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Huge update to my website - 80 interviews and 10 DJ-sets (almost 50 hours of music)

Hey all. I just updated my website and added:

a) almost 50 hours of music, in 10 DJ-sets that are all about FIVE hours long and contain tons of various music styles, with playlists and timing-points
over 80 interviews (in Norwegian) with various artists and producers, from 2001 up to now

Feel free to check it out if you want, is my new website.


Multitrack tapes of Marvin Gaye, The Beatles, Bob Marley, Nirvana, Queen and Stevie Wonder to download

UPDATE 28/10-2013: Someone made a torrent containing many of these multitracks and others.

If you are doing anything related to music, you might be interested in this:

Someone has gotten hold of the original multi track tapes of famous songs by Marvin Gaye, The Beatles, Bob Marley, Nirvana, Queen, Doobie Brothers, Stevie Wonder, Def Leppard and Christina Aguilera - and made them available on the net.

That means that all the original tracks are available, so you can import them into a program (Cubase, Pro Tools, Ableton, Sonar, Reaper, Audacity etc.) and separate all the elements (vocal, guitar, drums, bass etc.) from each other. Then you can try to mix it yourself, remix it, make mashups, cut it up, pitch it, extract elements... the possibilities are endless! :)

These are the "hacked" songs:
Bob Marley - Lively Up Yourself
Bob Marley - No Woman No Cry
Christina Aguilera - Genie In A Bottle
Def Leppard - Bringing On The Heartbreak
Def Leppard - Pour Some Sugar On Me
Doobie Brothers - Long Train Running
Marvin Gaye - I Heard It Through The Grapevine
Marvin Gaye - Mercy Mercy Me
Marvin Gaye - What's Going On
Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell - Ain't No Mountain High Enough
Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell - Ain't Nothin' Like The Real Thing
Nirvana - Marijuana
Nirvana - Penny Royal Tea
Nirvana - Sappy
Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
Queen - Get Down Make Love
Stevie Wonder - Superstition
The Beatles - A Day in the Life
The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
The Beatles - She's Leaving Home
The Beatles - With a Little Help from My Friends
(there are probably others too, but these are the ones I know about right now)

If you want to download these, search for these files:
- bob_marley-lively_up_wav.rar- bob_marley-no_woman_no_cry-multitrack_wav.part1.rar
- bob_marley-no_woman_no_cry-multitrack_wav.part2.rar
- christina_aguilera_genie_in_a_bottle_multitrack_wav_88bpm.rar
- def_leppard-bringing_on_the_heartbreak.part1.rar- def_leppard-bringing_on_the_heartbreak.part2.rar
- def_leppard-bringing_on_the_heartbreak.part3.rar
- def_leppard-bringing_on_the_heartbreak.part4.rar

- def_leppard-pour_some_sugar_on_me.part1.rar

- def_leppard-pour_some_sugar_on_me.part2.rar

- def_leppard-pour_some_sugar_on_me.part3.rar

- def_leppard-pour_some_sugar_on_me.part4.rar

- doobie_brothers-long_train_running_wav.mp3.part1.rar

- doobie_brothers-long_train_running_wav.mp3.part2.rar

- marvin_gaye-i_heard_it_through_the_grapevine_multitracks_wav.rar

- marvin_gaye-mercy_mercy_me.rar

- marvin_gaye-whats_going_on_wav.rar

- marvin_gaye_and_tammi_terrel-aint_no_mountain_high_enough_wav.rar

- marvin_gaye_and_tammi_terrell-aint_nothin_like_the_real_thing.rar

- nirvana-marijuana-multitrack_wav.rar

- nirvana-penny_royal_tea.part1.rar

- nirvana-penny_royal_tea.part2.rar

- nirvana-sappy.part1.rar

- nirvana-sappy.part2.rar

- queen-bohemian_rhapsody.part1.rar

- queen-bohemian_rhapsody.part2.rar

- queen-get_down_make_love.part1.rar

- queen-get_down_make_love.part2.rar

- stevie_wonder-superstition_multitracks.part1.rar

- stevie_wonder-superstition_multitracks.part2.rar

- the_beatles-a_day_in_the_life.rar

- the_beatles-sergeant_peppers.rar

- the_beatles-shes_leaving_home.rar

- the_beatles-with_a_little_help.rar

Then you will find some sites that have linked to them. Also you can search for "multitrack masters torrent", that should also find most of them.

Good luck finding them and playing around with them!