (SD 1001)
(.de Dialog/Sonar Kollektiv)

Something Wonderful - Eddyin' current, the sea floor
(w+p: Kay Nakayama)
(from 12" "Ukajin EP")
(.uk Matsuri, 1999)

Irresistible Force - Nepalese bliss (Jimpster remix)
(w+p Mixmaster Morris)
(from white label 12" "Nepalese bliss")
(.uk Ninja Tune, 1999)

Irresistible Force - Nepalese bliss (DJ Food remix)
(w+p Mixmaster Morris)
(from 12" "Fish dances") (ZEN 1273)
(.uk Ninja Tune, 1999)

Back 2 Earth - Banned Frequency
(from "Scanning the surface EP") (LM 003)
(.uk Laws of Motion)

Extended Spirit - Starwayz
(from double white label 12") (SD 1003)
(.de Dialog/Sonar Kollektiv)

Gil Scott-Heron - The revolution will not be televised
(w: Gil Scott-Heron, p: Bob Thiele)
(.uk Flying Dutchman, 1974)
(from 10" "Winter in America") (ARIST 10 643)
(.us Arista, 1985)

Thievery Corporation - The glass bead game
(w+p: Eric Hilton/Rob Garza)
(from double LP "Sounds from Thievery Corporation")
(.us Thievery Corporation, 1996)

Nobukazu Takemura - Child's view (Wagon Christ mix by Luke Vibert)
(from 12" "Child's view remix") (TFJC-38203)
(.jp Idyllic, 1995)

The Clifford Gilberto Rhythm Combination - Soulbath
(w+p: Clifford Gilberto)
(from double LP "I was young and I needed the money!") (ZEN37)
(.uk Ninja Tune, 1998)

Boards of Canada - Happy cycling
(w+p: Michael Sandison/Marcus Eoin)
(from 12" "Peel session") (WAP 114)
(.uk Warp, 1998)

Fila Brazillia - Throwing down a shape
(from white label 12" "Throwing down a shape") (PORK 060)
(.uk Pork, 1999)

Jessica Lauren - Treasure island (the Herbaliser remix)
(from 12" "Uptown") (BWR2124)
(.uk M.E.L.T. 2000, 2000-2)

Jimpster - The blazing water (what's cooking in the interlude?)
(from double LP "Messages from the hub") (KUDLP 011)
(.uk Freerange/Kudos, 1999)

Spacetime Continuum - Freeze-frame
(w+p: Jonah Sharp)
(from 12" "Future life EP") (ASW 6261)
(.us Astralwerks, 1999)

CiM - Comfort control
(w+p: Simon Valley)
(from 12" "Service pack") (5 DSR)
(.nl Delsin, 1999)

Pulsinger/Tunakan/Sokol/Gollini - Radio burning chrome
(from 12" "The showroom recording series #2") (12 CHEAP 18)
(.ch Cheap, 1996)

Waiwan - Goddess (original mix)
(from promo 12") (12AUTODJ004)
(.uk Autonomy, 1999)

Likwid Biskit - The all new ummmph!
(w: I.G. Culture/Kaid, p: I.G. Culture)
(from 12" "The all new ummmph!") (PEOPLE 009)
(.uk People, 1999)

Recloose - Dencity (mixed by Carl Craig)
(from test pressing 12" "So this is the dining room")
(.us Planet E, 1999)

Har You Percussion Group - Welcome to the party (Jazzanova mix)
(from 12" "The new latinaires" by various artists) (URLP 042)
(.us Ubiquity, 1999)

Robin Jones - Hecho en ingleterra (New York dole mix by Bullitnuts)
(from 12" "Hecho en ingleterra") (RPR 001)
(.uk Royal Palm/Island, 1998)

Innerzone Orchestra - People make the world go round
(w: Thorn Bell/Linda Creed, p: Carl Craig)
(from quintuple promo 12" "Programmed") (8 70937 0)
(.uk Talkin Loud/Mercury, 1999)

Innerzone Orchestra - At les
(w+p: Carl Craig)
(from quintuple promo 12" "Programmed") (8 70937 0)
(.uk Talkin Loud/Mercury, 1999)

Wunder - What I know
(w+p: Jörg Follert)
(from LP "Wunder") (KK 7)
(.de Karaoke Kalk, 1999)



Plaid - Buddy
(w+p: Plaid)
(from CD "Rest proof clockwork") (WARPCD63)
(.uk Warp, 1999)

Justice - Breaker one nine (the mix seedy)
(from promo CD "The greatest hit") (HEMP 29CDP)
(.uk Hydrogen Dukebox, 1999)

Frost - Hope you'll be there (Rune Lindbæk miks)
(w+p: Aggie Frost Peterson/Rune Lindbæk/Torbjørn Brundtland/Mikkel SE/Ole Johan Mjøs)
(from 12" "OK, kjør romskip" by Rune Lindbæk) (DR 001)
(.no Drum Island, 1998)

Roots Manuva - Juggle tings proper (Madness microchips & hi-tech war mix by El-p)
(w+p: Rodney Smith)
(from CDS "Juggle tings proper") (BDCDS009)
(.uk Big Dada/Ninja Tune, 1999)

Folk & Røvere - Fot-i-house (Rune Lindbæk miks)
(w+p: Folk & Røvere)
(from CDS "Yess!")(TCD 9711)
(.no Sonet, 1999)

Shante - Big mama
(w+p: A. Cave/L. Gooden)
(.us Livin' Large, 1992)
(from compilation LP "Dope jams vol. 1") (DJAMLP 1)
(.uk Beechwood, 1992)

Folk & Røvere - Yess!
(w+p: Folk & Røvere)
(from CDS "Yess!")(TCD 9711)
(.no Sonet, 1999)

Folk & Røvere - Yess! (Päron Soda mix)
(from test CDR)
(.no Sonet, 1999)

Nightmares on Wax - Finer (Alex Gopher mix)
(from promo CDS "Finer") (WAP123CDP)
(.uk Warp, 1999)

Medeski Martin & Wood - Satan's church of hypnotized logic (Bill Laswell remix)
(from promo 12" "Hey hee hi ho") (6 10193 1)
(.us Blue Note, 1999)

D'Arcangelo - Sinclair
(w+p: Fabrizia & Marco D'arcangelo)
(from CD "Shipwreck") (CAT 078 CD)
(.uk Rephlex, 1999)

Bugge Wesseltoft - You might say (Miss Cattac remix by Anja Wolf)
(w+p: Bugge Wesseltoft/Sidsel Endresen)
(.no Jazzland, 1998)
(from 12" "You might say") (JAZZ 001)
(.de Universal Jazz, 1999)

Sternklang - Small incident (Perculator rebrew)
(w+p: Rune Brøndbo)
(from 10" "Ecletical wires volume one") (NDBUT 09)
(.no dBut, 1999)



Time of Madness - Lust fading
(w+p: Hans Marius Skifjeld/Marie Sørlie/H. Dyvesveen/T. Jacobsen)
(from CDS "Lust fading") (APR046CDS)
(.dk April, 1999)

Eivind Aarset - Superstrings (Chilluminatium remix by Nick Sillitoe and Per Martinsen)
(from promo 12" "Superstrings") (JLREMIX 2)
(.no Jazzland, 1999)

Bobby Hughes Experience - Seasons
(w+p: Espen Horne/Rodriguez Lopez)
(from 12" "The Bobby Hughes EP") (UDR025)
(.uk Ultimate Dilemma, 1999)

We - Caya's kids
(from promo CD "Square root of negative one") (ASPH0994)
(.us Asphodel, 1999)

Flanger - Studio ton
(w+p: Atom Heart/Bernd Friedmann)
(from 12" "EP 2") (NTONE 33)
(.uk Ntone/Ninja Tune, 1999)

Omnivore - Just keep **ckin'
(w+p: J.J. Key)
(from CD "Black smoker") (DUKE063CD)
(.uk Hydrogen Dukebox, 1999)

Squarepusher - Shin triad (Wagon Christ mix by Luke Vibert)
(w+p: Tom Jenkinson)
(from CDS "Maximum priest E.P.") (WAP122CD)
(.uk Warp, 1999)

Bugge Wesseltoft - Existence (Chilluminatium remix by Nick Sillitoe and Per Martinsen)
(from promo 12" "Existence") (JLREMIX 1)
(.no Jazzland, 1999)

Mental Overdrive - Blue Iris
(w+p: Per Martinsen)
(from CD "Ad absurdum") (8 47407 2)
(.no Virgin, 1999)

Guesch Patti - Blonde
(w+p: Etienne Daho/Christophe Rose)
(.fr XIII Bis)
(from double CD compilation "Real Ibiza 2") (REACT CD 141)
(.uk React, 1999)



Roedelius - Parallel motives II (remixed by The Orb)
(w: Hans-Joachim Roedelius)
(from promo CD "Global trotters project vol. I - drive") (RCD 10480)
(.uk Rykodisc, 1999)

The Saxophonettes - Secret squirrel (My Granny's Favourite mix by The Orb)
(w: Yasuaki Shimizu)
(from 12" "Secret squirrel") (ORA OC 02)
(.uk AO, 1994)

LFO - Loch ness
(w+p: Mark Bell)
(from CD "Advance") (WARP CD39)
(.uk Warp, 1996)

SWV - Right here (extended human nature mix by Teddy Riley)
(w: John Bettis/Steve Porcaro)
(from 12" "Right here") (74321 16048 1)
(.us BMG, 1993)

D.J. Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince - Summertime (D.J. Jazzy Jeff's mix)
(w: A. Taylor/R. Mickens/R. Bell/G. Brown/R. Westfield/D. Thomas/C. Smith/R. Bell/Hula/K. Fingers/W. Smith, p: Hula & K. Fingers)
(from 12" "Summertime") (ZT44726)
(.us Zomba, 1991)

James Hardway - Go on (remix)
(w+p: James Hardway)
(from CDS "Go on") (HEMP 26CD)
(.uk Recordings of Substance, 1999)

Cubic 22 - Night in motion
(w+p: Peter Ramson/Danny van Wauve)
(.be Big Time International)
(from compilation double CD "Rewind: 24 techno classics") (PLAY 1)
(.se Playdoe/Pitch Control, 1996)

Illumination - Perfect sky
(w+p: Nicholas Sillitoe/Per Martinsen)
(from 10" "Perfect sky") (MM052)
(.be Music Man, 1999)

Incognito - It ain't easy (Cosmos remix by Tom Middleton)
(from promo 12" "It ain't easy") (TKDJ57)
(.uk Talkin Loud/Mercury, 1999)



(This edition was no. 2 in a series of ambient mixes with no talking, just a spoken intro.)

The Black Dog - Chesh
(w+p: Downie/Handley/Turner)
(from CD "Spanners") (PUP CD1)
(.uk Warp, 1994)

Scan X - Turmoil
(w+p: Stéphane Dri)
(from compilation CD "Musiques pour les plantes vertes") (F038CD)
(.fr F Communications, 1996)

Tangerine Dream - Hyperborea
(w+p: Chris Franke/Edgar Froese/Johannes Schmoelling)
(from CD "Hyperborea") (CDV 2292)
(.uk Virgin, 1983)

Syzygy - I am the sky
(w+p: Dominic Glynn/Justin Mackay)
(from compilation double CD "Chill out or die 2") (RSN CD17)
(.uk Rising High, 1994)

Yellow Magic Orchestra - Prologue + Epilogue
(w+p: Haruomi Hosona/Ryuichi Sakamoto/Yukihiko Takehashi)
(from CD "Technodelic") (LS 9152 2)
(.jp Alfa, 1983/.nl Roadrunner, 1992)

The Higher Intelligence Agency - Speedlearn (reformed by The Irresistible Force/Mixmaster Morris)
(w+p: The Higher Intelligence Agency)
(from CDS "Reform") (HIACD2)
(.uk Beyond, 1994)

Alec Empire - 20 (1)
(w+p: Alec Empire)
(from CD "Low on ice: The Iceland sessions") (MP CD 18)
(.de Mille Plateaux/Force Inc., 1995)

The Infinity Project - The answer
(w+p: Graham Wood/Raja Ram/Simon Posford)
(from CD "Mystical experiences") (BR005CD)
(.uk Blue Room, 1995)



(This edition was no. 3 in a series of ambient mixes with no talking, just a spoken intro.)

Pete Namlook & Bill Laswell - Under heaven
(w+p: Pete Namlook/Bill Laswell)
(from CD "Psychonavigation") (PW 24)
(.de Fax +49-69/450464, 1995)

Seefeel - Plainsong (Sine Bubble embossed dub by Autocreation)
(w: Mark Clifford)
(from CDS "Pure, impure") (PURE CD 25)
(.uk Too Pure, 1993)

Chris Meloche - Loop 6 (excerpt)
(w+p: Chris Meloche)
(from CD "Recurring dreams of the urban myth") (PS 08/54)
(.de Fax +49-69/450464, 1994)

Chris Meloche - In the air (excerpt)
(w+p: Chris Meloche)
(from CD "Wireless") (PS 08/69)
(.de Fax +49-69/450464, 1995)

Pete Namlook & Dr. Atmo - Omid/hope
(w+p: Pete Namlook & Dr. Atmo)
(from CD "Silence") (PK 08/25)
(.de Fax +49-69/450464, 1993)

Bill Laswell/Nicky Skopelitis/Terre Thaemlitz - Eternal drift
(w+p: Bill Laswell/Nicky Skopelitis/Terre Thaemlitz)
(from double CD "Lost in the translation") (314 524 053-2)
(.us Axiom/Island, 1994)

Space - Pluto
(w+p: Jimi Cauty)
(from CD "Space") (SPACE CD1)
(.uk KLF Communications, 1990)



Rachel’s - Artemisia
(w: Jason Noble, e: Robert Weston/Rachel's)
(from CD "Selenography") (QS 55)
(.us Rachel's/Quarterstick, 1999)

Hood - In iron light
(w+p: Hood)
(.uk Domino, 1999)
(from compilation CD "The Wire tapper 3") (WIRECD003)
(.uk The Wire, 1999)

Bill Laswell/Sacred System - X-zibit-i
(w+p: Bill Laswell/Graham Haynes)
(from CD "Nagual site") (09026 62263 2)
(.us Wicklow/BMG Classical, 1998)

Gravediggaz - Mommy, what's a gravedigga? (Uptight cratedigga mix by Rodney Hunter & Demon Flowers)
(w: A. Berkeley/R. Diggs/A. Hamilton/P. Huston, p: Prince Paul)
(from promo CDS "Mommy, what's a gravedigga?") (PRCD 6923-2)
(.us Gee Street/Island, 1995)

Björk - All is full of love (Plaid mix)
(w+p: Björk)
(from CDS "All is full of love") (561 140-2)
(.uk Mother/One Little Indian, 1999)

Torch Song - Field of view
(w: Laurie Mayer/William Orbit, p: William Orbit)
(from CD "Toward the unknown region") (4509-98969-2)
(.uk N-Gram/Warner, 1995)

Bomb the Bass feat. Maureen Walsh - Say a little prayer (remix by Mark Saunders)
(w: Bacharach/David, p: Tim Simenon/Pascal Gabriel)
(from 12" "Say a little prayer") (DOOD 123)
(.uk Rhythm King, 1988)

Scritti Politti - Oh Patti (don't feel sorry for loverboy) (12" version)
(w+p: Green Gartside/David Gamson)
(from CDS "Oh Patti (don't feel sorry for loverboy)") (CDEP 17)
(.uk Jouissance/Virgin, 1988)

Fun Lovin' Criminals - Love unlimited (remix)
(w+p: Fun Lovin' Criminals)
(from CDS "Love unlimited") (8 85893 2)
(.us Capitol, 1998)

Leaders of the New School - What's next (Large Professor remix)
(from promo 12" "What's next") (ED 5660)
(.us Elektra, 1993)

A.D.O.R. - Let it all hang out
(w: E. Castellanos, p: Pete Rock)
(from CDEP "One for the trouble/Let it all hang out") (UC 004 CDS)
(.uk Uppercut/Cup of Tea)

Cabbageboy - Departure
(w+p: Si Begg)
(from CD "Genetically modified") (NTONE CD35)
(.uk Ntone/Ninja Tune, 1999)

The Chemical Brothers - Leave home (Underworld mix two)
(w+p: The Chemical Brothers)
(from CDS "Leave home")
(.uk Virgin/.us Astralwerks, 1995)

R.N.D. Technologies - Mental propulsion
(from white label 12" "Origins vol. 2 sampler" by Various) (PRMT036)
(.uk Primate, 1999)

Slacker - Your face (Schizoid)
(w+p: Shem McCauley/Simon Rogers)
(from CDS "Your face") (XLSCD 87)
(.uk XL, 1997)

The Chemical Brothers - Studio K
(from promo 12" "Let forever be") (CHEMSTDJ9)
(.uk Virgin, 1999)

Henrik B - Roewknooler
(from white 12" "Lord of brightness EP") (PRMT034)
(.uk Primate, 1999)

The Brand New Heavies - Saturday nite ('til the sun comes up)
(from promo CDS) (PRO1527)
(.uk London, 1999)

Armand van Helden feat. Roland Clark - Flowerz (12" version)
(w: Armand van Helden/Roland Clark, p: Armand van Helden)
(from CDS "Flowerz") (FCD361)
(.uk London, 1999)

Donna Summer - I feel love
(w: Donna Summer/Giorgio Moroder/Peter Bellotte, p: Giorgio Moroder/Peter Bellotte)
(from LP "I remember yesterday") (062-99136)
(.us Casablanca/Filmworks, 1977)

Samba Soul - Chove chuva/Mas que nada
(w+p: Ben)
(.us BMG, 1977)
(from compilation CD "Cutmaster Swift presents The Breaks II") (HURTCD 015)
(.uk Harmless, 1999)

Raw Deal - The trouble with trouble
(from double promo 12" "Raw Deal EP") (TKDJ53/54)
(.uk Talkin Loud/Mercury, 1999)

Scritti Politti - Brushed with oil, dusted with powder
(w: Green Gartside, p: David Gamson)
(from CD "Anomie & Bonhomie") (CDV2884)
(.uk Virgin, 1999)



The Cinematic Orchestra - Channel 1 suite
(w+p: J. Swinscoe)
(from compilation CD "Zentonedada") (ZENTONEDADA 1)
(.uk Ninja Tune, 1999)

Philadelphia Bluntz - Bluntz theme
(w: Rennie Pilgrim/William South, p: Philadelphia Bluntz)
(from CD "Philadelphia Bluntz") (8 23429 2)
(.uk Autonomy, 1998)

Laptop - Nothing to declare (Les Rythmes Digitales mix by Jacques Lu Cont)
(w+p: Jesse Hartman)
(from CDS "Nothing to declare (remix)") (CIDX744)
(.uk Island, 1999)

Les Rythmes Digitales feat. Nik Kershaw - Sometimes
(w: Jacques Lu Cont/Nik Kershaw, p: Jacques Lu Cont)
(from CD "Darkdancer") (WALLCD021)
(.uk Wall of Sound, 1999)

Massive Attack - Unfinished sympathy (Nellee Hooper 12" mix)
(w: Del Naja/Vowles/Marshall/Nelson/Sharp, p: Massive Attack/Johnny Dollar/Nellee Hooper)
(.uk Circa, 1991)
(from 11 CD-box "Singles 90/98) (MASBOX 1)
(.uk Circa/Virgin, 1998)

Moby - Bodyrock (Rae & Christian mix)
(w+p: Moby)
(from promo 12" "Bodyrock") (P12MUTE225)
(.uk Mute, 1999)

Ugly Duckling - Everybody c'mon
(w+p: A. Cooper/R. Pleasant/D. McFarland)
(from CDS "Fresh mode") (8 47881 2)
(.us 1500/.fr Virgin, 1999)

The Herbaliser feat. Latyrx - 8 point agenda (we believe)
(w: Wherry/Teeba/T. Shimura/L. Daumont, p: Jake Wherry/Ollie Teeba)
(from compilation CD "Zentonedada") (ZENTONEDADA 1)
(.uk Ninja Tune, 1999)

The Beta Band - Dance-o'er-the-border
(w: The Beta Band, p: Chris Allison/The Beta Band)
(from CD "The Beta Band") (REG 30 CD)
(.uk Regal Recordings, 1999)

Janet Jackson - Nasty (Cool summer mix part 1)
(w+p: Jimmy Jam/Terry Lewis)
(from 12" "Let's wait awhile (remix)") (392 167-1)
(.us A&M, 1986)

Oh - Lo levels
(w: Oh, p: Ron Schneider)
(from CD "Ecu") (8 47469 2)
(.de Musik Der Zukunft/Virgin, 1999)

Briskeby - A song to whisper (Briottet's early morning mix by Julian Briottet)
(p: Espen Berg)
(from promo CDS "A song to whisper") (GM01)
(.no Forward, 1999)



Biosphere - Insomnia (Tunnel mix)
(w+p: Geir Jenssen)
(from CDS "Insomnia") (SOUND 15/1)
(.no Origo, 1997)

DJ Vadim feat. Skinnyman - Life from the itchy side
(from CD "Life from the itchy side") (ZEN CD44)
(.uk Ninja Tune, 1999)

Day One - Walk now talk now
(w+p: Hardwidge/Byrne)
(from promo CD "Ordinary man") (COSADJ 8)
(.uk Melankolic/Virgin, 1999)

Darkside of the Force feat. Kizza - Instantly on a mission
(m: Darknorse/Orveland, l: Salvador/Kizzo, p: Darknorse/Daniel)
(from CD "Darkside of the Force") (CCD 006)
(.no dotf/C+C, 1998)

New Flesh for the Old - Eye of the hurricane
(m: K. Hopewell/G. Edwards/P. Weston, l: Part 2/Toastie Taylor, p: Part 2)
(from CD "Equilibrium") (BDCD013)
(.uk Big Dada/Ninja Tune, 1999)

Folk & Røvere - Retro skit (10 kilogram mix)
(w: Ulph/Peder Kjellsby, p: Kids Love Wax)
(from CDS "Kjipt") (TCD 9713)
(.no Sonet, 1999)

Me:One - Prenemy
(w: E. Martin, p: The Roots/Me:One)
(from promo CDS "Prenemy") (CIDDJ 745)
(.uk Island, 1999)

Baby Namboos - Ancoats to Zambia
(p: Tony Quigley)
(from promo CD "Ancoats to Zambia") (PALMCD 2031-2 ADV)
(.uk Durban Poison/.us Palm Pictures, 1999)

Les Gammas - Servus Mr. Bond (São Delhi Tandoorinha mix)
(w+p: Jochen Helfert/Marc Frank)
(from 12" "Chasin' the double six")
(.de Compost, 1999)

Blakey & the Jazz - Superman road (Päronsoda mix)
(from 12" "Superman road")
(.no So Happy Inc., 1999)

Ian O'Brien - Moonlight
(w+p: Ian O'Brien)
(from compilation CD "The future sounds of jazz vol. 6") (COMPOST 060-2)
(.de Compost, 1999)

Squarepusher - Song: our underwater torch
(w+p: Tom Jenkinson)
(from CDS "Maximum priest E.P.") (WAP122CD)
(.uk Warp, 1999)



(Guesting the program this edition was Rune Kristoffersen, head of the small and alternative label Rune Grammofon, and he took care of the music selection.)

Tetsu Inoue - Rebeat reduction
(w+p: Tetsu Inoue)
(from CD "Psycho-acoustic") (TZ 7213)
(.us Tzadik, 1998)

Alog - Drifting west
(w+p: Espen Sommer Eide/Dag-Are Haugan)
(from CD "Red shift swing") (RCD 2011)
(.no Rune Grammofon, 1999)

King Crimson - Trio
(w: Cross/Fripp/Wetton/Bruford, p: King Crimson)
(from CD "Starless and bible black") (EGCD 12)
(.uk Virgin EG, 1974)

Coil - Green water
(from CD "Black light district") (ESKATON 008)
(.uk Sidereal Sound/Eskaton, 1996)

The Black Dog - Tahr
(w+p: Downie/Handley/Turner)
(from CD "Spanners") (PUP CD1)
(.uk Warp, 1994)

David Bowie - Warszawa
(w: David Bowie/Brian Eno, p: David Bowie/Tony Visconti)
(from CD "Low") (PD 83856)
(.uk RCA, 1977)

Mouse on Mars - Ju ju
(w+p: Andi Toma/Jan St. Werner)
(from CD "Autodidacker") (PURE70CD)
(.uk Too Pure, 1997)

Squarepusher - 1
(w+p: Tom Jenkinson)
(.uk Spymania, 1996)
(from CD "Burningn'n'tree") (WARPCD 53)
(.uk Warp, 1997)

Sun Ra - And otherness
(w: Sun Ra, p: Ihnfinity Inc./Alton Abraham)
(from CD "Cosmic tones for mental therapy") (ECD 22036-2)
(.us El Saturn, 1963/.us Evidence Music, 1992)

Frank Zappa - G-spot tornado
(w+p: Frank Zappa)
(from CD "Strictly genteel") (RCD 10578)
(.us Rykodisc, 1997)

Monolight - Spiritstalker
(w+p: Rune Kristoffersen)
(from compilation CD "Love comes shining over the mountains") (RCD 2012)
(.no Rune Grammofon, 1999)



Replikants - Dawn in new hope II
(from CD "Repliphonic") (GER-005)
(.us 5RC, 1999)

Leftfield feat. Nichole Willis - Swords
(w: Barnes/Daley/Willis, p: Leftfield)
(from CD "Rhythm and stealth") (488527 2)
(.uk Hard Hands/Higher Ground/Sony, 1999)

Aedena Cycle - Home recording
(w+p: Gaute Barlindhaug)
(from CD "Cargo cult") (BSCD024)
(.no Beatservice, 1999)

Elegia feat. Esther Zimmerlin - My serenity
(w: Laurent Collat/Esther Zimmerlin, p: Laurent Collat)
(from promo CD "Sounds within") (F107 PROMOCD)
(.fr F Communications, 1999)

Frost - Endless love (Ingar & Tom-Rudi miks)
(w: Aggie Frost Peterson, p: Aggie Frost Peterson/Rune Lindbæk)
(from CDS "Endless love") (667710 2)
(.no Drum Island/Sony, 1999)

April March - Nothing new (remix by The Dust Brothers)
(w: Burgalat/Blake, p: Bertrand Burgalat)
(from CD "Chrominance decoder") (0100082MAM)
(.fr Tricatel/Ideal/.uk Mammoth/.de Edel, 1999)

Nookie feat. Larry Heard - Paradise (Tease mix)
(w+p: G. Cheung/L. Heard)
(.uk Labello Blanco, 1998)
(from compilation CD "Café del Mar: volumen cinco") (565 228-2)
(.uk Mercury, 1998)

Medeski Martin & Wood - Hey hee hi ho (Illy B remix)
(from promo compilation CD "Blue Note sampler 1999") (DPRO 7087 6 10196 2 9)
(.us Blue Note/Capitol, 1999)

DJ 360* - Beware of manholes
(w+p: Morten Remmer)
(from CD "33 revolutions per minute") (APR030CD)
(.dk April, 1999)

The High & Mighty feat. Pharoahe Monch - Dirty decibels
(w: E. Meltzer/M. Berger/T. Jamerson, p: DJ Mighty Mi)
(from CD "Home field advantage") (2 50121 2)
(.us Rawkus, 1999)

Sporty Thievz feat. Mocha Latte & Liz Leite - Even cheaper (Cheapskate remix)
(w: D. Willis/K. Howell/S. Ford/M. Bryan/E. Leite/A. Richards, p: Ski)
(from CDS "No pigeons") (667575 2)
(.us Ruffhouse/Columbia, 1999)

Len - Steal my sunshine (version Idjut)
(w: Marc Costanzo/Gregg Diamond, p: Mumble C)
(from CDS "Steal my sunshine") (667828 2)
(.us Sony, 1999)

Frost - Endless love (Röyksopp analoge euromiks by Torbjørn Brundtland & Svein Berge)
(w: Aggie Frost Peterson, p: Aggie Frost Peterson/Rune Lindbæk)
(from CDS "Endless love") (667710 2)
(.no Drum Island/Sony, 1999)

D.I.A.L. - The pause that refreshes
(w+p: Daniel Beattie)
(from 12" "The pause that refreshes") (SPY005)
(.uk Spymania, 1997)

Everything but the Girl - Five fathoms
(w+p: Ben Watt)
(from CD "Temperamental") (8 47896 2)
(.uk Virgin, 1999)

Chris & Cosey - Driving blind
(w+p: Cosey Fanni-Tutti/Chris Carter)
(from CD "Union") (CTI0999)
(.uk CTI, 1999)

Le Tone - Joli dragon (Freddy Fresh remix)
(w+p: Le Tone)
(from CDS "Joli dragon") (667719 2)
(.fr Mange Disc/Naive/.uk Creation, 1999)

Jason Sparks - Left to live for
(from compilation quadruple LP "Botchit breaks 2") (BOS2LP5)
(.uk Botchit)

Dynamic Syncopation - Dynamism
(from CD "Dynamism") (ZEN CD43)
(.uk Ninja Tune, 1999)

Lamb - B line (Herbaliser remix)
(w: A. Barlow/L. Rhodes, p: Lamb)
(from promo 12" "B line") (LAMDJ 5)
(.uk Mercury, 1999)

United Future Organization - The planet plan (Yellow Productions dub)
(w+p: Tadashi Yabe/Toshio Matsuura/Raphael Sebbag/Mikio Endo)
(.jp Mercury, 1996)
(from compilation CD "Future sounds of jazz vol. 6") (COMPOST 060-2)
(.de Compost, 1999)

Cygnus X - Hypermetrical (The 3rd Room remix by Andreas Krüger)
(w+p: A.C. Boutsen)
(from 12" "Hypermetrical rmxs") (EYEUK005)
(.uk Eye Q, 1996)

Leftfield feat. Afrika Bambaataa - Afrika shox (VW remix)
(w: Barnes/Daley/Bambaataa/Rapaccioli, p: Leftfield/Nick Rapaccioli)
(from CDS "Afrika shox") (667788 2)
(.uk Hard Hands/Higher Ground/Sony, 1999)

An Der Beat - Funk! (Jii-Hoo Ximer by Jori Hulkkonen)
(w: H.W. Casey/R. Finch, p: An Der Beat)
(from CDS "Funk!") (DIF 013 CD)
(.fr Minifunk/Different, 1999)



(This program featured Vidar Hanssen of Beatservice Records as guest and co-host, and it was his selection of records which was aired for the first part. For the second part Helge Tømmervåg/Mind over MIDI was DJ'ing electronic music.)

Aedena Cycle - Weep for me
(w+p: Gaute Barlindhaug)
(from CD "Cargo cult") (BSCD024)
(.no Beatservice, 1999)

Circular - Deeper
(w+p: Bjarte Andreassen/Jostein Dahl Gjelsvik)
(from CD "Divergent") (BSCD026)
(.no Beatservice, 1999)

Tuka - Ghosts
(w+p: Torbjørn Brundtland)
(from compilation CD "Arctic circles 2") (BSCD025)
(.no Beatservice, 1999)

Sternklang - Neolounge (Teebee & K remix)
(w+p: Rune Brøndbo)
(from 7" "Afterglow") (BSS025-3)
(.no Beatservice, 1999)

Upper Rooms - The way we tear
(w+p: Isak Andersen)
(from demo CD)
(.no Beatservice, 1999)

.Helge Tømmervåg:

Isan - Titled, not tithed
(from 7" "Titled, not tithed") (MZO 6037)
(.uk Bad Jazz)

Arovane - Silicad
(from 7" "Occer") (BLOCK001)
(.uk City Centre Office, 1999)

Skanfrom - Talking translator
(from 7") (ADSR 005)
(.uk ADSR)

Isan - Dilly
(w+p: Robin Saville/Antony Ryan)
(from LP "Digitalis") (DUSKE11)
(.uk Isan, 1999)

Rhythm & Sound w/Savage - Smile
(from 12" "Smile") (RS 04)
(.de Rhythm & Sound, 1999)

Rhythm & Sound - Carrier
(from 12" "Carrier") (RS 05)
(.de Rhythm & Sound, 1999)

Rhythm & Sound w/Tikiman - Music a fe rule (part 1)
(from 12" "Music a fe rule") (RS 01)
(.de Rhythm & Sound, 1997)



Archive - Organ reprise
(w+p: Archive)
(from CDS "So few words") (854 667-2)
(.uk Island, 1996)

Cæcilie Norby - You
(w: Cæcilie Norby, p: Cæcilie Norby/Lars Danielsson)
(from CD "Queen of bad excuses") (5 22342 2)
(.dk Blue Note/EMI-Medley, 1999)
(COMMENT: Cæcilie recently held a beautiful little showcase for her new album at a jazzclub in Oslo, Herr Nilsen.)

The Wiseguys - Ooh la la
(w+p: Theo Keating)
(.uk Wall of Sound, 1998)
(from compilation CD "Bustin' loose") (8 48162 2)
(.uk Wall of Sound, 1999)
(COMMENT: Originally taken from Theo's album "The antidote", this track features here on Wall of Sound celebration of their 5th anniversary.)

Air - Modular mix
(w: N. Godin, p: Etienne de Crécy/Air)
(.fr Solid/Source, 1995)
(from CD "Premiers symptomes") (8 47245 2)
(.fr Source, 1999)
(COMMENT: This track is originally from 1995.)

Beanfield - Abstractions
(w: Jan Krause/Tobias Meggle, p: Beanfield)
(from CD "Human patterns") (COMPOST 062-2)
(.de Compost, 1999)

Les Nubians - Tabou (Roots remix)
(w: Sade Adu/Martin Ditcham, p: Lee Hamblin)
(from CD "Princesses nubiennes") (CDVIR91)
(.fr Virgin, 1998)
(COMMENT: A rendition of "Sweetest taboo" by Sade.)

Mobb Deep feat. Cormega - What's ya poison
(w: K. Muchita/A. Johnson/C. McKay, p: Havoc)
(from CD "Murda muzik") (496101 2)
(.us Loud, 1999)

Donell Jones feat. Left-Eye - U know what's up (clean)
(from promo CDS "U know what's up") (LFPCD-4432)
(.us LaFace, 1999)
(COMMENT: Elegant R&B featuring Left-Eye from TLC.)

Lisa Stansfield - Change (metamorphosis mix by Frankie Knuckles)
(w: Lisa Stansfield/Ian Devaney/Andrew Morris, p: Ian Devaney/Andrew Morris)
(.uk Arista, 1992)
(from compilation CD "Red Hot + Dance") (471821 2)
(.uk Leigh Blake and John Carlin/Sony, 1992)

Clinton - The hot for may sound
(w+p: Tjinder Singh)
(from CD "Disco & the half way to discontent") (CDHUT56)
(.uk Meccico/Hut/Virgin, 1999)
(COMMENT: Tjinder was behind the Cornershop project.)

David Bowie - When the winds blows (extended mix)
(m: David Bowie/Erdal Kizilcay, l: David Bowie, p: David Bowie/Dave Richards)
(from 12" "When the winds blows") (608 613)
(.uk David Bowie/Virgin, 1986)
(COMMENT: Taken from Raymond Briggs' excellent animation film by the same name about the atom bomb.)

Georgio Moroder & David Bowie - Cat people ("Putting out fire")
(m: Georgio Moroder, l: David Bowie, p: Georgio Moroder)
(from original soundtrack LP "Cat People") (BSR-6107)
(.us Backstreet/MCA, 1982)
(COMMENT: This track, it seems, was voted amongst the top 10 of "songs to strip to", by American strippers.)

David Bowie - Brilliant adventure
(w+p: David Bowie/Reeves Gabriel)
(from CD "Hours... ") (CDVX 2900)
(.uk David Bowie/.us Virgin, 1999)
(COMMENT: A nice little instrumental piece from Bowie's latest album. He's married to Iman, perhaps that's where the name of title comes from? This track concludes my "3-on-1" on mr. Bowie.)



David Sylvian - Epiphany
(w+p: David Sylvian)
(from CDS "Approaching silence") (CDVE 943)
(.uk Virgin, 1999)
(COMMENT: This CDS contains three tracks from two multimedia-installations. The track I played is from the installation "Ember glance: The performance of memory" by Sylvian and Russell Mills in Tokyo, 1990. The other two tracks on this CDS are each over 30 minutes in length.)

System Error - Exhaut
(w+p: Bobby Bird/Brian Duffy)
(from CD "Nothing") (H000)
(.uk Headphone, 1999)
(COMMENT: Bobby Bird operates the Headphone label and also records as Higher Intelligence Agency.)

Replikants - Xxenogenesis
(from CD "Repliphonic") (GER-005)
(.us 5RC, 1999)

Golden Boogie Connection - Sixties
(w+p: M. Kreiner/L. Steinkellner)
(.de Spray, 1999)
(from compilation CD "Prepare yourself") (74321 70988 2)
(.se H&M/BMG, 1999)
(COMMENT: The compilation "Prepare yourself" is actually from the clothing company H&M, and is compiled by Alexander Spritzendorfer.)

Lisa Germano - Lovesick (Underdog remix)
(w: Lisa Germano, p: Paul Mahern/Lisa Germano)
(from CDEP "Lovesick") (OPRCD8)
(.uk 4AD, 1997)

Dot Allison - Mo' pop
(w: D. Allison/A. Reynolds, p: Dot Allison/Magnus Fiennes)
(from CDS "Mo' pop") (74321 64261 2)
(.uk Heavenly/deconstruction, 1999)
(COMMENT: The heroine from One Dove has gone for a solo career.)

Everlast - Some nights (are better than others)
(w: E. Schrody, p: Everlast)
(from CDS "Today") (TBCD 2045)
(.us Tommy Boy, 1999)

Blackalicious - Do this my way
(from promo CD "Nia") (MWR 112CDP)
(.uk Mo Wax Labels, 1999)

Cuba - Starshine (Rae & Christian remix)
(w: Andrew/Bates, p: Cuba)
(from CDS "Starshine") (BAD9019CD)
(.uk 4AD, 1999)

The Dust Brothers - Hit me again (Cheeba & Macksosoft remix)
(w+p: Michael Simpson/John King)
(from CDS "This is your life") (74321 71396 2)
(.us Restless/Twentieth Century Fox, 1999)
(COMMENT: This CDS contains remixes of tracks from the soundtrack of "Fight Club".)

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Heavy (Stimulated Dummies remix radio edit by Dante Ross and John Gamble)
(w: Spencer/Explosion)
(from compilation CD "14 irregular files: A Mute accumulation") (IRREG6/7)
(.uk Mute, 1999)
(COMMENT: This track is originally taken from the remix-album "Acme plus".)

Krust feat. Saul Williams - Coded language
(w: Krust/Williams, p: Krust)
(from promo 12" "Coded language") (TKDJ 61)
(.uk Talkin Loud/Mercury, 1999)
(COMMENT: This track could also have been from the album by the same name, but I played the promo 12".)

Aphrodite - Spice (even spicier)
(from promo CD "Aphrodite") (VVR100922P)
(.uk V2, 1999)

Peshay - Switch
(w: Peshay/Jimmy Ponder, p: Peshay)
(from promo 12" "Switch") (12PFA1)
(.uk Blue/Universal Island, 1999)

Bows - Britannica (radio edit)
(from CDEP "Britannica") (PURE 88CDS)
(.uk Too Pure, 1999)

Orbital - P.E.T.R.O.L.
(w+p: P&P Hartnoll)
(from soundtrack CD "Pi: Music for the motion picture") (FILMCD 312)
(.us Thriva/.uk Silva Screen, 1998)
(COMMENT: This track was also in the game "Wipeout 2097", I believe.)

Leftfield feat. Afrika Bambaataa - Afrika shox (Jedis elastic bass mix by Tom Middleton & Mark Pritchard)
(w: Barnes/Daley/Bambaataa/Rapaccioli, p: Leftfield/Nick Rapaccioli)
(from CDS "Afrika shox") (667788 2)
(.uk Hard Hands/Higher Ground/Sony, 1999)

Jacknife Lee - Bursting off the backbeat (Jadell inst. mix)
(from promo 12" "Bursting off the backbeat") (12PP 7016-1 DJ)
(.uk Palm Pictures, 1999)

Clinton - Welcome to Tokyo, Otis Clay
(w+p: Tjinder Singh)
(from CD "Disco & the half way to discontent") (CDHUT56)
(.uk Meccico/Hut/Virgin, 1999)
(COMMENT: Tjinder was behind the Cornershop project.)

Information - I.F.F. (Sternklang remix by Rune Brøndbo)
(w+p: Jørgen Knudsen/Per Henrik Svalastog)
(from 7" "Fish and concrete") (BSS025-2)
(.no Beatservice, 1999)
(COMMENT: Rune Brøndbo is part of SpaceBopCircus who played a gig at Blå the following Saturday.)

Joel Mull - The mole (original mix)
(w+p: Joel Mull)
(from 12" "The mole remixes E.P.") (PRVL016)
(.uk Primevil, 1999)
(COMMENT: This track is originally from 1993, and features an amazing production, the date considered.)

Laurent Garnier - The sound of big babou
(w+p: Laurent Garnier)
(from CDS "The sound of big babou") (F111 CD)
(.fr F Communications, 1999)
(COMMENT: Laurent DJ'ed the previous Thursday at the local Oslo club called Jazid.)

Freaky Chakra - Trepidations in love
(w+p: Daum Bentley)
(from compilation CD "Spin control: San Francisco dance collective") (MIXMAN 1)
(.uk V2/.us Mixman, 1996)

Bryan Zentz - Earth2earth
(from double white label 12" "Kingdom of the selfish") (PRMT040)
(.uk Primate, 1999)
(COMMENT: Bryan from America released some 12"es on the Definitive label.)

Squarepusher - Snake pass
(w+p: Tom Jenkinson)
(from CD "Selection sixteen") (WARPCD72)
(.uk Warp, 1999)
(COMMENT: This track is very acidic, compared to most of the other tracks on the album.)



(This program featured Claes Olsen of the Oslo club So What! as guest and co-host regarding their 5-year anniversary, and it was his selection of records which was aired. Claes is a huge fan of Yo La Tengo, and before their concerts the following Sunday and Monday he chose to play over 30 minutes of their music!)

Yo La Tengo - Big day coming
(w: Kaplan, p: Roger Moutenot)
(from CD "Painful") (EFA 04927-2)
(.de City Slang, 1996)

Yo La Tengo - Nowhere near
(w: Kaplan, p: Roger Moutenot)
(from CD "Painful") (EFA 04927-2)
(.de City Slang, 1996)

Yo La Tengo - Sugarcube
(w: Yo La Tengo, p: Roger Moutenot)
(from CD "I can hear the heart beating as one") (OLE 222-2)
(.us Matador, 1997)

Yo La Tengo - Tom Courteney
(w: Yo La Tengo, p: Roger Moutenot)
(from CD "Electr-o-pura") (04955-2)
(.us Matador/.de City Slang, 1995)

Yo La Tengo - Griselda
(w: Antonia, p: Gene Holer)
(from CD "Fakebook") (EFA 04062)
(.us Bar/None/.de City Slang, 1990)

Yo La Tengo - The cone of silence
(w: Davies, p: Clint Conley)
(from CD "Ride the tiger") (EFA 04918-27)
(.de City Slang, 1993)

Sukia - The dream machines
(w: Sukia, p: Sukia/Jerry Finn)
(from CD "Contacto espacial con el terco") (540 743-2)
(.uk nickelbag/Mo Wax/A&M, 1997)

Barbara Morgenstern - White Christmas
(w+p: Barbara Morgenstern)
(from compilation CD "Santa Monika") (MONIKA 12)
(.de Monika Enterprises, 1999)

Ricochets - Devil inside
(w: Trond Andreassen. p: Harald Are Lund)
(from promo compilation CD "Zoom 3: The Norwegian attack") (PRO ZOO 3)
(.no Petre, 1999)

Yo La Tengo - Let's save Tony Orlando's house
(from promo CD "And then nothing turned itself inside-out") (OLE 371-2V)
(.us Matador, 2000)
(COMMENT: Possibly a world premiere from this album that won't be released before the end of january.)

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