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Experimenta - the lost shows

This is the permanent archive for the radio show "Experimenta", that aired on Radio Nova in Oslo from 1996 to 2006.

Below are links to the audio archive featuring 137 of the shows, with over 150 hours of music, and on this page you can find detailed playlists for the shows that unfortunately weren't recorded.

The profile was to play "everything from ambient to hip hop", via genres like trip hop, jazz, pop, soul, lo-fi, electronica, house, techno, drum'n'bass, breaks, noise, glitch, rock, mashups etc.

A big principle was to not play the same track or mix more than once, and over 2700 different tracks were aired. The host was Per Christian Frankplads.

International guests included:
The Orb, Mixmaster Morris, Ben Christophers, Raw Deal, Elegia/Laurent Collat and i:wound

Norwegians guests included:
Lindstrøm, Nils Petter Molvær, Bugge Wesseltoft, Rune Lindbæk, Claes Olsen, Eivind Olsvik, Mind Over MIDI/Helge Tømmervåg, Nicholas Sillitoe, Origami Galaktika/Benny Braaten, Päron Soda, Raymond Pellicer, Sketch/Kai Mikalsen, Sternklang and Xploding Plastix

Part 1: 1996-1999
Part 2: 2000
Part 3: 2001
Part 4: 2002-2003
Part 5: 2004-2006
Part 6: Detailed playlists for shows from 1996 to 2000 (unfortunately no recordings exits)


The Black Dog - Chesh
(from CD "Spanners")
(.uk Warp)

Scan X - Turmoil
(from compilation CD "Musique pour les plantes vertes")
(.fr F Communications)

Drome - Age of affordable rezina (remix)
(from CDS "The final corporate remix of the unconscious")
(.de Wigwam)

Pablo's Eye - When she smiles
(from CD "You love Chinese food")
(.au Extreme)

Anne Clark - Mundesley beach
(from promo CD "To love and be loved")
(.de SPV)

u-ziq - Phiosope
(from CD "In pine effect")
(.uk Virgin/.us Astralwerks)

Fusion - Time travellers
(.de Spacefrogs)
(from compilation CD "The spacefrogs vol. 2)
(.de Superstition)

Front 242 - Happiness (dub mix by Underworld)
(from CD "Mut@ge mix@ge")
(.be RRE/Play it Again Sam)

Nav Katze - More than a feeling (Black Dog mix#2)
(from CD "Never mind the distortion")
(.jp Victor/.be SSR/Crammed Discs)

Der Dritte Raum - Mechanoid
(from CD "Mental modulator")
(.de Harthouse, 1994)



Pete Namlook & Robert Görl - Perfect body part V
(from CD "Elektro")
(.de Fax +49-69/450464)

Autocreation - Dark smile
(from CD "Mettle")
(.uk Inter-Modo)

Koh Tao - Sundown
(.uk Infonet)
(from compilation CD "Free the funk")
(.be R&S)

As One - Shambala (reflected by Russ Gabriel)
(from CD "Reflections on reflections")
(.uk New Electronica)

Steve Paton - Mean streets
(.uk 4th Wave)
(from compilation CD "Underground London")
(.uk Kickin)

Planetary Assault System - Booster
(from CD "Archives")
(.uk Peacefrog)

Jedi Knights - Human blancmange
(from CD "New school science")
(.uk Universal Language)

Vanessa Daou - Sunday afternoon (Zipper mix by Danny Tenaglia)
(from CDS "Sunday afternoon")
(.us MCA, 1994)



Mondo Bossa - Weekend (Phantoms of liberty mix)
(from CDS "The tortoisehead EP")
(.uk Nation)

Lionrock - Straight at yer head (Justin Robertson remix)
(from CDS "Straight at yer head")
(.uk Deconstruction)

Pete Namlook & Burhan Ocal - Yenilik part II
(from CD "Sultan")
(.de Fax +49-69/450464)

David Holmes f/Sarah Cracknell - Gone (Krüder & Dorfmeister session)
(from CDS "Gone")
(.uk Go! Discs)

Mulhouse - Danger
(from compilation CD "Organism 03")
(.de Dossier)

Slam - White shadows
(from promo CD "Headstates")
(.uk Soma)

Aphex Twin - On (Reload mix by Mark Pritchard & Tom Middleton)
(from CDS "On")
(.uk Warp)

Jiri.Ceiver - Ratio ph
(from CD "head.phon")
(.de Harthouse)

Mescalinium - Mescalinium united
(from compilation CD "Industrial fucking strength")
(.de Industrial Strength/.uk Earache)

Larry Heard f/Che - The beauty of celeste
(from CD "Alien")
(.nl Blackmarket)

Funki Porcini - The afterlife
(from promo CD "Love, pussycats & carwrecks")
(.uk Ninja Tune)



Killing Joke - Democracy (The Russian tundra mix by Orb)
(from CDS "Democrazy")
(.uk Big Life)

Solid Doctor - Lights on the vibe
(from CD "How about some ether - collected works 93-95)
(.uk Pork)

Spooky - Thai
(from CDS "Clank EP")
(.uk Generic/A&M)

Torch Song - Shine on me (Aurora mix)
(from CD "Toward the unknown region")
(.uk N-Gram/WEA)

Manuel Gottsching - E2-E4 basic reshape
(from compilation CD "Basic Channel")
(.de Basic Channel)

Gas - Heller
(from compilation double CD "In memoriam: Gilles Deleuze")
(.de Mille Plateux)

Malin - La serenissima (Malin Soda dub)
(from test CDS "La serenissima")
(.no Flamingo)

Claude Young - Nocturnal
(.nl Djax-Up-Beats)
(from compilation CD "The underground continues vol. 2")
(.nl Future Sound Productions)

Malcolm McLaren - World famous Supreme Team radio show (remix)
(from CD "Round the outside!")
(.uk Virgin)

Lionrock - Number nine
(from CD "An instinct for detection")
(.uk deconstruction)

Hardfloor - Knuckle skills
(from promo CD "Home run")
(.de Harthouse)



Malcolm McLaren - Madam Butterfly (un bel di vedremo)
(from LP "Fans")
(.uk Virgin)

Loop Guru - Hymn (Amazonian mix)
(from promo 12" "EP")
(.uk Nation)

Dark Sun Riders - Dark Sun Riders (Ultra jazz mix by UltraMan)
(from 12" "Dark Sun Riders")
(.us Island)

Natacha Atlas - Yalla chant (The lesson four edit by Youth and Coldcut)
(from CDS "Yalla chant")
(.uk Nation)

Gabrielle - Give me a little more time (Talvin Singh)
(from CDS "Give me a little more time")
(.uk Go! Discs)

Little Axe - Another sinful day (Skip & Harvey's mix part 7)
(from 12" "Another sinful day")
(.uk Wired)

The Future Sound of London - Cascade (ShortForm)
(from CDS "Cascade")
(.uk Virgin)

Quark - Space
(.uk Mucho Vinyl)
(from compilation CD "Global technological innovations: UK 1")
(.uk New Electronica)

Fun Fun - Color my love (instrumental mix)
(from 12" "Color my love")
(.us TSR)

Tori Amos - God (The thinking mix 2 by Carl Craig)
(from CDS "God")
(.us Atlantic)

Herb Alpert - North on South St. (Massive sound 12" by Bobby Konders)
(from promo 12" "North on South St.")
(.us A&M)

Morganistic - In the shadow
(from compilation CD "There are too many fools following too many rules")
(.uk Irdial Discs)



Aurobindo - Supermind's light becomes part of the earth
(from compilation CD "Touch sampler")
(.uk Ash International)

Claude Young - Multiplicity of zeros and ones
(from compilation CD "Freezone 3")
(.be SSR/Crammed Discs)

Frode - Rocket-o
(from private DAT)

DJ Spooky - Galactic funk (Tau Ceti mix)
(from CD "Songs of a dead dreamer")
(.us Asphodel)

The Bloodsuckas - Radioathletico (Dread Flimstone vs. The Bloodsuckas dub mix)
(w: Dread Flimstone, p: Derek Dahlarge/Dread Flimstone)
(from CDS "Radioathletico") (JAZID 133 CD)
(.uk Acid Jazz, 1996)

GTO - Listen to the rhythm flow (make some noise)
(.uk React)
(from compilation CD "Rewind: 24 techno classics")
(.se Playdoe/Pitch Control)

Underworld - Deep arch
(from triple 12" "Pearl's girl")
(.uk Junior Boy's Own/.de Logic)

RO - Solartrek 2
(from 12")
(.nl Top Secret/Test Series)

Hyman Sync - The Illegal District
(from 12")
(.de Fresh Flavour/Logic)

New Order - Everything's gone green (Advent remix)
(from compilation double CD "Volume 16")
(.uk Volume)



(This edition was no. 1 in a series of ambient mixes with no talking, just a spoken intro.)

Pete Namlook & Steve Stoll - Hemisphere
(from CD "Hemisphere")
(.de Fax +49-69/450464)

Jimi Cauty - Neptune
(from CD "Space")
(.uk KLF Communications)

The Orb - Into the fourth dimension (Essenes beyond control)
(from CDS "Little fluffy clouds")
(.uk Wau! Mr. Modo/Big Life)

Peter Gabriel - Of these, hope/Lazarus raised/Of these, hope - reprise
(from CD "Passion")
(.uk Realworld)

The Infinity Project - The answer
(from CD "Mystical experiences")
(.uk Blue Room)

Michael Chapman - Heartbeat
(from CD "Heartbeat")
(.uk Coda)

Pulsation - Pulsar
(from compilation CD "Dark hearts: Harthouse compilation 1")
(.de Harthouse)

Link - Arkadia
(from compilation CD "Artificial intelligence II")
(.uk Warp)

Stewart Copeland - "Wall Street" end title theme
(from soundtrack CD "Talk Radio/Wall Street")
(.us Varese Sarabande)



The Boo Radleys - Lazarus (Secret Knowledge mix)
(from CDEP "Lazarus" 1/2)
(.uk Creation)

Bone Thugs-n-Harmony - 1st of da month (Krüder & Dorfmeister session part 3)
(from CDS "East 1999")
(.us Ruthless/Sony)

William Orbit - Million town (Dolores del Amo mix)
(from CDS "Million town")
(.uk N-Gram/WEA)

Mind over MIDI - Elektrikal utility
(from 12" "Elektrical aktivity EP 3")
(.no Beatservice)

TransGlobal Underground - Protean (Thubian mix)
(from CDS "Protean")
(.uk Nation, 1994)

The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu - It's grim up north (part 2)
(from CDS "It's grim up north")
(.uk KLF)

Mont Blanc - (Side 2) (N/A)
(from promo 12")
(.fr Going Global Series)

Empirion - Narcotic influence (Dave Clarke mix)
(from CDS "Narcotic influence")
(.uk Wanted/XL)

Rachid Taha - Non non non (Stacey Pullen electro funk dub mix)
(from 12" "Non non non")
(.fr Going Global Series)



Higher Intelligence Agency & Biosphere - Corona
(from CD "Polar sequences")
(.uk Beyond)

Bassomatic - Set the controls for the heart of the bass (Va va voom)
(from CDS "Fascinating rhythm")
(.uk Virgin)

Kraftwerk - Radioactivity (William Orbit remix)
(from promo 12" "Radioactivity")
(.de EMI)

Aquanauts - When I was falling (I was still dreaming) (club mix)
(w+p: Corrie/Alfonso)
(from 12" "When I was falling (I was still dreaming)") (ZOOM033)
(.uk Zoom, 1996)

Faithless - Don't leave (Moody mix - mix 1)
(from CDS "Don't leave")
(.uk Cheeky)

Earth Nation - Alienated (Clouds mix)
(from 12" "Alienated")
(.de Eye Q)

DJ Krush - Meiso (klub mix by DJ Shadow)
(from CDEP "Meiso")
(.jp Sony/.uk Mo Wax)

La Funk Mob - La doctoresse
(from CDEP "Tribulations extra sensorielle")
(.uk Mo Wax)

Wagon Christ - How you really feel
(from white label 12" "Rissalecki EP")
(.uk Rising High)



David Morley - The first floor
(from 12" "The shuttle EP")
(.be R&S)

Future Sound of India - Anjuna
(from compilation CD "New moves")
(.uk Chill Out)

Olive - Miracle (Monkey Mafia remix by Jon Carter)
(from CDS "Miracle")
(.uk BMG)

Up, Bustle & Out - The revolutionary woman of the windmill (Nitin Sawhney mix)
(from 12" "The revolutionary woman of the windmill")
(.uk Ninja Tune)

The Black Dog - Khuprit
(from promo CD "Music for adverts [and short films]")
(.uk Warp)

Fat Boy Slim - Everybody loves a 303
(.uk Skint)
(from compilation CD "Hardhop & trypno")
(.uk Moonshine)

Divine - I'm so beautiful (mix)
(from 12" "I'm so beautiful")
(.uk Proto)

Bandulu - Trinity (version)
(from CDS "Trouble shooter")
(.uk Blanco Y Negro/Warner)

Andrea - On my own
(from 12" "EP")
(.uk Defunct)

The Brotherhood - Mad headz (DJ Crystl instrumental)
(from double promo 12" "Mad headz")
(.uk Virgin)

Martine Girault - Revival
(from 12" "Revival")
(.uk Opaz/ffrr, 1992)

Tranquility Bass - Cantamilla
(.us Exist Dance)
(from compilation CD "Synthetic pleasures")
(.us Moonshine)



Innocence - Natural thing (Elevation)
(from 12" "Natural thing")
(.uk Cooltempo/Chrysalis)

Soul Family Sensation - I don't even know if I should call you Marshall Jefferson (Symphony)
(from CDS "I don't even know if I should call you baby")
(.uk One Little Indian)

Mantronix - Got to have your love (club with bonus beats)
(from 12" "Got to have your love")
(.us Capitol)

H.A.L.O. - Eclipsed (Emmersion mix by LFO)
(from CDS "Eclipsed")
(.se MNW Zone)

Yasuaki Shimizu - Secret squirrel
(.jp Ao)
(from compilation double promo CD "Auntie Aubrey's excursions beyond the call of duty")
(.uk Deviant/Volume)

Neotropic - La centinela
(from promo CD "15 levels of magnification")
(.uk Ninja Tune)

Horizon 222 - Prisoner of the faith (con spiritoso)
(from double 12" "Spirit level")
(.de Hyperium)

Hector Zazou & Harold Budd - Glyph (Deep mix by Herbert)
(from 12" "Glyph remixes")
(.be SSR/Crammed Discs)

Bryan Ferry - I put a spell on you (Yage mix long version by Future Sound of London)
(from CDS "I put a spell on you")
(.uk Virgin)

Russ Gabriel - Peace for thought
(.uk Ferox)
(from compilation CD "Global technological innovations: UK 1")
(.uk New Electronica/Beechwood)

Seefeel - Plainsong (Sine Bubble embossed dub)
(from CDS "Pure, impure")
(.uk Too Pure)

Still Thinking - Mot
(from 12" "Pheada" by Red Union)
(.uk A13)

Spooky - Fingerbobs (Dave Angel remix)
(from promo 12" "Fingerbobs")
(.uk Generic/A&M)

Mental Overdrive - Disto disco (12")
(from 12" "Disto disco")
(.be R&S)

Theory - En-route
(from 12" "En-route")
(.no Beatservice)

Pacemaker - Pacemaker
(from 12" "Pacemaker")
(.no Beatservice)

Ziggy Marley & the Melody Makers - Power to move ya (Rising mix by Hani & Dmitri)
(from promo 12" "Power to move ya")
(.us Elektra)

Tori Amos - Professional widow (Armand's star trunk funkin' mix by Armand van Helden)
(from promo 12" "Professional widow") (SAM 1867)
(.uk East West)

The Beloved - Ease the pressure (Suction mix)
(from double promo 12" "Ease the pressure")
(.uk East West)

Deee-Lite - Music selector is the soul reflector
(from CD "Dewdrops in the garden")
(.us Elektra)

Valerie Claire - I'm a model (tonight's the night) (club version)
(from 12" "I'm a model (tonight's the night)")
(.de Pop Eye)

Arcadia - Election day (Cryptic cut)
(from 12" "Election day")
(.uk Tritec/EMI)

Jazzy Jay - Son of Beat Street
(from compilation LP "Beat Street original soundtrack volume 2")
(.us Atlantic)

Visage - Fade to grey
(from compilation CD "The very best of Midge Ure and Ultravox")
(.uk Chrysalis)

Afrika Bambaata & the Soul Sonic Force - Frantic situation
(from compilation LP "Beat Street original soundtrack volume 1")
(.us Atlantic)

Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - The creator
(from CD "All souled out")
(.us Elektra, 1991)

Headrillaz - Hot n bovvud
(from white label 12" "Hot n bovvud")
(.uk Pussyfoot)

Lionrock - Packet of peace (Chemical Brothers mix)
(from compilation CD "Athletico")
(.uk Acid Jazz)

René and Angela - Save your love (for #1) (club mix)
(from 12" "Save your love (for #1)")
(.us PolyGram)

Prolific f/Simone - Stay with me forever
(.us Intangible)
(from compilation double LP "Olympic: The album")
(.uk Olympic)

Urban Soul - Alright (Sasha remix)
(from CDS "Alright")
(.uk Cooltempo/Chrysalis)

Mona Lisa f/Lost Boyz - Can't be wasting my time (One Dread One Ball Head version w/rap)
(from promo CDS "Can't be wasting my time")
(.us Island)

Gello - How'ma get this honey
(from CD "Fruits of knowledge")
(.us Enneagram)

Galliano - Ease your mind (Primaudial dub by Ski Oakenfull)
(from promo 12" "Ease your mind")
(.uk Talkin Loud)

Squarepusher - Port Rhombus
(from CDS "Port Rhombus EP")
(.uk Warp)

2 Player - Extreme possibilities (Wagon Christ mix by Luke Vibert)
(from 12" "Extreme possibilities")
(.uk Ninja Tune)

The Roots - Proceed IV (A.J. Shine's proceed w/o a pause)
(from promo CDS "Proceed")
(.us Red Hot Organization/GRP)

The Herbaliser - Up 4 the get downs
(from promo CD "Remedies")
(.uk Ninja Tune)

Jungle Brothers - What U waitin' 4? (Love ride and orchestra mix by Tony Humphries)
(from 12" "What U waitin' 4?")
(.us Warner Bros.)

Malcolm McLaren and the World's Famous Supreme Team - Buffalo gals (Scratch)
(from 12" "Buffalo gals")
(.uk Chrysalis)



(Moved to Thursday nights from 00.00-01.00.)

Helén Eriksen - Holy greed
(from CD "Standards")
(.no Blue Note/EMI)

Beamish & Fly - Spin on it
(from compilation LP "Next stop")
(.uk Delancey Street)

DJ Cam - Gangsta shit
(from CD "Underground vibes")
(.fr Street Jazz)

Lewis Taylor - Lucky
(from CD "Lewis Taylor")
(.uk Island)

Curve - Fait accompli (extended extended extended)
(from 12" "Fait accompli")
(.uk Anxious)

The 13th Sign - The big bloo
(from 12" "The big bloo")
(.uk Delancey Street, 1996)

Beastie Boys - Hey ladies
(from LP "Paul's boutique")
(.us Capitol)

Spooky - Fingerbobs (Doi-oing's thingybobs)
(from promo 12" "Fingerbobs")
(.uk Generic/A&M)

Bandulu - Amaranth: Love lies bleeding
(from 12" "Guidance")
(.uk Infonet/Creation)

Rama - C'est la vie
(from 12" "C'est la vie")
(.uk Wave)

Salt Tank - Eden
(from promo 12" "Swell") (LIARXDJ 34)
(.uk Internal)

Alex Reece - Intro
(from CD "So far")
(.uk Fourth & Broadway/Island)

Massive Attack - Hymn of the big wheel
(from promo 12" "Any love")
(.uk Circa)



Genaside II - Blue precious metal
(from promo CDS "New life IV the hunted" album sampler)
(.uk Internal)

Torch Song - Prepare to energize
(from 12" "Prepare to energize")
(.uk IRS/A&M)

808 State - Balboa
(from CD "Don Solaris")
(.uk ZTT)

Ectomorph - Eye of the beholder
(from compilation CD "Eternally alive vol. III")
(.uk Millennium)

Granny - Ty phoo
(from 12" "Ty phoo")
(.uk Seismic)

Pob - The essence (Granny-remix by Paul Brogden & Claudio Giuassani)
(w+p: Paul Brogden)
(from 12" "The essence") (SMC 007)
(.uk Seismic, 1996)

DJ Vadim - Headz ain't ready (remix)
(from promo CD "USSR repetoire (the theory of verticality)")
(.uk Ninja Tune)

A Tribe Called Quest f/Faith Evans - Stressed out
(from CD "Beats, rhymes and life")
(.us Zomba, 1996)

London Funk Allstars - Junkies bad trip
(from promo CD "Flesh eating disco zombies vs. the bionic hookers from Mars")
(.uk Ninja Tune)

Howie B - Undercover
(from promo 12" "EP")
(.uk Polydor)

Kraftwerk - Morgenspaziergang
(from CD "Autobahn")
(.de Kling Klang)

Green Gartside - I don't know why I love you
(from compilation LP "B.E.F.: Music of quality and distinction volume 2")
(.uk Ten)



Deee-Lite - What is love (Rainbow beard mix)
(from CD "Groove is in the heart (remixes)")
(.jp Warner-Pioneer)

Deadstock - Oedipus sucks
(from double 10" "Oedipus sucks")
(.uk Internal)

Immersion - Water walker (Trawl by Robin Rimbaud)
(from CD "Full immerson: The remixes vol. 1)
(.uk Swim)

Spacer - Contrazoom
(from white label 10" "Contrazoom")
(.uk Pussyfoot)

Palm Skin Productions - Kitty's adventures in meat
(from CD "Remilixir")
(.uk Virgin)

Omar - There's nothing like this
(.uk Talkin Loud)
(from promo compilation CD "RCA: In focus")
(.uk RCA)

Ruth Joy - Don't push it
(from CD "Pride and joy")
(.uk MCA)

Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five - Scorpio
(.us Sugarhill)
(from CD "The greatest hits")
(.uk Sequel)

Way Out West - The gift (club mix)
(from CDS "The gift")
(.uk Deconstruction)

Motorbass - Ezio
(from CD "Pansoul")
(.fr Motorbass)

Russ Gabriel - Galapagos theory (remix by Steve Paton)
(from compilation CD "Adventures in techno soul")
(.uk Ferox)

Caspar Pound - House (Peter Parker & Tom Anderson mix by Hardfloor)
(from CDS "House")
(.uk Ascension)

SP 1200 Productions - My super lover
(from compilation CD "Sushi 3003")
(.de Bungalow)

Mona Lisa - Just wanna please you
(from CD "11-20-79")
(.us Island)

Plug - Maker of all
(from CD "Drum'n'bass for papa")
(.uk Blue Angel)



The Joy - Shine (Samadhi Mantra mix)
(from CDS "Shine")
(.uk Chrysalis)

The Future Sound of London - My kingdom (part 4)
(from promo CDEP "My kingdom")
(.uk Virgin)

Pete Namlook - Air 3
(.de Fax)



Funki Porcini - Carwreck (Wagon Christ remix by Luke Vibert)
(from CDS "Carwreck")
(.uk Ninja Tune)

Outcast - Out of tune
(from CD "Out of tune")
(.uk One Little Indian/.de Virgin)

Helén Eriksen - Shake my hand (Tee Productions remix)
(from CDS "Shake my hand")
(.no Blue Note/EMI)

Orb - Oxbow lakes (Evensong string arrangement by Catherine Browning)
(from CDS "Oxbow lakes")
(.uk Island)

B.F.C. - Chicken noodle soup
(from compilation double CD "Objets d'art 92::95")
(.uk A.R.T./New Electronica)

Abe Duque - Chocolate delight
(from compilation CD "Exit from New York")
(.be Radical Ambient/KK)

Michael Newman - Crazy fvcka remix
(.uk Fvturus)
(from compilation CD "The Kudos digest: Issue C (is for cherries)")
(.uk Kudos)

u-ziq - Iesope
(from CD "Tango n' vectif")
(.uk Rephlex)

Mike Oldfield - Sentinel (Orbular bells by The Orb)
(from CDS "Sentinel")
(.uk Warner)

Pete Namlook & Tetsu Inoue - 2350 Broadway
(.de Ambient World/Fax)

David Toop - Screen ceremonies
(.uk Wire Editions)

Entropica - Sonic bloom entropica prolifica
(.be SSR)

Tetsu Inoue - Ambient otaku
(.de Fax)



David Morley - Tonus
(from CDS "Stardancer EP")
(.be Apollo/R&S)

Bandulu - Better nation (Carl Craig innerzone mix)
(from CD "Guidance")
(.uk Infonet)

Throb - Grasshopper
(from white label 12" "Skylines EP") (PRMT 008)
(.uk Primate)

Mir - Under the milkyway (Space ride mix by The Sequenzer)
(w: Steve Kilbey/K. Jansson, p: Markus Junker)
(from 12" "Under the milkyway") (ROD 9601)
(.de Recycle or Die/Eye Q, 1996)

Art of Silence - West 4
(from CD "")
(.uk Axxiomatic)

Palm Skin Productions - Beats of burden
(from CDS "Condition red")
(.uk Hut/Virgin)

Chuck D - No (No holds barred part one - clean)
(from promo 12" "No")
(.uk Mercury)

DJ Rags - Yes, yes, y'all
(from promo 12" "Yes, yes, y'all")
(.uk Concrete/deconstruction)

Digital Underground - The humpty dance (Hump mix)
(.us Tommy Boy)
(from compilation CD "Classic hip hop mastercuts volume 2")
(.uk Beechwood)

Da 5 Footaz - The heist
(from 12" "The heist")
(.us G Funk/Rush)

House of Pain f/Guru - Fed up (remix)
(from promo 12" "Fed up")
(.us Tommy Boy)

Innocence - Build (Frankie Knuckles extended mix)
(from CDS "Build")
(.uk Cooltempo/Chrysalis)



Bermuda Triangle - Ghost submarine
(from compilation CD "Miscellaneous the 2nd")
(.be Language/Crammed Discs)

Thomas Fehlmann - Perfectly natural
(from CDS "Flow EP")
(.be R&S)

Underground Resistance - Jupiter jazz
(.us Underground Resistance)
(from double compilaton CD "Deepest shade of techno I+II")
(.be SSR/Crammed Discs)

Mind over Rhythm - Mongoose (Several thousand questions dub)
(w: A.C. Hill/L. Graves/T. Messenger, p: A.C. Hill)
(from 12" "Mongoose") (RUMBLE 014T)
(.uk Rumble, 1996)

Headrillaz - If I let you live
(from double white label compilation LP "Pussy Galore")
(.uk Pussyfoot)

Nightmares of Wax - What I'm feelin (Rae & Christian mix)
(from CDS "Still smokin")
(.uk Warp)

Don-e - Fakin' the funk (Soul Inside mix by Dodge)
(from promo 12" "Fakin' the funk")
(.uk Fourth & Broadway)

Gatas Parlament - File Transfer Protocol (dub)
(from CDS "Slå tilbake!")
(.no Comhard)

DJ Vadim - Aural prostitution (Mark B. mix)
(from CDS "Aural prostitution")
(.uk Ninja Tune)

Caroline Lavelle - Moorlough shore (Thermionic resonance mix 107 BPM dub)
(from CDS "Moorlough shore")
(.uk N-Gram)

Soma - Risen from Agartha
(from CD "The inner cinema")
(.au Extreme)

Tongue - Nation
(from compilation CD "There are many different colours")
(.uk Octopus)

Fluke - Bubble (Burstbubble)
(from CDS "Bubble")
(.uk Circa)



Malcolm McLaren - Paris (The emotional curvatone at a given moment in space and time by Youth)
(from promo 12" "Paris")
(.fr No!)

Rachel's - With more air than words
(from CD "The sea and the bells")
(.us Quarterstick)

Eirik Lie - Siden tidenes morgen
(from CD "12 bilder")
(.no Visuell Musikk, 1996)

Pete Namlook & David Moufang - Giant mushroom
(from CD "Exploring the psychedelic landscape")
(.de Fax)

Denise Johnson - Rays of the rising sun (Heliocentric mix by The Joy)
(from CDS "Rays of the rising sun")
(.uk Warner)

Donald Byrd - Estavanico
(from CD "Electric Byrd")
(.us Blue Note)



Influx - Love song
(from compilation double CD "Dream injection 3")
(.de SPV)

Rhys Chatham & Martin Wheeler - Neon
(from CDS "Neon")
(.uk Ntone/Ninja Tune)

OutKast - Elevators (ONP 86 mix)
(from CD "ATLiens")
(.us LaFace)

Adam F - F jam (Cool down mix)
(w+p: Adam Fenton)
(from 12" "F jam") (8 83378 6)
(.uk London Music/Positiva/EMI, 1996)

Large Professor & Pete Rock - The rap world
(from compilation soundtrack CD "High School High")
(.us Big Beat)

Spooky - Bamboo (Theme from catapult by The Oval 5)
(from double promo 12" "Bamboo")
(.uk Generic/A&M)

Roni Size - Sounds fresh
(from double promo 12" "Reasons for sharing")
(.uk Mercury)

The Herbaliser - Mr D.J. (instrumental)
(from CDS "The flawed hip hop E.P.")
(.uk Ninja Tune)

A Tribe Called Quest - Peace, prosperity & paper
(from compilation soundtrack CD "High School High")
(.us Big Beat)

Sie - Invation
(from double white label LP "Ruban d'alpha")
(.uk Pussyfoot)

Sandoz - Dark continent
(from CD "Dark continent")
(.uk Touch)

Billy Lawrence f/MC Lyte - Come on
(from compilation soundtrack CD "Set It Off")
(.us Elektra)



Various - Coldcut food fight (disc 1)
(from double promo CD compilation "Cold Krush Cuts")
(.uk Ninja Tune)



Coldcut - Re-boot the system (Red Snapper mix)
(from promo CDS "Atomic 2000")
(.uk Ninja Tune)

Ronny Jordan - The law (Legal main set by The Ballistic Brothers)
(from CDS "The law")
(.uk Island)

Maurizio - M6 (version)
(from compilation double CD "Macro dub infection volume 2")
(.uk Virgin)

Rockers Hi-Fi - One with another
(from CD "Mish mash")
(.uk Different Drummer/.de Warner Germany)

Kirsty (Opus III) - Orange
(from compilation double CD "Sally's photographic memory")
(.uk Volume, 1997)

Ken Burke - Risin' to the top (give it all you've got)
(.us BMG)
(from compilation double CD "Sugar & poison")
(.uk Virgin)

David Toop - Mixed blood
(from CD "Pink noir")
(.uk Virgin)

David Toop - Ultra-paste
(from CD "Pink noir")
(.uk Virgin)

Eboman - Donuts with Buddah (Depth Charge freak out)
(from CD "Donuts with Buddah")
(.nl Prime/.uk XL)

Landhip - Mad cobalt
(from compilation CD "Welcome to lotus land")
(.ca Map)



(New hours. Guesting the program this edition was Rune Lindbæk of Alanïa/Volcano/Drum Island, and he took care of the music selection, except the Aurobindo album.)

Loose Ends - Feel the vibe
(from CDS "Love's got me")
(.uk Ten)

Ryuichi Sakamoto - The Sheltering Sky theme
(from CD "The sheltering sky (OS)")
(.uk Virgin)

Nusrah Fateh Ali Khan - Mustt mustt (Massive Attack remix)
(from CD "Mustt mustt")
(.uk Real World)

Saint Etienne - Angel (broadcast)
(from double promo CD "Casino classics")
(.uk Heavenly)

The Stone Roses - Something's burning
(from promo CDS "One love")
(.uk Silvertone)

Frost - Clouds across the moon
(from test CD "Deformatia")
(.no Drum Island)

Bob Marley - Sun is shining
(from CD "The very best of early years 1968-1974")
(.uk Music Collection)

Alanïa - L'église
(from test CD "Skyjuice")
(.no Drum Island/Mega)

Alanïa - Balancia
(from test CD "Skyjuice")
(.no Drum Island/Mega)

Alanïa - Flower garden
(from promo CDS "Flower garden")
(.no EMI)

Aurobindo - Involution
(.uk Ash International)



Rhythim is Rhythim - Kao-tic harmony
(.us Transmat)
(from compilation CD "The Positiva ambient collection")
(.uk Positiva/EMI)

DJ Trace - The beacon
(from promo compilation double CD "Trance Europe Express 5")
(.uk Volume)

Endemic Void - Inner daze
(from CD "Equations")
(.be Language/Crammed Discs)

Two Lone Swordsmen - Rico's hellectro (remix by Bionic)
(from CD "Swimming not skimming")
(.uk Emissions Audio Output)

Q-Burn's Abstract Message - A mess of afros (Glenn Underground remix)
(.us Mephisto)
(from compilation CD "Moving house")
(.be SSR/Crammed Discs)

Q-Burn's Abstract Message - A mess of afros
(.us Mephisto)
(from compilation CD "The subterranean sound of San Francisco")
(.be SSR/Crammed Discs)

Yokota - From
(from CD "Cat, mouse and me")
(.de Harthouse)

Sensorama - Zone 30 (Plaid remix)
(from CD "Zu gast auf der welcome insel")
(.de Ladomat 2000/L'age d'or musik)

Surgeon - Muggerscum out
(from compilation CD "Soma Quality Recordings volume 3")
(.uk Soma)

Alec Empire - When you've reached your peak
(.uk Digital Hardcore Recordings)
(from compilation double CD "Macro dub infection 2")
(.uk Virgin)

Pete Namlook & Klaus Schulze - The dark side of the Moog V
(.de Fax)



Jam & Spoon - Hermaphrodite
(from CD "Tripomatic fairytales 2002")
(.de Dance Pool/Sony)

Jam & Spoon - N.A.S.A. nocturnal audio sensory awakening
(from CD "Tripomatic fairytales 2002")
(.de Dance Pool/Sony)

Aphex Twin & Philip Glass - Icct hedral
(from CDS "Donkey rhubard")
(.uk Warp)

Meat Beat Manifesto - Asbestos lead asbestos (Plug mix by Luke Vibert)
(from CDS "It's the music")
(.be Play it Again Sam)

King Kooba - Wing it (Alfela mix by Simon Richmond)
(from 12" "Quarma")
(.uk Second Skin)

Cord Boys - Free your mind
(from 12" "Vol. 1")
(.de Clear Cuts/Logic)

Neotropic - 15 levels of the empire state (Small Fish with Spine mix)
(from promo CDS "15 levels EP")
(.uk Ntone/Ninja Tune)

Lindberg Hemmer Foundation - Golf
(from CD "Scandinavian supermarket music at its very best")
(.dk Multiplex)

Scala - Hold me down
(w: Peacock/van Hoen/Fletcher/Seymour, p: Mark van Hoen)
(from CD "Beauty nowhere") (TO:29 CD)
(.uk Touch, 1996)

Aural Expansion - Moon resort (Speedjack remix by Mark Bell)
(from CD "Remixed sheep")
(.be SSR/Crammed Discs)

Oskar Sala - My fascinating instrument
(.de Fax)



Buckfunk 3000 - Lifetime
(from 12" "Modulation")
(.be SSR/Crammed Discs)

Urban Groove - Scenic route
(from compilation double CD "Parasols 02")
(.uk Plink Plonk)

Kumo - Tiger style (Local Zero remix)
(w+p: Kumo)
(from 12" "EP") (AUT 1)
(.uk Autoi, 1996)

Alpha Proxima - Conspiracy theory
(w+p: Alpha Proxima)
(from 12" "Conspiracy theory") (AUT 02)
(.uk Autoi, 1996)

Duboniks - On the vibe
(from 12" "The return of Mark Skids")
(.uk Delancey Street)

Jah Wobble's Invaders of the Heart - Bomba (Sonicus Maximus mix)
(from 12" "Bomba")
(.uk Junior Boys Own)

Laika - Looking for the jackalope (236 mix by Jack Dangers)
(from CDS "Breather")
(.uk Too Pure)

Skindeep - No more games (part II) (instrumental)
(from promo 12" "Everybody")
(.us Loose Cannon/Island)

Shaquille O'Neal f/Phife - Where ya at?
(from CD "The best of")
(.us Jive)

Snooze - Killer with a gun (Fila Brazillia mix)
(from 12" "Middle class lady")
(.be SSR/Crammed Discs)

Pete Namlook - Seasons greetings: Summer
(.de Fax)



(Moved from Thursdays to Fridays, with the new frequency FM 99.3.)

Jorge Reyes - Comala
(from compilation CD "In there: Mutant pop hybrids")
(.uk Pi)

Chris and Cosey/CTI - Dancing ghosts
(.de Rough Trade)
(from compilation double CD "Out there: A thread through time")
(.uk Pi)

The Sidewinder - Destination DNA
(from CD "Colonized")
(.uk Virgin)

Toadstool - Drellax
(from 12" "Drellax")
(.uk Rumble)

Autechre - Draun quarter
(from promo CDS "Envane")
(.uk Warp)

Req - Razzamatazz
(from compilation CD "Brassic beats volume one")
(.uk Skint, 1996)



Martine Girault - Revival (Simon & Diamond mix)
(from CDS "Revival")
(.uk RCA, 1997)

Bugge Wesseltoft - Somewhere in between
(from CD "New conception of jazz")
(.no Jazzland/Sonet)

Adriana Evans - Reality (the Attica Blues remix)
(from compilation CD "Bring da ruckus: A Loud story")
(.us Loud, 1997)

Metro LA - To a nation rockin'
(from compilation CD "Concrete: Structurally sound")
(.uk Concrete/deconstruction)

Bertine Zetlitz - Getting out (Krisp remix by Bjørn Torske)
(from CDS "Getting out")
(.no EMI, 1997)

Underworld - Born slippy (original instrumental mix)
(from CDS "Pearl's girl")
(.uk Junior/.de Logic)

Various - Funkmaster Flex: The mix tape volume II
(.us Loud)



Alanïa - L'église (deuxième partie) (Biosphere trekking mix by Geir Jenssen)
(w+p: Torbjørn Brundtland/Rune Lindbæk/Ole Johan Mjøs)
(from CDS "L'église)
(.no Drum Island/Mega, 1996)

Polar Pair - Cool to be sad
(from 12" "Cool panic EP")
(.uk Polar Pair)

Funk D'Void - Thank you (slowly)
(from 12" "Jack me off") (SOMA 029)
(.uk Soma, 1995)

Elegia - Turn it up!
(from 12" "Mother E.P.")
(.fr Radikal Groov)

The Orb - A huge ever growing pulsating brain that rules from the centre of the ultraworld (Orbital dance mix)
(from CDS "A huge ever growing pulsating brain that rules from the centre of the ultraworld")
(.uk Big Life)

Krisp - Footnotes
(from white label 12" "Footnotes")
(.no Love OD Communications)

Kraftwerk - Tour de France (version Francaise)
(from 12" "Tour de France")
(.de Kraftwerk)



Experimental Audio Research - Space theme research (tribute to John Cage in C, A, G & E)
(from compilation CD "Volume 12")
(.uk Volume)

Jesus Jones - The right decision (Moody reconstruction mix by Tony Thorpe)
(from CDS "The right decision")
(.uk Food/EMI)

Biosphere - Novelty waves (Aedena Cycle mix by Gaute Barindhaug)
(from CDS "Novelty waves")
(.no Origo Sound)

Black Lung - The unreality industry
(from CD "The depopulation bomb")
(.be Iridium/Nova Zembla/KK)

The Ballistic Brothers vs. The Eccentric Afros - Jam jah
(from CD "The Ballistic Brothers vs. The Eccentric Afros")
(.uk Delancey Street)

The Roots - Proceed III
(from CDS "What they do")
(.us Geffen)

Gangstarr - Take it personal
(from CD "Daily operation")
(.us EMI, 1992)

Apollo 440 - Ain't talking' bout dub (Matrix dub)
(from CDS "Ain't talking' bout dub")
(.uk Sony)

Natacha Atlas - Fun does not exist
(from CD "Diaspora")
(.uk Nation)



Orb - Toxygene (Fila Brazillia mix)
(from CDS "Toxygene" 2/2)
(.uk Island)

The Orb - Blue room
(from CDS "Blue room" 1/2)
(.uk Big Life)



Art of Noise - Donna
(from CD "Daft")
(.uk ZTT)

Cru - Pronto
(from 12" "Pronto")
(.us Def Jam)

Rodney P - Tour stories
(from promo 12" "Tings in time")
(.uk Pussyfoot)

Helén Eriksen - Alone (Jack Shitt remix by Torbjørn Brundtland)
(from CDS "Low rain in the pain - the remix EP")
(.no Blue Note/EMI)

Scritti Politti - Absolute (version)
(from CD "Cupid & psyche 85")
(.uk Virgin)

Headrillaz - Get yourself organized (Tipper remix by Dave Tipper)
(from promo 12" "Spacefuck")
(.uk Pussyfoot)

The Source f/Candi Staton - You got the love (Now Voyager mix by Now Voyager)
(from 12" "You got the love")
(.uk React)

Plastikman - Krakpot
(from CDS "Recycled plastik")
(.uk NovaMute/Mute)



Stranger - Hold on (Stranger mix)
(from CDS "Shazbat")
(.uk Octopus)

GusGus - Believe (Premix)
(from CDS "Believe" 2/2)
(.uk 4AD)

The Future Sound of London - We have explosive (pt. 2) (remixed by Leon Mar)
(from CDS "We have explosive")
(.uk Virgin)

Yam Yam - The spectacle (Mr Scruff remix)
(from CDS "The spectacle")
(.uk Nation)

Chemical Brothers - Morning lemon
(from CDS "Block rockin' beats")
(.uk Virgin)

Imperial Brothers - We come to dub
(.uk Cutting)
(from promo compilation CD "Dave Clarke: X-mix")
(.de Studio K7)

Blue Bikini - So strong (Bjørn Torske Krisp dub)
(from CDS "So strong")
(.no Flamingo/Mega)

GusGus - Believe (LFO remix by Mark Bell)
(from CDS "Believe" 2/2)
(.uk 4AD)

Minos Pour Main Basse (Sur La Ville) - Tout doit disparaître
(from CD "Etienne de Crecy present: Super discount")
(.fr Different)



Chari Chari - Urin
(from promo double LP "Fish smell like cat")
(.uk Pussyfoot)

Buzz Bomb - Urban trip
(from CD "Urban trip")
(.fr What's Up Mix-It)

Meta 4 - Tripguh
(from promo 12" "Tripguh")
(.uk Autoi)

Godhead - Travelling road
(from promo 12" "Surface tension EP")
(.uk Fragments)

Kumo - The Kraken wakes
(from double LP "Kaminari")
(.uk Psychomat)

Erykah Badu - On & on (album version)
(from promo CDS "On & on")
(.us Universal)

Kumo - Daruma
(from double LP "Kaminari")
(.uk Psychomat)

INXS - Elegantly wasted (Shagsonic bonus beats)
(from promo 12" "Elegantly wasted")
(.uk Mercury)



Saint Etienne - Cool kids of death (Underworld mix)
(from CDS "He's on the phone")
(.uk Heavenly)

Placebo - Hug bubble (remixed by Brad Wood)
(from CDS "Nancy boy" 1/2)
(.uk Elevator/Hut)

Laurent Garnier - Feel the fire
(from CD "30")
(.fr F Communications)

Depeche Mode - It's no good (Dom T mix)
(from promo 12" "It's no good")
(.uk Mute)

Scanner - Fingerbug
(from promo CD "Delivery")
(.uk Earache)

Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong - April in Paris
(from compilation CD "It's unforgettable")
(.no EVA)



Kumo - 7 buckets (Mr. C mix)
(from promo 12" "7 buckets")
(.uk Psychomat)

Dirty Jesus - Feet-food's theme
(from compilation CD "Future sound of Paris")
(.fr PolyGram)

Akilah Bryant - Breakdown
(.nl Djax)
(from compilation double CD "Techno nations volume 6")
(.uk Kickin)

Urban Groove - Walking wounded
(from promo 12" "Robust EP")
(.uk Plink Plonk)

CPH 2000 - Nova 3
(from CD "Jet")
(.dk April)

Drexciya - Black sea
(.uk Warp)
(from compilation double CD "Techno nations volume 6")
(.uk Kickin)

Marco Carola - Acid tension
(w+p: Marco Carola)
(from promo 12" "Hypertension EP") (PRMT 012)
(.uk Primate, 1997)

Plastikman - Krakpot
(from CDS "Recycled plastik")
(.uk NovaMute/Mute)



(New hours.)

Mark van Hoen - Vessel of flight
(from CD "The last flowers of the darkness")
(.uk Touch)

Jiri.Ceiver - Pigeons.OSL
(w+p: Jiri.Ceiver)
(from CD "Jig, amble & lisp") (HH CD 024)
(.de Harthouse/Eye Q, 1997)

Rockers Hi-Fi - 90* fuzzwalk (180* Tiny Lion heat haze mix)
(from CDS "90* fuzzwalk")
(.uk Different Drummer/.de Warner Germany)

M*Doc f/Chantay Savage - It's a summer thang (M*Doc remix)
(from CDS "It's a summer thang")
(.us InDaSoul/.uk Wired/M&G)

Veronica f/Craig Mack - No one but you (The Macadocous mix by D-Moet)
(from promo 12" "No one but you")
(.us H.O.L.A.)

Tha Alkaholiks - Contents under pressure
(from compilation CD "Bring da ruckus: A Loud story")
(.us Loud, 1997)

Roni Size f/Reprazent - New forms
(from promo 12" "New forms")
(.uk Talkin Loud/Mercury)

Alex Reece - Jazz master (Krüder and Dorfmeister remix)
(from CDS "Feel the sunshine (remixes)")
(.uk Island)

Lickerish Quartet - Listening (I promise)
(from promo 12" "Selected material" 1/2)
(.uk Delancey Street)

Tek 9 - Is it on? (Endemic Void mix)
(from CDS "Is it on?")
(.be SSR/Crammed Discs)

Lionrock - Reel and stepout
(from CDS "Project now")
(.uk Deconstruction)

Lionrock - Wet roads glisten (Wet roads remix)
(from promo 12" "Wet roads glisten"
(.uk Deconstruction)

Deep Cops - Scream from jams
(from promo 12" "Scream from jams")
(.uk Pussyfoot)

Kenny Larkin - Life goes on
(from CDS "Loop 2")
(.be R&S)

Koxbox - Too pure (TIP remix)
(from white label 12" ”Too pure”) (BR 037)
(.uk Blue Room)

Stephen Cinch - Roof tops
(from white label 12" "Mysteries abound E.P.") (PRMT 013)
(.uk Primate)



Juan Trip - Some hope
(from CDS "Interstone EP")
(.fr F Communications)

Lamb - Trans fatty acid (Krüder & Dorfmeister session mix)
(from CDS "Gorecki")
(.uk Mercury)

The Modwheel - Optimystic
(from compilation promo CD "Big Chill vibes volume 1")
(.uk Global Headz Music)

The Starseeds - Parallel life (Ju Ju drum’n’bass mix)
(from promo CDS "Parallel life")
(.uk Millennium)

DisJam - Heavy behaviour
(w: DisJam, p: Sascha Panknin)
(from CD "Money") (4024-2)
(.de Yo Mama, 1997)

Chemical Brothers - Leave home (Underworld mix one)
(from CDS "Leave home")
(.uk Virgin/.us Astralwerks)

Afrika Bambaata & the Soul Sonic Force - Planet rock
(.us Tommy Boy)
(from compilation double CD "Booming on Pluto: Electro for droids")
(.uk Virgin)

Scan X - Earthquake
(from CDS "Earthquake")
(.fr F Communications)

Haujobb - Cleaned visions (rmx by Scope)
(from CDS "Cleaned visions")
(.us Metropolis, 1996)

Mere Mortals - Sacred grounds
(from CD "Ethnic dub simmphony in ten parts")
(.ca Map)

Fluke - Absurd (landslide)
(from promo CDS "Absurd")
(.uk Virgin)

Juno Reactor - Laughing gas (On the other-side mix by Youth)
(.uk NovaMute/Mute)
(from compilation double CD "Made on earth")
(.uk Blue Room)

Dan Curtin - (Track 1) (N/A)
(from CD "Deception")
(.jp Sublime)

Der Dritte Raum - Alienoid (the "let's do another mix" mix)
(from promo compilation CD "Dark hearts: Low life extensions")
(.de Eye Q, 1997)



Spyra - VCF CS20
(from CD "Phonehead")
(.de Fax)

Funk D'Void - Dope lullaby
(from CD "Technoir")
(.uk Soma)

Bassomatic - Rat cut a bottle (Electro rat mix by Rico Conning and Sugar J)
(from 12" "Rat cut a bottle")
(.uk Guerilla)

Megalon - Idax
(from 12" "Idax EP")
(.uk Plink Plonk)

DisJam - El hombre nuevo (no. 1 and 2)
(w: DisJam, p: Sascha Panknin)
(from CD "Money") (4024-2)
(.de Yo Mama, 1997)

Definition of Sound - Now is tomorrow (12" version)
(from 12" "Now is tomorrow")
(.uk Circa/.us Cardiac)

Blue Pearl - Naked in the rain (12" extended mix)
(from 12" "Naked in the rain")
(.uk Wau! Mr Modo/Big Life)

Naked Funk - Helium 3
(from 12" "Pussy in my pocket EP")
(.uk Pussyfoot)

Giorgio Moroder - The apartment
(.us Polydor)
(from compilation double CD "Booming on Pluto: Electro for droids")
(.uk Virgin)

New Order - World (the price of love) (Perfecto mix by Paul Oakenfold and Steve Osborne)
(from CDS "World (the price of love)")
(.uk Centredate)

Der Dritte Raum - Live set: Six songs
(from compilation double CD "Harthouse 100 live")
(.de Harthouse/Eye Q)



Solitaire - The moon and the sun
(from compilation CD "Backlash: The Recycle or Die compilation")
(.de Recycle or Die/Eye Q)

The Angel - Strange times (version)
(from compilation double LP "Deep concentration: The future of experimental hip hop")
(.us OM)

Mr Scruff - Night time
(from compilation promo CD "Big Chill vibes volume 1")
(.uk Global Headz Music)

Lil Louis & the World - I called U (0898 mix)
(from 12" "I called U")
(.us Diamond/.uk ffrr)

Jan Bang f/Souvenir & Bochas - Love is my ability (Mental Overdrive mix by Per Martinsen)
(from promo CDEP "Love is my ability")
(.no Virgin, 1997)

The Future Sound of London - Papua new guinea (12" original)
(from CDS "Papua new guinea")
(.uk Jumpin' & Pumpin'/Passion, 1991)

Nostradamus - The oohs
(from promo CD "Earthlights")
(.uk Recordings of Substance)

DJ Vadim - Headz still ain't ready (Req reply)
(from CDS "Headz ain't ready")
(.uk Ninja Tune)



Circular - Sedated
(from CD "Nanotopia")
(.no Origo)

Björk - Possibly maybe (Calcutta cyber cafe mix by Talvin Singh)
(from CDS "Possibly maybe")
(.uk One Little Indian)

Hardfloor - Time 4 sum jammin' shit
(from 12" "Time 4 sum jammin' shit")
(.de Harthouse/Eye Q)

Deni Hines - It's alright (D-Influence full length)
(from CDS "It's alright")
(.uk Mushroom)

Jungle Brothers - Brain
(from promo 12" "Brain")
(.us Gee Street)

Wu-Tang Clan - Second coming (the preview)
(from promo CDS "Second coming")
(.us Loud)

Wu-Tang Clan - Triumph
(from CDS "Triumph")
(.us Loud)

Death in Vegas - Opium shuffle (Monkey Mafia mix by Jon Carter)
(from CDS "Twist and crawl")
(.uk Concrete/deconstruction)

Superloose - Automator (instrumental)
(from 12" "Automator")
(.uk Wiiija)

Small Fish with Spine - He builds the world
(.us Oxygen Music Works)
(from compilation CD "DJ kicks: Rockers Hi-Fi")
(.de Studio K7)

Jii "da Pimpbot" Hoo - Don't git uptite
(from 12" " take me to court, motherfuckers!")
(.fr F Communications)

Hacienda - Discoking (Ian O'Brien remix)
(from 12" "Discoking")
(.de Harthouse/Eye Q, 1997)

Star City Orchestra presents Those Norwegians - Hurdy birdy
(.no Drum Island)
(from compilation CD "Tracks II")
(.no Warner)

Alexia - Uh la la la (Fathers of Sound @ Renaissance dub)
(from CDS "Uh la la la")
(.it Robyx)

Coldcut f/Lisa Stansfield - People hold on (full length disco mix)
(from CDS "The bootleg mixes")
(.uk Arista/BMG Eurodisc)

Elegia - 1992 (heaven mix)
(from CDS "From nowhere with love")
(.fr F Communications)



Biosphere - As the sun kissed the horizon/Poa Alpina
(from CD "Substrata")
(.no Origo)

Phileas Fog - Wizard
(from CD "The lost adventures of Princess Summer Fall Winter Spring")
(.no C+C, 1997)

Dreadzone - Earth angel (William Orbit mix)
(from CDS "Earth angel")
(.uk Virgin, 1997)

Sketch - Hale Bopp
(from compilation CD "Det norske hus")
(.no dBut)

Jhana - Say say say (Genaside II 30% bi-carb mix)
(from CDS "Say say say")
(.uk M&G)

Total Eclipse - Direct nation
(from white label 12" "Collapsar") (BR 033)
(.uk Blue Room)

The Heartists - Belo horizonti (Dino Lenny HWW mix)
(from promo 12" "Belo horizonti")
(.uk Atlantic Jaxx/Virgin)

Chemical Brothers - Block rockin' beats (the Micronauts bonus beats)
(from CDS "Block rockin' beats")
(.uk Virgin)



DJ 360* - And her tears dropped like beats
(from compilation CD "Boredom is deep and mysterious 3")
(.dk April)

Pimp Daddy Nash - Always roses sometimes Michelle
(from CDS "The love supreme EP")
(.us Eight Dimension/.uk Delancey Street)

Bel Air Project - Magik
(.fr Cannonball)
(from compilation CD "Source lab 3y")
(.fr Source/Virgin)

Erot - Haribo
(from white label 12" "Haribo")
(.no Footnotes)

Chemical Brothers - Radio 1 anti-nazi mix (length: 57.28 minutes)
(from double promo special edition CDS "Radio 1 anti-nazi mix")
(.uk Virgin)



18 Wheeler - Stay (Big Kahuna mix by Dan & Jon Kahuna)
(from CDS "Stay")
(.uk Creation)

Thievery Corporation - One
(from compilation double CD "Freezone 4: Dangerous lullabies")
(.be SSR/Crammed Discs)

12 from a Dozen - Strangerman
(from 12" "I met Eric")
(.uk Delancey Street)

Inevidence - Hustle
(from 12" "Stuff'd")
(.uk Pussyfoot)

Animotion - Obsession (dance mix)
(from 12" "Obsession")
(.us PolyGram)

Afro Celt Sound System - Sure-as-not (full whack dub by Richard Norris & Karl Leiker)
(from CDS "Sure-as-not")
(.uk Real World)

Bertine Zetlitz - Snow on a hot day (Tore fra Singapore's lange slange mix by Erot)
(from CDS "Snow on a hot day")
(.no EMI, 1997)



Up, Bustle & Out - Emerald Alley (Maharani's reflection mix)
(from CDS "Emerald Alley")
(.uk Ninja Tune)

Aedena Cycle - Red albite
(from CD "Albite")
(.no Beatservice)

Scarface - Game over (The Black Bomber mix)
(from promo 12" "Game over")
(.uk Virgin)

KRS-One f/Redman & Angie Martinez - Heartbeat
(from CD "I got next")
(.us Jive)

Curtis Mayfield - Just a little bit of love (Full Crew mix)
(from promo 12" "Just a little bit of love")
(.us Warner Bros)

Future Soundz of India - Shang high
(from compilation CD "Anokha: Soundz of the Asian underground")
(.uk Omni/Mango/Island)

Lewis Taylor - Lucky (Krüder & Dorfmeister D+B mix)
(from promo 12" "Lucky")
(.uk Island)

Orb - Asylum (Thomas Fehlmann's mix)
(from CDS "Asylum" 2/2)
(.uk Island)

Gaetek - Jigger
(w+p: Gaetano Pariso)
(from promo 12" "Slob-ice EP") (PRMT 015)
(.uk Primate, 1997)

Scan X - Wasteland (xdbmix)
(from CDS "Wasteland")
(.fr F Communications)

Spicelab - Clones
(from promo compilation double CD "Techno ballads vol. II")
(.uk Millennium)

Orb - Asylum (Andrea Parker's Bezirkskrankenhams mix)
(from CDS "Asylum" 1/2)
(.uk Island)

Odd Toot - Henry
(from CD "Bampot")
(.uk Recordings of Substance)

Sternklang - Endtime
(from CD "Freestylespacefunk")
(.no Beatservice)

Boot Camp Clik - Down by law
(from promo 12" "For the people")
(.us Priority)

Grand Master Flash & the Furious Five - The message (Cutting Edge's old school mix)
(from promo 12" "The message")
(.uk N/A)



(This program featured Rune Brøndbo of Sternklang/Percussion Force as guest and co-host, and it was his selection of records which was aired.)

Amon Tobin - New York editor
(from CD "Brickolage")
(.uk Ninja Tune)

Funki Porcini - Surge
(from 12" "Lets see what Carmen can do")
(.uk Ninja Tune)

Kumo - Hubble eyes
(from white label 12" "Armed response")
(.uk Psychomat)

Cabbage Boy - Bean (to this world)
(from 12" "Sausage doctor EP")
(.uk Ntone/Ninja Tune)

Wagon Christ - Throbbing pouch
(from CD "Throbbing pouch")
(.uk Rising High, 1994)

Spacepimp - KA Law
(from 12" "Spacepimp")
(.uk Clear)

Dr. Octagon - Earth people
(from CD "Dr. Octagon)
(.uk Mo Wax)

Sternklang - At leisure (live at Arcimboldo, Oslo)
(from private DAT)
(.no Beatservice)

Jimi Tenor - Union ave.
(from 12" "Sähkömies")
(.fi Säkhö)

Mr Scruff - Chicken in a box
(.uk Pleasure)
(from compilation double CD "Free the funk 2")
(.be R&S)

Percussion Force - Neolounge
(from private DAT)
(.no Rune Brøndbo)

Plaid - Angry dolphin
(from 12" "Android")
(.uk Clear)



Biosphere - When I leave
(from compilation CD "Arctic circles")
(.no Beatservice)

Dog God - Viking lovesong
(from CD "God is love")
(.dk Ninth World)

Portishead - All mine
(from promo 12" "All mine")
(.uk Go Beat)

The Salsoul Orchestra - Ooh I love it (love break)
(from 12" "Ooh I love it (love break)")
(.us Salsoul, 1975)

Bobby Byrd - I know you got soul (long version)
(from compilation CD "JB's funky people part 2")
(.us People/Polygram)

Freddy Fresh - Chupacabbra part 2 (Three amigos remix by Propellerheads)
(from CDS "Chupacabbra part 2")
(.de Harthouse)

Mind over MIDI - Ice akoustik
(from 12" "Arctic beats vol. 2")
(.uk Club Craft)

Lionrock - Tripwire (Exploding plastic reconstruction by David Holmes)
(from CDS "Tripwire")
(.uk Deconstruction)

Children of Paradise - Alien nation part 1
(from white label 12" "Alien nation") (BR 040)
(.uk Blue Room)

Hardfloor - Mahogany roots (Slam beneath the surface mix)
(from CDS "Respected remixes)
(.de Harthouse)

The 13th Sign - Take me to a distant bass
(from CD "Da story never ends")
(.uk Delancey Street)

Jackal - 40 million daggers
(from 12" "Out on a limb E.P." by various artists)
(.uk Fragments)

Audiomontage - Frames within frames
(.de Freerange)
(from compilation CD "Groove zone III")
(.de Vision Soundcarriers)

Eric Benet - True to myself (Soul cool herb mix)
(from promo 12" "True to myself")
(.us Warner Bros.)

Nina Simone - He needs me
(.us Bethlehem)
(from compilation CD "It's unforgettable 2")
(.no EVA)



(New hours.)

Phileas Fog - Egg & bacon
(from CD "The lost adventures of Princess Summer Fall Winter Spring")
(.no C+C, 1997)

Crustation - Purple (12" master)
(.uk Jive)
(from compilation CD "Groove zone III")
(.de Vision Soundcarriers)

Massive Attack - Risingson (single version)
(from promo CDEP "Risingson")
(.uk Circa)

The Family Stand - Ghetto heaven (remix)
(from CD "Chains")
(.us Atlantic)

Veronica - Rise (radio edit featuring Fat Joe)
(from promo CDS "Rise")
(.us H.O.L.A./Polygram Latino US)

Duboniks - Drunk on something
(from CD "2 blind mice")
(.uk Delancey Street)

Dimitri from Tokyo - Back in the daze
(.jp Disorient, 1997)
(from compilation CD "French connection")
(.be Play it Again Sam, 1997)

Sternklang - Fluffer
(from compilation CD "Arctic circles")
(.no Beatservice)

Agent Provocateur - Sabotage (Mekon remix)
(from CDS "Sabotage")
(.uk Epic/Sony)

Herbie Hancock - Just around the corner
(.us Columbia)
(from original soundtrack CD "Donnie Brasco")
(.us Hollywood)

Fluke - Squirt (the Europiccola mix)
(from promo CDEP "Squirt")
(.uk Circa)

Terrence Parker - The floormaster
(from CD "Detroit after dark")
(.de Studio K7)

The Sonic Voyagers - Endless mission (part two)
(from compilation CD "The collection")
(.dk April)

Green Velvet - The stalker (I'm losing my mind)
(.us Relief)
(from compilation double CD "Docklands vol. 1")
(.se Lyrical Robot)



Various - DJ kicks: DJ Cam
(.de Studio K7)



Journeyman - Sonny
(from promo CD "National hijinx")
(.uk Ntone/Ninja Tune)

Mine - This love is killing me
(from CD "Mine")
(.se Massproduktion, 1997)

Fortunato & Montresor - Imagine (radio edit)
(from CDS "Imagine")
(.de Electrolux, 1997)

Jhana - If you love me (Sumo remix)
(from CDS "If you love me")
(.uk BMG)

Miranda July - Atlanta
(from CD "10 million hours a mile)
(.us Kill Rock Stars)

2K - Acid brass/What time is love (K version)
(from promo CDS "What time is love")
(.uk Blast First/Mute)

The Crystal Method - Jaded
(from quadruple LP "Vegas")
(.uk Sony)

Beat Butchers - Evolver
(from 12" "Prime cut")
(.uk Pussyfoot)

DJ Brandy - Projectile
(from compilation CD "French connection")
(.be Play it Again Sam)

First Choice - Armed and extremely dangerous (Black Science restoration vocal by Black Science Orchestra)
(from CDS "Armed and extremely dangerous")
(.us Philly Groove)



(This program featured Vidar Hanssen of Beatservice Records as guest and co-host, and it was his selection of records which was aired.)

Information - Nightwheel (remix)
(from compilation CD "Arctic circles")
(.no Beatservice)

Wilhelm View - M.O.P.
(from compilation CD "TOS.CD")
(.no Beatservice)

Aedena Cycle - Pleistosen
(from CD "Albite")
(.no Beatservice)

Dynamic Bits - Xenon (US remix)
(from test compilation CD "The arctic groove - a Beatservice compilation")
(.no Beatservice/.us Starchild)

Mental Overdrive - Disto disco (12")
(from 12" "Disto disco")
(.be R&S)

Illumination - Satellite (Alpha to Omega II mix)
(from 12" "Satellite")
(.no +47)

Motion Control - Digit 3
(from 12" "Digit 3")
(.uk Club Craft)

Information - Taiga (Ismistik remix by Bjørn Torske)
(from 12" "Artifact 5-7")
(.no Beatservice)



Bomb the Bass - Bug powder dust (Kruder & Dorfmeister session TM)
(from CDS "Sandcastles")
(.uk Stoned Heights/Island)

Espiritu - Baby I wanna live (DJ Pulse mix)
(from CDS "Baby I wanna live")
(.uk Heavenly/Deconstruction)

Adam F - Circles
(from CDS "Circles")
(.uk Positiva/EMI)

Nood - Salaam, baby
(from compilation CD "Igloo")
(.no dBut)

Lyrics Born & Lateef - Say that
(.us SoleSides)
(from compilation double LP "Deep concentration: The future of experimental hip hop")
(.us OM)

The Black Steele Project - True skillz (Endemic Void remix)
(from CD "Subject 13 presents..")
(.be Selector/Crammed Discs)

Duboniks - Pushy (Freakniks remix)
(from 12" "Pushy")
(.uk Delancey Street)

Baby Mammoth - Hoodwinked
(.uk Pork)
(from compilation CD "Essential elements 8")

Luke Slater - Purely
(from promo CD "Freek funk")
(.uk NovaMute/Mute)

Leftfield - Release the dubs
(.uk Hard Hands)
(from soundtrack CD "Shallow grave")
(.uk EMI)



Vulva - Theme from Vulva
(from CD "Vulvic yonification")
(.de Source)

Depeche Mode - Home (Jedi Knights remix by Middleton/Pritchard)
(from promo 12" "Home")
(.uk Mute)

Jonny L - Piper (Grooverider mix)
(from CDEP "Piper")
(.uk XL)

Junior Delgado - Fussin' & fighting (Sumo deep space dub)
(from promo 12" "Fussin' & fighting")
(.uk Head On)

Reprasent/Roni Size - Brown paper bag (Photek mix)
(from double promo 12" "Brown paper bag")
(.uk Talkin Loud)

Mental Overdrive - About Erot (Tore fra Singapores usikker musiker mix)
(from CDS "About jazz")
(.no Virgin)

Hurricane #1 - Chain reaction (Lunatic Calm mix)
(from CDS "Chain reaction")
(.uk Creation)

Muki - Flying is (Mikkel Betzer mix)
(from 12" "Chinese whisper")
(.uk Mantra)

Sunscreem - Catch (Red Jerry mix)
(from CDS "Catch")
(.uk Pulse-8)



Circular - Nanotopia
(.no Origo)



Fosen - (Track 1, no title)
(from CD "Fosen")
(.no NNC)

Animals on Wheels - Soluble ducks
(from CD "Plans and mistakes")
(.uk Ninja Tune)

Kapta - Everything changes
(from 10")
(.uk Freeflow)

Dol-lop - Qoke
(from CD "Cryptic audio rag")
(.uk Swim, 1997)

Ian O'Brien - Dayride
(.uk Ferox)
(from compilation double CD "The future sound of jazz vol. 4")
(.de Compost)

Londinium - Old artist
(from CD "Archive")
(.uk Island, 1996)

Radiohead - Climbing up the walls (Fila Brazillia mix)
(from promo 12" "Climbing up the walls")
(.uk EMI)

Fauna Flash - Kiss
(from CD "Aquarius")
(.de Compost)

A Small Good Thing - Air traffic controller
(from CD "Block")
(.uk The Leaf Label)

Fluid - Wishful thinking
(from compilation CD "Ar'-ti-facts")
(.uk No Bones)



The PsychoAcoustic SoundClash - (Glasnost) muzak for cosmonauts/Biopsychic resonator
(from CD "Volume one: Pasc vs SLBC vs Vulture Squadron")
(.nl Staalplaat)

Source Direct - Call & response
(.fr Source)
(from compilation CD "Elektronik beats)
(.no Virgin)

Adam F - Dirty Harry (Grooverider remix)
(from promo 12" "The remixes")
(.uk EMI)

Blue Mitchell - High heel sneakers
(from compilation CD "Blue 'n' groovy")
(.us Blue Note)

Alex Gopher - Est-ce une gopher party, baby
(.fr Disques Solid)
(from compilation double CD "The future sound of jazz vol. 4")
(.de Compost)

Marsha - Is this real (Street Crew mix)
(from promo 12" "Is this real")
(.uk Warner Music)

Nusrah Fateh Ali Khan & Michael Brook - My comfort remains (remix by Black Star Liner)
(from CD "Remixed: Star rise")
(.uk Real World)

As One - Another modal morning
(from promo 12" "Planetary folklore sampler")
(.uk Mo Wax)

Folk & Røvere - Søt (Wicked Wurlitzer mix by Disco Jazz productions)
(from CDS "Resirkulert")
(.no Sonet)

Folk & Røvere - Sommer & vinter
(from promo CDEP "Sommer & vinter")
(.no Sonet)



Pilgrims of the Mind - Nothing can pull us apart
(w: Stéphane Novak)
(from CD "What's your shrine?") (MAP203)
(.ca Map, 1997)

Juno Reactor - God is God (Grisha zemix by Front 242)
(w: Juno Reactor)
(from 12" "God is God") (BR054)
(.uk Blue Room, 1997)

Curve - Chinese burn (Witchman's eye of the storm remix)
(w: Toni Hallyday/Tony Garcia)
(from CDS "Chinese burn") (UMD80423)
(.uk Universal, 1997)

Echobelly - Here comes the big rush (Dave Angel vocal mix)
(w: Sonya Madan/Glenn Johansson)
(from CDS "Here comes the big rush") (665096 2)
(.uk Epic/Sony, 1997)

Sven Väth - Scorpio's movement
(w: Sven Väth/Ralf Hildenbeutel)
(from 12" "Scorpio's movement") (8 94784 6)
(.de Virgin, 1997)

Run DMC - It's like that (Drop the break by Jason Nevins)
(w: L. Smith/J. Simmons/D. McDaniels)
(from CDS "It's like that") (SM-9065-2)
(.us Sm:)e, 1997)

LA Synthesis - Harmonic disassembly
(w+p: Tony Gallagher/Carl Grands/Chris Johnson)
(from white label 12" "Harmonic disassembly") (EVO LS 01)
(.uk Universal Language, 1997)

Dimitri from Paris - Sacré Francais (Bob Sinclar paradise mix edit)
(w: Dimitri from Paris)
(from CDS "Sacré Francais") (3984-20121-2)
(.fr French House of Entertainment/EastWest)

Laurent Garnier - Flashback (Laboratoire mix)
(w+p: Laurent Garnier)
(from 12" "Flashback") (F 068)
(.fr F Communications, 1997)



Ziontrain - Rise (Rise suite)
(from CDS "Rise")
(.uk China)

David Holmes - Don't die just yet (La Funk Mob mix)
(from promo 12" "Don't die just yet")
(.uk Go! Beat)

Stakka Bo - Great blondino (Coco Walsh mix by Saint Etienne)
(from CDS "Great blondino")
(.se Stockholm)

D-Note - Lost and found (Sunship remix)
(from promo 12" "Lost and found")
(.uk Dorado)

Sunship - Sun within the sun
(from 12" "Sun within the sun")
(.uk Filter/Dorado)

RAC - Oscillator
(from CDS "Tangents")
(.uk Warp)

Sunship - Initiation (Kumo mix)
(from 12" "Sun within the sun")
(.uk Filter/Dorado)

Jai - Don't give me away (Jetlagged apple sandwich cut remix by Psychonauts)
(from CDS "Don't give me away")
(.uk Wired/M&G, 1996)

Marden Hill - Bardot
(from CDS "Sugarplums")
(.uk Afro Art)



Phonophani - I.F.A.
(from CD "Phonophani")
(.no Biophon)

Mulu - Filmstar (Sample of Sonus by Jon Greig)
(w+p: Campbell/Demunds)
(from CDS "Filmstar") (MULU 002CD2)
(.uk Dedicated, 1997)

The Sabres of Paradise - Tow truck (Depth Charge mix)
(from CDS "Versus")
(.uk Warp)

Frente - What's come over me (Sub journey mix by The Angel)
(w: Hart/McVey/Hopwood, p: Booga Bear/David M. Allen)
(from CDS "What's come over me") (74321 36217 2)
(.au Mushroom, 1996)

Chicane - Offshore (A Man Called Adams remix)
(from CDS "Offshore")
(.uk edel)

Run DMC - It's tricky
(from LP "Raising hell")
(.us Profile)

Unknown DJ - Let's jam
(from CD "The best of techno hop")
(.us Macola)

The Brand New Heavies - Stay this way (the Morales mix by David Morales)
(from CDS "Stay this way")
(.us Delicious Vinyl)

Mtume - Juicy fruit
(from CD "Juicy fruit")
(.us CBS)

Detrimental - Countryman (Tecno God remix)
(from CDS "Living on the edge")
(.uk Cooking Vinyl)

Darkside of the Force - The sun sets today
(from CDS "Funk-o-theque")
(.no C+C)



Bob Marley - Burnin' and lootin'
(from promo CD "Dreams of freedom - ambient translations of Bob Marley in dub")
(.us Island)

Coldcut & Hexstatic - Timber (Future 3 rework)
(from CDEP "Timber")
(.uk Ninja Tune)

Tranquility Bass - Lalala (the Skull Valley high desert funk remix by Tom Chasteen)
(from CDEP "Lalala")
(.us Astralwerks/Caroline)

The Egg - Big duck (Maff's mix with Decoder)
(from CD "Get some mixes together")
(.uk Indochina/China, 1997)

Chocolate Weasel - Music for body lockers (reworked from shatners bassoon)
(from CDS "Music for body lockers")
(.uk Ninja Tune)

Dobie f/Ninety-9 - Cloud 98 3/4 (Howie B remix)
(from CDS "Cloud 98 3/4")
(.uk Pussyfoot)

Scan X - Wasteland prototype 2 (Dr Finn & Dr Otto remix)
(.fr F Communications)
(from compilation CD "Funk electric")
(.uk Hydrogen Dukebox)

Omnivore - Querelle (The Beloved's serge mix)
(from CDS "Spandex")
(.uk Hydrogen Dukebox)

David Holmes - Don't die just yet (Max 404's optimystic disco dub)
(from CDS "Don't die just yet")
(.Go! Beat/Polydor)

Freakpower - New direction (Fila Brazillia duo)
(from CDS "New direction")
(.uk Island)

First Priority - Jazz hypnosis
(from compilation CD "Frying the fat")
(.uk Grand Central/Fat City)



(This program featured Arne Kaupang of Implosion as guest and co-host, and it was his selection of records which was aired.)

Implosion - Elevator
(from 12" "Turmoil")
(.nl Merge/Emergency Broadcast)

The Operator - B2
(from white label 12" "The originator")
(.nl Emergency Broadcast)

Steve Stoll - Drop zone
(from CD "The blunted boy wonder")
(.uk NovaMute/Mute)

Mind over MIDI - A cool dry place
(from CD "Elektrical aktivity")
(.no Beatservice)

Implosion - Slake
(from 12" "Slake")
(.nl Emergency Broadcast)

Critical Adjustment - Hostage
(from 12" "Hostage")
(.nl Broadcast/Emergency Broadcast)

Roman Four - Argorhythms
(from "Freestyle candies")
(.de Klang)

Claude Young - Acid wash operator
(.us 7th City)
(from compilation CD "DJ Kicks: Claude Young)
(.de !K7)

Man Made - Space wreak
(.us Fragile)
(from compilation CD "DJ Kicks: Claude Young)
(.de !K7)

The Operator - Middle finger
(from 12" Mind over Manhattann)
(.nl Broadcast/Emergency Broadcast)

Implosion - Turmoil
(from EP "Turmoil")
(.nl Merge/Emergency Broadcast)

Implosion - Ouija
(from private DAT)

Autechre - Bike
(from CD "Incunabula")
(.uk Warp)



Chocolate Weasel - Flying saucers
(from CD "Spaghettification")
(.uk Ninja Tune, 1998)

Alpha - Sometime later (Theme)
(from CDS "Sometime later")
(.uk Melankolic/Virgin)

Bim Sherman - Earth people (Ronnie & Clyde dub mix)
(from CDS "Earth people")
(.uk Mantra)

James Hardway - Theo steps in (T-Power mix)
(from compilation CD "Cocktails")
(.uk Recordings of Substance)

Pantunes Music - Palma violent
(from CD "In search of surface noise")
(.uk Sprawl Imprint)

DJ Vadim - Variations in U.S.S.R. (DJ Krush remix)
(from CD "U.S.S.R. reconstruction")
(.uk Ninja Tune)

DJ Q - Remembering yesterdays
(from CDS "Landing soon on a planet near you")
(.uk Go! Beat)

Hoodwink - Trip from the hip (Groove-thing by Wide Receiver)
(from CDEP "Trip from the hip")
(.uk Mute)

Stonefunkers - M-Rock theory (electric dream)
(from CDS "M-Rock theory")
(.se Metronome)

The Irresistible Force - The lie-in king
(from compilation double CD "Ninja cuts: Funkungfusion")
(.uk Ninja Tune)



Deep Dish - Morning wood
(from promo CD "Junk science")
(.uk deconstruction, 1998)

Nonplace Urban Field - Fryedism
(from compilation double CD "Endlessnessism")
(.se Dot)

Finitribe - Mind my make-up (Funkstörung remix by Michael Fakesch and Chris de Luca)
(from CDS "Mind my make-up")
(.uk Infectious)

The Mighty Strinth - What is it?
(from 12" "What is it?")
(.uk Inertia)

Ronnie & Clyde - Chicken dinner
(from compilation CD "Classic plant")
(.uk The Leaf Label)

The Experiment - Point blank
(from white label 12" "Point blank")
(.uk Hydrogen Dukebox, 1998)

Roc - [Dis]count us in (2nd pass instr. by Atlas)
(from CDS "[Dis]count us in")
(.uk Virgin)

Aquarhythms - Heart sequences (Rabbit in the Moon mix)
(from 12" "Heart sequences")
(.us Astralwerks)

Information - Taiga (Ismistik remix by Bjørn Torske)
(from compilation CD "The Beatservice EP collection")
(.no Beatservice)

Spacetime Continuum - Kairo (Carl Craig mix#2)
(from 12" "rEMIT rECAPS")
(.us Reflective)



Shri - Meditation
(from CD "Drum the bass")
(.uk Outcaste)

Jazzaj & Angela Holland - Som stjärnor (Stjärnmix)
(from CDS "I en perfekt värld")
(.se Bolero/Warner)

Væring/Stensson/Vinding/Riel - The sixth sense (Fiber mix)
(from double CD compilation "All that jazz: The remix project")
(.dk April, 1998)

Kid Loops - I can see what they ain't looking at
(from CD "TimeQuake")
(.uk Dorado)

Rhys Chatham/Jonathan Kane/DJ Elated System - Bleach
(from CDS "Septile")
(.uk Ninja Tune)

Horizon 222 - Spirit level (lost in space)
(from CD "Through the round window")
(.ca DOVentertainment)

Hacienda - Discoking (Ian O'Brien remix)
(from 12" "Discoking")
(.de Harthouse/Eye Q, 1997)

Orbital - Farenheit 3D3
(from CDS "Mutations")
(.uk ffrr)

Information - Seabourne/Stationary
(from CD "Artifacts")
(.no Beatservice)



Kirsty Hawkshaw - Watch the days
(from CDS "Leafy lane")
(.uk Coalition/Warner, 1998)

Dobie f/Raissa - Coming up for air (7" mix)
(from CDS "Coming up for air")
(.uk Pussyfoot, 1998)

Fred Galliano - Denice
(from compilation CD "What's up mix-it: Mo' DJ's under a groove #2")
(.fr PIAS)

Cypress Hill - Throw your set in the air (Slow roll mix)
(from CDS "Throw your set in the air")
(.us Columbia, 1995)

The Mephisto Odyssey - Freak lik stomp
(from CD compilation "Mephisto: The subterranean sound of San Francisco")
(.be SSR/Crammed Discs)

Erot - The chocolate swing
(from white 12" "Haribo")
(.no Footnotes/Love OD)

Lionrock - (Track 5)
(from CD "City delirious")
(.uk Deconstruction, 1998)

The Amalgamation of Soundz - Eric
(from CD "The Amalgamation of Soundz")
(.uk Filter/Dorado)

DJ Q - She'll be gone
(from CD "Face the music")
(.uk Filter/Dorado)

Ryuichi Sakamoto - Anger (Rare Force 2 meg mix)
(from CDS "Anger/Grief")
(.uk Ninja Tune, 1998)



Roedilius - More of it
(from CD "Aquarello")
(.uk All Saints, 1998)

Miles Davis - So what
(from CD "The essence of")
(.us Columbia)

Herbie Hancock - Sly
(from CD "Head hunters")
(.us Columbia, 1974)

Peshay - Miles from home (Underdog remix)
(from 12" "Miles from home")
(.uk Mo Wax, 1998)

Bomb the Bass - Winter in July
(from CDS "Winter in July")
(.uk Epic, 1992)

Móa - Memory cloud (Attica Blues vocal)
(from CDS "Memory cloud")
(.uk Tommy Boy, 1998)

The Eff Word - TBC (Crustation slow mix)
(from compilation CD "Cup of Tea - a compilation")
(.uk Cup of Tea, 1994)

Elegia - Wayformtwo (swallow)
(from CDS "Snapshots")
(.fr F Communications, 1997)

Bassomatic - Ease on by (dub throb mix)
(from 12" "Ease on by")
(.uk Guerilla)

The Mighty Strinth - Wait
(from compilation 12" sampler "Sounds like Inertia")
(.uk Inertia, 1998)

Blimp - Muzak for a brief seduction
(from CD "Socket")
(.au Prefabric 8, 1998)



(New hours.)

Bernard Hermann - Susan in night club (rain sequence)
(from soundtrack CD "Citizen Kane")
(.us Fifth Continent Music Corp., 1941/1991)

Cylob - Sanq (Autechre mix)
(from CD "Previously unavailable on compact disc")
(.uk Rephlex)

James Hardway f/Amanda Ghost - Grow (Justice's Scratch the the surface mix)
(from CDS "Grow/Sleep tonight")
(.uk Recordings of Substance, 1998)

Kid Loco - Alone again so
(from CD "A grand love story")
(.fr Royal Belleville/Yellow, 1997)

A Tribe Called Quest - Find a way (radio version)
(from CDS "Find a way")
(.us Jive, 1998)

Red Snapper - Bogeyman (David Holmes remix)
(from CDS "Bogeyman")
(.uk Warp, 1998)

Sylk 130 - When the funk hits the fan
(from CD "When the funk hits the fan")
(.us Ovum/Columbia, 1997)

Lo-Fidelity Allstars - Gringo's return to paste
(from 12" "Vision incision")
(.uk Skint, 1998)

House of 909 - Tribute
(from CD "The children we were")
(.uk Pagan, 1998)

Godley & Creme - Cry
(from LP "The history mix volume 1")
(.uk Polydor, 1985)

The Aloof - What I miss the most (Unwashed and somewhat slightly fazed mix)
(from CDS "What I miss the most")
(.uk EastWest/Warner, 1998)



Mayhem - Nasty funk
(from compilation double CD "Future sounds of jazz vol. 5")
(.de Compost, 1998)

Bim Sherman - Heaven (The Underwolves mix)
(from CDS "Heaven")
(.uk Mantra, 1998)

Nils Petter Molvær - Ligotage
(from CDS "Ligotage")
(.de ECM, 1998)

Helèn Eriksen f/Mike Zoot & Words - Wild eyes (NY remix)
(from CDS "Boys and girls")
(.no EMI, 1998)

Tha Alkaholiks - Mary Jane (remix)
(from promo CDS "Mary Jane/Relieve yourself")
(.us Loud/BMG, 1994)

Jaz Klash - Thru the haze
(from CD "Thru the haze")
(.uk Jaz Klash/.us World Domination, 1998)

Fun Lovin' Criminals - Love unlimited
(from CD "100% Colombian)
(.us EMI, 1998)

Buddy Guy - Did somebody make a fool out of you
(from CD "Heavy love")
(.us Silvertone, 1998)

Barry Adamson - What it means (Skylab A smokin' Japanese we're chicken in moss side mix)
(from CDS "What it means")
(.uk Mute, 1998)

Les Rythmes Digitales - Energy
(from promo CDS "(Hey you) What's that sound")
(.uk Wall of Sound, 1998)

K.Y.D. - Snack funk
(from compilation CD "Dusty & dirty thangz vol. 1")
(.no Thang/Beatservice, 1998)



Readymade - Fa affair
(from CDS "Dynamo")
(.fr F Communications, 1998)

Freeform Five f/Carolyn Harding - One day (Salt City Orchestra main mix by Elliot Eastwick, Miles Holloway & Si Brad)
(.uk NRK Sound Vision, 1997)
(from compilation CD "NRK Sound Vision: Division one")
(.uk NRK Sound Vision, 1998)

Mateo & Matos - Mama (SWAG's downtown dub by Chris Duckenfield & Richard Brown)
(w+p: Matos/Mateo)
(from 12" "New York rhythms remix EP") (GU26)
(.uk Glasgow Underground, 1998)

Dylan Rhymes - Naked & ashamed
(.uk Junior Boys Own, 1995)
(from compilation double CD "Junior Boys Own: A perspective 1988-1998")
(.uk Junior Boys Own, 1998)

Karma - High priestess (Tarot session)
(.de Groove Attack, 1995)
(from compilation CD "The future sound of jazz vol. 1")
(.de Compost, 1995)

The High Llamas - Homespin rerun (The spaceraid remix by Kid Loco)
(from CD "Lollo rosso")
(.V2 1998)

Wagon Christ - Inside out
(.uk Rising High, 1994)
(from compilation CD "The future sound of jazz vol. 1")
(.de Compost, 1995)



Dub Tractor - Furry D
(from compilation CD "Boredom is deep and mysterious vol. 2")
(.dk April, 1995)

Móa - Joy & pain
(from promo CD "Universal")
(.uk Tommy Boy, 1998)

Perculator - Systemé solitaire
(from CDS "Double inhand baby")
(.no dBut, 1998)

GusGus - Purple (Sasha V the light edit)
(from CDS "Polyesterday" 1/2)
(.uk 4AD, 1998)

Bandulu & Skeleton - Nomithule (Diamond cut mix)
(from 12" "Nomithule")
(.uk M.E.L.T. 2000, 1998)

Jeff Mills - Medusa
(from CD "The other day")
(.us Axis, 1997)

Massive Attack - Back/shecomes (mixed by The Mad Professor)
(w+p: Del Naja/Marshall/Vowles)
(from CDS "Inertia creeps") (WBRDF11)
(.uk Circa/Virgin, 1998)

Perry Blake - The hunchback of San Francisco (Terminalhead remix)
(from CDEP "The hunchback of San Francisco")
(.uk Polydor, 1997)

Jigmastas - Hip hop
(.us Beyond Real)
(from compilation CD "Phax'n'phixion: The new hip hop underground")
(.be SSR/Crammed Discs, 1998)

Future Loop Foundation - Exit rush
(from CD "Conditions for living")
(.uk Planet Dog/Ultimate)

Nils Petter Molvær - Song of sand (remix by Jan Bang)
(from CDS "Ligotage")
(.de ECM, 1998)



Arne Nordheim - Warszava (Journey to the centre of the first 1.1 by Helge Sten)
(from CD "Nordheim transformed")
(.no Rune Grammofon, 1998)

The Irresistible Force - 12 o'clock
(from CD "It's tomorrow already")
(.uk Ninja Tune, 1998)

Manic Street Preachers - If you tolerate this your children will be next (Massive Attack remix)
(m: James Dean Bradfield/Sean Moore, l: Nick Jones, p: Dave Eringa)
(from CDS "If you tolerate this your children will be next") (666247 2)
(.uk Epic/Sony, 1998)

Pete Rock f/Inspectah Deck & Kurupt - Tru master (LP version)
(w: P. Phillips/J. Hunter/Ricardo Brown, p: Pete Rock)
(from CDS "Tru master") (74321 61932 2)
(.us Loud, 1998)

A Tribe Called Quest - Hot 4 U
(from double limited edition CD "The love movement")
(.us Jive, 1998)

Howie Be - Birthday
(from 12" "Thy name EP")
(.uk Pussyfoot, 1998)

The Crystal Method - Comin' back (the lights southern grit mix edit)
(from CDS "Comin' back")
(.uk Sony, 1998)

Sly & Robbie - Superthruster
(from promo 12" "Superthruster")
(.uk Palm Pictures, 1998)

Bob Sinclar - Ultimate funk
(from CD "Paradise)
(.fr Mighty Bop Sessions, 1998)

e-dancer - World of deep (Carl Craig mix)
(from CD "Heavenly")
(.us KMS/.be Play it Again Sam, 1998)

Paul van Dyk - For an angel (Way Out West remix)
(from CDS "For an angel")
(.de MFS, 1998)

Breakbeat Era - Rancid
(from compilation promo CDS "Against the grain")
(.uk XL, 1998)

Jonny L f/Silvah Bullet - 20 degrees (Doc Scott remix)
(from double promo 12" "20 degrees")
(.uk XL, 1998)



Frost - Truth
(from CDS "Clouds across the moon")
(.no Drum Island/Sony, 1998)

YMO - Loom
(from CD "BGM")
(.jp Alfa, 1981)

Isabel Waidner - Schlaflied
(from compilation CDS "The Law & Auder assembly")
(.uk Law & Auder, 1998)

Morcheeba - Part of the process (The americruiser morfeedback mix by Eli Janney)
(from CDS "Part of the process")
(.uk China, 1998)

Grooverider - Rainbows of colour (VIP mix)
(from CDS "Rainbows of colour")
(.uk Sony, 1998)

Joe Nation - Zvona (reproduced by Funki Porcini)
(from compilation CD "New moves...")
(.uk Chill Out Label, 1996)

Air Liquide - Im grlenmeyerkolben I
(from CD "Nephology: The new religion")
(.uk Rising High, 1994)

Davina - I can't help it (album version)
(from promo 12" "I can't help it")
(.us Loud, 1998)

Brand Nubian - I'm black and I'm proud
(from CD "Foundation")
(.us Arista, 1998)

Jurassic 5 - Rubber tires
(from CDS "Concrete schoolyard")
(.us Jurassic 5/.be Play it Again Sam, 1998)

A Tribe Called Quest - Common' ground (get it goin' on)
(from double limited edition CD "The love movement")
(.us Jive, 1998)

SISU - Delusion (remix by DJ Barabass)
(from CDS "Out of delusion")
(.no Albedo, 1998)

Joi Cardwell - Run to you (M12's love night at Mussian Bar mix by DJ Mag & Matin)
(from CDS "Run to you")
(.us Eightball, 1998)

Tash - Bermuda triangle
(from promo compilation CD "Brolic: New and improved heavy shit can't be fucked with")
(.us Loud, 1998)



Ryuichi Sakamoto - Sweet revenge
(w+p: Ryuichi Sakamoto)
(from promo CD "Sweet revenge") (61680-2)
(.us Elektra Entertainment, 1994)

A Reminiscent Drive - Sky
(from CDS "Flame one EP")
(.fr F Communications, 1996)

Malka Spiegel - Strum gliding
(from CD "Hide")
(.uk Swim, 1996)

LisaHall - Comatose ("So high I could die" timecode mix by Rob Playford)
(from CDS "Comatose")
(.us Reprise, 1998)

Petter - En resa
(from CD "Mitt sjätte sinne")
(.se BMG)

Frost - Close to you (Päronsoda mix)
(from CDS "Close to you")
(.no Drum Island/Sony, 1998)

Wagon Christ - Piano playa hata
(from CD "Tally ho!")
(.uk Virgin, 1998)

Drum Island - Glacier
(from CD "Drum Island")
(.be Apollo/R&S, 1997)

Photek - Knitevision
(from CD "Form & function")
(.uk Virgin, 1998)

DJ Vadim - Who the hell am I? (Animals on Wheels remix)
(from CD "U.S.S.R. reconstruction")
(.uk Ninja Tune, 1997)

The Sons of Silence - A grain of sand
(.uk The Leaf Label, 1997)
(from compilation CD "Classic plant")
(.uk The Leaf Label, 1998)

Red Snapper - Image of you (Manna radio edit)
(from promo CDS "Image of you")
(.uk Warp, 1998)



Various - Turbo beats: Scott Hendy in the mix at Blowpop
(.uk Cup of Tea, 1998)



Andrea Parker & David Morley - After dark
(from CDS "Angular art")
(.uk Infonet, 1995)

Jet - U22
(from CD "OK")
(.dk April, 1998)

Plastikman - Psyk
(from promo CD "Artifacts [bc]")
(.ca Minus/.uk NovaMute/Mute, 1998)

Ian Pooley - Moodz
(from compilation CD "Global technological innovations: Unreleased II")
(.uk New Electronica/Beechwood, 1996)

Christian Smith - (B-side, track 1)
(from white label 12" "Green mamba E.P.")
(.se Tronic, 1998)

Hoschi presents Monika Kruse - (A-side)
(from white label 12" "Sand crawler E.P.") (PRVL 008)
(.uk Primevil, 1998)

Children of the Bong - Underwater dub
(from CD "Sirius sounds")
(.uk Planet Dog/Ultimate, 1995)

Stetsasonic - Talkin all that jazz (Torti's old school of edits dub)
(from double promo 12" "Talkin all that jazz")
(.uk Tommy Boy, 1998)

3Phase - Dolly dog
(from CDS "Snafu sessions")
(.uk NovaMute/Mute, 1998)



Arne Nordheim - Warszava (Journey to the centre of the first 1.2 by Helge Sten)
(from CD "Nordheim transformed")
(.no Rune Grammofon, 1998)

Florence - Dream the dream
(from CD "Occurences")
(.nl Eevo Lute Muzique/.uk New Electronica/Beechwood, 1997)

Sternklang - Frisky
(from promo compilation CD "Deep sea drilling")
(.no Natt&Dag/Virgin, 1998)

Ges-e Usman - Field of dreams
(from promo compilation CD "Outcaste new breed UK")
(.uk Outcaste/Tommy Boy, 1998)

Bjørn Torske - Smoke detector song
(from promo CD "Nedi myra")
(.uk Ferox, 1998)

N'Dea Davenport - Underneath a red moon (Soul Inside radio edit by Dodge)
(w: N'Dea Davenport/Colin Wolfe, p: Dallas Austin)
(from promo CDS "Underneath a red moon") (VVR5003723P)
(.us V2, 1998)

Melanie Ephson - On and on (Vibe original mix)
(from CDS "On and on")
(.uk Newgen/.no T-Kay, 1998)

Black Eyed Peas - Love won't wait
(from CD "Behind the front")
(.us Interscope, 1998)

Monifah - Touch it (Clark Kent remix)
(from CDS "Touch it")
(.us Universal, 1998)

Star City - You got it (Those Norwegians edit)
(.uk Azuli)
(from promo compilation CD "Deep sea drilling")
(.no Natt&Dag/Virgin, 1998)

One Dove - Breakdown (William Orbit stereo odyssey)
(from CDS "Breakdown")
(.uk London, 1993)



(This edition was a 5-hour "best of"-compilation of Experimenta, playing the best tracks from the program so far, plus tracks not played before.)

Amin Bhatia - Walking in space
(from promo compilation CD "Cinema sampler")
(.us Cinema/Capitol, 1987)

Air - All I need (radio edit)
(from promo CDEP "All I need")
(.fr Source/Virgin, 1998)

Vanessa Daou - Sunday afternoon (album version)
(from CDS "Sunday afternoon")
(.us MCA, 1994)

Bertine Zetlitz - Apples and diamonds
(from CDS "Apples and diamonds")
(.no EMI, 1997)

Fun Lovin' Criminals - Love unlimited
(from promo CDS "Love unlimited")
(.us Capitol, 1998)

Janet Jackson f/Q-Tip - Got 'til it's gone (album version)
(from CDS "Got 'til it's gone")
(.us Virgin, 1997)

Tha Alkaholiks - Mary Jane (radio edit)
(from promo CDS "Mary Jane/Relieve yourself")
(.us Loud/BMG, 1994)

Martine Girault - Revival (original radio edit)
(from CDS "Revival")
(.uk RCA, 1992)

Eric Gadd - Everybody's business
(from CD "The right way")
(.se Strawberry, 1997)

Betty Boo - Let me take you there
(from CDS "Let me take you there")
(.uk Warner, 1992)

Kylie Minogue - Breathe
(from CD "Kylie Minogue")
(.uk deconstruction, 1997)

N'Dea Davenport - Underneath a red moon (Soul Inside radio edit by Dodge)
(w: N'Dea Davenport/Colin Wolfe, p: Dallas Austin)
(from promo CDS "Underneath a red moon") (VVR5003723P)
(.us V2, 1998)

Mine - This love is killing me
(from CD "Mine")
(.se Massproduktion, 1997)

Roxy Music - Avalon
(.uk Virgin EG, 1982)
(from CD "More than this: The best of Bryan Ferry + Roxy Music")
(.uk Virgin, 1995)

Pet Shop Boys - Opportunities
(.uk EMI, 1986)
(from CD "Discography")
(.uk EMI, 1991)

Propaganda - Loved
(from CD "Wishful thinking")
(.uk ZTT, 1985)

Art of Noise - Close (to the edit)
(from CD "Daft")
(.uk ZTT, 1984)

Yellow Magic Orchestra - Behind the mask
(.jp Alfa, 1981)
(from CD "Solid state survivors")
(.jp Alfa/.nl Roadrunner, 1992)

Dreadzone - Earth angel (William Orbit mix)
(from CDS "Earth angel")
(.uk Virgin, 1997)

Elegia - Is it serious? (o.m. pmix)
(from CDS "Snapshots")
(.fr F Communications, 1997)

The Dandy Warhols - Not if you were the last junkie on earth (heroin is so passé)
(from promo CDS "Not if you were the last junkie on earth")
(.us Capitol, 1997)

Big Daddy Kane - It's hard being the Kane
(w: Big Daddy Kane, p: Prince Paul)
(from CD "Taste of chocolate") (7599-26303-2)
(.us Cold Chillin'/Reprise, 1990)

Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - The creator
(from CD "All souled out")
(.us Elektra, 1991)

Ice Cube f/Chuck D - Endangered species (tales from the darkside) (remix)
(from CD "Kill at will")
(.us Priority, 1990)

Lords of the Underground - Psycho
(from CD "Here come the lords")
(.us Pendulum/Elektra, 1993)

L.L. Cool J - Phenomenon (LP version)
(from promo 12" "Phenomenon")
(.us Def Jam/Rush, 1997)

Lyn Collins - Mama feelgood
(.us People, 1973)
(from compilation CD "James Brown's funky People")
(.us PolyGram, 1986)

James Brown - It's a new day
(.us King, 1970)
(from CD "In the jungle groove")
(.us PolyGram, 1986)

Nuyorican Soul f/Jocelyn Brown - I am the black gold of the sun (4 Hero mix)
(w: Charles Stephney/Richard Rudolph, p: "Little" Louie Vega/Kenny "Dope" Gonzales)
(from CDS "I am the black gold of the sun") (568 213-2)
(.uk Talkin Loud/Mercury, 1997)

Frost - Close to you (Päronsoda mix)
(from CDS "Close to you")
(.no Drum Island/Sony, 1998)

Drum Island - La danse electrique
(from CD "Drum Island")
(.be Apollo/R&S, 1997)

Zuma - Inferior (Mindblowers 1996006 by
(from CDS "Inferior")
(.no Bjørk Audio, 1997)

Hacienda - Discoking (Ian O'Brien remix)
(from 12" "Discoking")
(.de Harthouse/Eye Q, 1997)

Prefab Sprout - If you don't love me (Stateside mix by Future Sound of London)
(from CDS "Life of surprises")
(.uk Columbia, 1993)

Aphex Twin - Ageispolis
(from CD "Selected ambient works 85-92")
(.be Apollo/R&S, 1992)

Pablo's Eye - When she smiles
(from CD "You love Chinese food")
(.au Extreme, 1995)

The PsychoAcoustic SoundClash - (Glasnost) muzak for cosmonauts/Biopsychic resonator
(from CD "Volume one: Pasc vs SLBC vs Vulture Squadron")
(.nl Staalplaat)

Mulu - Filmstar (Sample of Sonus by Jon Greig)
(w+p: Campbell/Demunds)
(from CDS "Filmstar") (MULU 002CD2)
(.uk Dedicated, 1997)

Tori Amos - God (The dharma kayã mix by The Joy)
(from CDS "God")
(.us Atlantic, 1994)

Ruby - Paraffin (Wagon Christ vocal by Luke Vibert)
(from double promo CDS "Paraffin")
(.uk Creation, 1995)

Fortunato & Montresor - Imagine (radio edit)
(from CDS "Imagine")
(.de Electrolux, 1997)

Plastikman - Psyk
(from promo CD "Artifakts [bc]")
(.ca Minus/.uk NovaMute/Mute, 1998)

Morganistic - In the shadow
(.uk Irdial, 1992)
(from compilation double CD "Narcosis: A journey through the outs and ins of the underground")
(.uk Guerilla, 1993)

Der Dritte Raum - Alienoid (the "let's do another mix" mix)
(from promo compilation CD "Dark hearts: Low life extensions")
(.de Eye Q, 1997)

The Aphex Twin - Polynomial-c
(from CD "Classics")
(.be R&S, 1995)

Nav Katze - Crazy dream (Retro 313 future memory mix by Reload)
(from CD "Never mind the distortion")
(.jp Victor/.be SSR/Crammed Discs, 1994)

Space DJ'z - Humanize
(from 12" "EP")
(.uk NovaMute/Mute, 1997)

The Age of Love - The Age of Love (Watch out for Stella club mix by Jam el Mar & Marc Spoon)
(from CDS "The Age of Love")
(.be Diki, 1992)

Sven van Hees - Freakysthan
(from CD "Svengali")
(.nl Royal, 1995)

Wagon Christ - Throbbing pouch
(from CD "Throbbing pouch")
(.uk Rising High, 1994)

A Tribe Called Quest f/Faith Evans - Stressed out
(from CD "Beats, rhymes and life")
(.us Zomba, 1996)

The 13th Sign - Take me to a distant bass
(from CD "Da story never ends")
(.uk Delancey Street, 1996)

Jai - Don't give me away (Jetlagged apple sandwich cut remix by Psychonauts)
(from CDS "Don't give me away")
(.uk Wired/M&G, 1996)

Lenny Kravitz - Does anybody out there even care
(w+p: Lenny Kravitz)
(from CD "Let love rule") (CDVUS 10)
(.us Virgin, 1989)

Kirsty (Opus III) - Orange
(from compilation double CD "Sally's photographic memory")
(.uk Volume, 1997)

Florence - Dominion: intro
(from CD "Dominions")
(.nl Eevo Lute/.uk Beechwood, 1993)



(Guesting the program this edition was DJ Urb/Thomas Berg Paulsen from Bergen, and he took care of the music selection.)

Luke Slater's 7th Plain - Pearl
(.uk GPR)
(from compilation quadruple LP "Trance Europe express 3")
(.uk Volume)

Mr. James Barth - Workin' the truth
(from 12" "High society")
(.se SVEK, 1997)

Monoïd - Cherry bomb I (Magneto mix by DJ la Monde)
(from 12" "Magneto mixes")
(.se Monoïd)

LFO versus F.U.S.E. - Loop (F.U.S.E. mix)
(from 12" "Loop")
(.ca Quick)

Hot Lizard - The theme (Mark Broom mix)
(from 12" "The theme")
(.uk Pacific)

The Purposemaker - Encore
(from 12" "Vanishing hot EP")
(.us Axis, 1998)

The Cause - Middle earth
(from 12" "Synthesized symmetry E.P." by various artists)
(.uk Primate, 1998)

Monoïd - Slip remix
(from 12" "Magneto mixes")
(.se Monoïd)

The Purposemaker - Where's my rabbit?
(from 12" "Vanishing hot EP")
(.us Axis, 1998)

Tricky Disco - Disco 130
(from 12" "Disco 130")
(.uk Rumour)

Bjørn Torske - Railtrack
(from 12" "Expresso")
(.uk Ferox, 1998)



(Guesting the program this edition was producer/engineer/remixer/soundman Julian Briottet, and he took care of the music selection.)

Renegade Soundwave - Positive ID
(from CD "Next chapter of dub")
(.uk Mute, 1995)

Julian Briottet - Escape from Ljublana
(from private DAT)

Bjørn Torske - Station to station
(from album "Nedi myra")
(.uk Ferox, 1998)

Pop Will Eat Itself - Bends (Underbelly by Renegade Soundwave)
(from CD "Two fingers, my friend")
(.us nothing, 1995)

Pyrofusion - Blues powder
(from promo compilation CD "Deep sea drilling")
(.no Natt&Dag/Virgin, 1998)

Mental Overdrive - About clubs
(from CDS "About jazz")
(.no Virgin, 1997)



James - She's a star (Andrea's Biosphere mix by Geir Jenssen)
(.uk Mercury, 1997)
(from compilation CD "Biosystems - the Biosphere remixes") (BSCD022)
(.no Beatservice, 1999)

Urban Species f/Imogen Heap - Blanket (Raw Deal remix)
(from promo 12" "Blanket")
(.uk Talkin Loud, 1999)

Alpha - Slim (Underdog remix)
(from CDEP "Slim")
(.uk Melankolic/Virgin, 1998)

Les Gammas - Chasin' the double six
(from 12" "Chasin' the double six")
(.de Compost, 1999)

Black Star Liner - Harmon dub
(from promo CDS "Eastern uprising")
(.uk Sony, 1997)

DJ Matsuoka - Excellent bird
(from 12" "Excellent bird")
(.de Jazzanova/Compost, 1999)

Weather Report - Non-stop home
(.us Sony, 1973)
(from compilation double CD "Check one: Applied rhythm technology")
(.uk X:Treme, 1998)

As One - Epic
(.uk Clear, 1996)
(from compilation double CD "Check one: Applied rhythm technology")
(.uk X:Treme, 1998)

Herbie Hancock - Nobu
(.us Sony, 1974)
(from compilation double CD "Check one: Applied rhythm technology")
(.uk X:Treme, 1998)

Jepthé Guillaume - The prayer (Jwif ginen)
(from 12" "The prayer")
(.us Spiritual Life, 1997)



Jeff Mills - Solarized
(from CD "The other day")
(.us Axis, 1997)

Illumination - Hope to God (Biosphere by Geir Jenssen)
(.uk Internal, 1995)
(from compilation CD "Biosystems - the Biosphere remixes")
(.no Beatservice, 1999)

DJ Rap - Good to be alive
(from promo CDEP "Learning curve - album sampler")
(.uk Higher Ground/Sony, 1998)

Terminalhead - Darkness into the light
(from CD "Last orders...start the revolution")
(.uk Push/.be PIAS, 1998)

Permanent Revolution - Cowboys and indians (logical mix)
(.uk Nation, 1996)
(from double CD compilation "...and still no hits")
(.uk Nation, 1998)

Bobby Caldwell - What you won't do for love
(.us Sin-Drome, 1978)
(from original soundtrack CD "Donnie Brasco")
(.us Hollywood, 1997)

Cajsa Stina Åkerstrøm - Minnen
(from CD "Cajsa Stina Åkerstrøm")
(.se Warner, 1994)

Eurythmics - Paint a rumour (instrumental)
(from CD "Touch dance")
(.uk BMG, 1984)

Aedena Cycle - Weep with me
(from promo CDS "Friendly selection")
(.no Beatservice, 1998)

Supersilent - 4.5
(from CD "Supersilent 4")
(.no Rune Grammofon, 1998)

Alison Moyet - Falling (Infinite dub by The Infinite Wheel)
(from CDS "Falling")
(.uk Columbia, 1993)



Furuholmen/Bjerkestrand/Wadling - Solve et coagula 05
(from CD "Hermetic")
(.no Timbersound/Rune Grammofon, 1998)

Scala - Torn
(from CD "Beauty nowhere")
(.uk Touch, 1996)

Depeche Mode - Walking in my shoes (Random carpet mix by William Orbit)
(from CDS "Walking in my shoes" 2/2)
(.uk Mute, 1993)

The Future Sound of London - Papua New Guinea (Dumb child of Q)
(.uk Earthbeat/Jumpin' and Pumpin', 1991)
(from compilation CD "Earthbeat")
(.uk Earthbeat/Jumpin' and Pumpin', 1992)

Superskill - Patent dr.
(from CD "Late night science in the laboratory of body control")
(.no Tatra, 1993)

William Orbit - Dia del muerto
(from CD "Strange cargo 2")
(.us I.R.S., 1990)

Dave Clarke - Adagio for M3
(from CDS "The John Peel session")
(.uk BBC/Strange Fruit, 1995)

Dol-lop - Doum
(from CD "Cryptic audio rag")
(.uk Swim, 1997)

Jan Bang f/Souvenir & Bochas - Love is my ability (S-charge's fila zoo filia session by Torbjørn Brundtland)
(from promo CDEP "Love is my ability")
(.no Virgin, 1997)

TransGlobal Underground - Protean (Thubian mix)
(from CDS "Protean")
(.uk Nation, 1994)

Bel Canto - Images (Volodia remix)
(from CDEP "Images")
(.no Continuum/.fr Sony, 1998)

Barcode - Love anybody
(.uk Cup of Tea, 1992)
(from compilation CD "Cup of Tea Records: A compilation")
(.uk Cup of Tea, 1996)

Stepchild - Stepchild theme (Danny's version)
(from CD "Stepchild")
(.us Warner Bros., 1995)



Spunk - Hornkonserten
(from CD "Det eneste jeg vet er at det ikke er en støvsuger")
(.no Rune Grammofon, 1999)

Req - Subculture
(from CD "One")
(.uk Skint)

United Future Organisation - The planet plan (Carl Craig mix)
(from CDS "The planet plan")
(.uk Talkin Loud, 1997)

The Brand New Heavies f/Main Source - Bonafide funk (Main Source mix)
(from promo 12" "Bonafide funk")
(.us Delicious Vinyl, 1992)

Beverley Knight - Sista sista
(from promo CDS "Sista sista")
(.uk EMI, 1998)

Talvin Singh - Traveller (Kid Loco's once upon a time in the east mix)
(from CDS "Traveller")
(.uk Island, 1998)

Móa - Joy & pain (Terranova instrumental remix)
(from 12" "Joy & pain")
(.is Spof/.uk Tommy Boy, 1998)

Sade - Feel no pain (version)
(from CDS "Feel no pain")
(.uk Sony, 1992)

José Padilla f/Angela John - Who do you love (Fila Brazillia mix)
(from CDS "Who do you love")
(.uk Manifesto/Mercury, 1998)

Cheek - Toy day
(from compilation CD "Versatile 98")
(.fr Versatile, 1998)

David Chong - You should know
(.fr Basenotic)
(from compilation CD "Future funk two")
(.fr Novapress, 1996)



Leftfield - Song of life (Lemon Interrupt mix by Underworld)
(.uk Hard Hands, 1993)
(from compilation CD "DADA: Deep and Dubby Attitude")
(.uk Goodboy, 1994)

Voice Stealer - Evaluation
(.uk Subvert, 1998)
(from compilation double CD "Smokedown 2: Further travels into the leftfield") (DCID008)
(.uk Music Collection International, 1998)

Madonna - Borderline
(.us Warner Bros., 1984)
(from CD "The immaculate collection")
(.us Warner Bros., 1990)

Madonna - Drowned world/Substitute for love
(from CD "Ray of light")
(.us Warner Bros., 1998)

Craig Armstrong - Io canto
(from compilation CD "Melankolic sampler")
(.uk Melankolic/Virgin, 1998)

Erick Sermon - Bom digi
(from CDS "Bom digi")
(.us Rush, 1995)

Up, Bustle & Out - Clandestine operation
(from CD "The breeze was mellow")
(.uk Ninja Tune, 1994)

Sista - Sista bounce
(from promo CDS "Brand nu")
(.us Elektra, 1994)

Blondie - Maria (Talvin Singh rhythmic remix)
(from CDS "Maria")
(.us Beyond/Leftbank, 1999)

Stina Nordenstam - People are strange (UNKLE remix by James Lavelle)
(from CDS "People are strange")
(.uk Warner, 1998)

Meryn Cadell - The sweater
(from CD "Angel food for thought")
(.us Sire, 1992)

Jonny L - 20 degrees (Scratch Perverts remix by Prime Cuts)
(from CDEP "20 degrees")
(.uk XL, 1998)

Beats International - Herman
(from CD "Excursion on the version")
(.uk Go! Discs, 1991)



William Orbit - Fratres
(from CD "The Electric Chamber: Pieces in a modern style")
(.uk N-Gram/Warner, 1996)

Londinium - Old artist
(from CD "Archive")
(.uk Island, 1996)

Velvet Belly - Easy (dub)
(from CDS "Easy")
(.no BMG, 1997)

Fun Lovin' Criminals - Up on the hill
(from CD "100% Colombian")
(.us EMI, 1998)

N'Dea Davenport - Bring it on (Tony Maserati mix)
(from promo CDS "Bring it on")
(.us V2, 1998)

Roxy Music - Avalon
(.uk Virgin EG, 1982)
(from CD "More than this: The best of Bryan Ferry + Roxy Music")
(.uk Virgin, 1995)

Blues - Under yttan
(from CDEP "Under yttan")
(.se Stockholm, 1998)

Prince Paul f/Big Daddy Kane - Mackula's theory
(from promo CD "Prince of thieves")
(.uk Tommy Boy, 1998)

Little Nobody - Nobody's driving
(from compilation CD "Zeltgeist 3")
(.au If?, 1997)

David Bowie - Miracle goodnight (12" 2 Chord Philly mix by Tony Maserati and Robert Holmes)
(from CDS "Miracle goodnight")
(.uk BMG, 1993)

Les Rita Mitsouko - Y'a d'la haine (Quantum crunch mix by William Orbit)
(from CDS "Y'a d'la haine")
(.fr Delabel, 1993)

Divine - You think you're a man
(from 12" "You think you're a man")
(.uk Proto, 1984)

One True Parker - Killer (B.L.I.M. remix)
(.uk Eruption, 1999)
(from compilation CD " Low down 3: mixed by B.L.I.M.")
(.uk Knowledge, 1999)



Underworld - Please help me
(w+p: Underworld)
(from CDS "Push upstairs") (JBO5005440)
(.uk JBO/V2, 1999)

Sy Smith - What I am
(from promo compilation CD "Music from the PJ's")
(.us Hollywood, 1999)

DJ Krush f/Esthero - Final home (vocal version)
(m: DJ Krush/Esthero, l: Esthero, p: DJ Krush)
(from CD "Kakusei") (492893 2)
(.jp Columbia/Sony, 1999)

The Irresistible Force - It's tomorrow already
(w+p: Mixmaster Morris)
(from CD "It's tomorrow already") (ZEN CD38)
(.uk Ninja Tune, 1998)

Everlast f/Casual and Sadat X - Funky beat
(w: E. Schrody/J. Owens/D. Murphy/D. Ross/S. Bunch/a. Diaz/M. Johnson/S. Piccapelli, p: Dante Ross/John Gamble/Stimulated Dummies/Everlast)
(from CD "Whitey Ford sings the blues") (TBCD 1236)
(.us Tommy Boy, 1999)

Omar - Say nothin' (Nightmares on Wax remix)
(w+p: Omar/David Frank)
(from CDS "Say nothin'") (74321 51217 2)
(.uk BMG, 1997)

Nightmares on Wax - Les nuits (Now mix)
(from promo CDEP "Les nuits")
(.uk Warp, 1999)

The Herbaliser - Moon sequence
(from CDS "Road of many signs/Moon sequence")
(.uk Ninja Tune, 1999)

Petter - Mikrofonkåt (Collone & Webb remix)
(m: Rusiak, l: Petter)
(from promo CDEP "Mikrofonkåt") (BMGPROM 53)
(.se BMG, 1999)

Defari f/Phil tha Agony & Tha Alkaholiks - Likwit connection
(w: D.A. Johnson Jr./E. Brooks/J. Robinson/R. & J. Smith, p: E. Swift)
(from CD "Focused daily") (TBCD 1274)
(.us Tommy Boy, 1999)

Nova Nova - Bewildered
(w+p: Elisa Carrahar/Marc Durif/Michel Gravil)
(from promo CD "La chanson de Roland") (F103 PROMOCD)
(.fr F Communications, 1999)



Biosphere - The seal and the hydrophone
(w+p: Geir Jenssen)
(from compilation double CD "Apollo 2: the divine compilation") (AMB 5933 CD)
(.be R&S, 1995)

Blur - Battle
(m: Albarn/Coxon/James/Rowntree, l: Albarn, p: William Orbit)
(from CD "13") (4 99129 2)
(.uk Food/EMI, 1999)

Andrea Parker - The rocking chair
(w+p: Andrea Parker)
(from CDEP "The rocking chair") (MW 045CD)
(.uk Mo Wax, 1996)

Cassandra Wilson - Sky and sea (blue in green)
(m: Miles Davis, l+p: Cassandra Wilson)
(from CD "Traveling Miles") (8 54123 2)
(.us Blue Note, 1999)

Ruby - The whole is equal to the sum of its parts (Grantby mix)
(w: Lesley Rankine)
(.uk Creation, 1996)
(from compilation CD "The cream of trip hop 5") (KOLDCD 16)
(.uk Arctic, 1996)

Sparky Lightbourne - Use of force
(w+p: Alex Mitchell)
(from compilation CD "Skint sluts 1") (JOCKEYSLUT 02)
(.uk Skint, 1999)

The Temptations - Papa was a rollin' stone
(w: Norman Whitfield/Barrett Strong, p: Norman Whitfield, a: Paul Riser)
(from compilation double CD "Motown 40 forever") (530 849-2)
(.us Motown, 1998)

Mr Scruff - Chicken in a box (remix by Programmers Revenge)
(w+p: A. Carthy)
(.uk Robsrecords/Pleasure, 1996)
(from compilation CD "The cream of trip hop 4") (KOLDCD 14)
(.uk Arctic, 1996)

Luke Vibert - Voyage into the unknown
(w+p: Luke Vibert)
(from CD "Big soup") (540 736-2)
(.uk Mo Wax/A&M, 1997)

Clone 3 - [B-side, track 2]
(from white label 12")
(.nl ORX?)

LA Synthesis - Skyline
(w+p: Tony Gallagher/Carl Grands/Chris Johnson)
(from white label 12" "Harmonic disassembly") (EVO LS 01)
(.uk Universal Language, 1997)



David Sylvian - Alphabet angel
(w+p: David Sylvian)
(from CD "Dead bees on a cake") (CDV 2876)
(.uk Virgin, 1999)

Ken - Gatuslang (D&D remix by Curt Cazal)
(m+p: Colleone/Webb, l: Ken Ring)
(from CDEP "Mamma") (8 86665 2)
(.se EMI, 1999)

Brooke Russell f/Mr. Gentleman - So sweet (Rae & Christian remix)
(from promo 12" "So sweet") (0066100BLA)
(.de Edel, 1999)

Blackalicious - Alphabet aerobics (The Cut Chemist 2.5 minute workout)
(w: L. McFadden/T. Parker, p: Cut Chemist)
(from promo 12" "A2G") (MWR 109DJ)
(.us Quannum Projects/.uk Mo Wax, 1999)

Joi - Everybody say yeah
(w+p: Farook & Haroon Shamster)
(from CD "One and one is one") (CDRW74)
(.uk Real World/Virgin, 1999)

Hotei - Believe me, I'm a liar (dub by Fluke)
(p: Tomoyasu Hotei)
(from CDS "Battle royal mixes II") (TOCT-10278)
(.jp Toybox Publishers/Toshiba EMI, 1998)

Headrillaz - Turn around
(w+p: C. & D. Kedros)
(from CDS "Return of the pistachio rockers EP") (VVR5003133)
(.uk V2, 1999)

GusGus - Ladyshave (Roy's lady soul mix by Roy Davis Jr.)
(w: Siggi/Daniel Ágúst, p: Biggi Veira/Daniel Ágúst)
(from 12" "Ladyshave") (BAD 9001)
(.uk 4AD, 1999)

Alex Gopher - The child (Wuz mix)
(w+p: Alex Gopher)
(from promo CDEP "The child") (SLD 19 CDPRO)
(.fr Disques Solid/V2, 1999)

Mental Overdrive - You gotta believe
(w+p: Per Martinsen)
(from 12" "You gotta believe") (MM 043)
(.be Music Man, 1999)

Frank De Wulf - Drums in a grip (Rozzo mix)
(w+p: Frank De Wulf)
(from 12" "Drums in a grip") (HH 089)
(.de Harthouse/Eye Q, 1996)

Nova Nova - Bewildered (Maas 1982 dub)
(w+p: Elisa Carrahar/Marc Durif/Michel Gravil)
(from promo CD "La chanson de Roland") (F 103 PROMO CD)
(.fr F Communications, 1999)



(Happy birthday to Experimenta! This edition marked three ongoing years of the program, and featured only music from the 1980's - since many of the elements today's music is founded on, were tried and tested then.)

Shannon - Do you wanna get away (dub mix)
(w: Chris Barbosa/Ann Godwin, p: Mark Liggett/Chris Barbosa)
(from 7" "Do you wanna get away") (107 289)
(.it The Company, 1985)

Duran Duran - Wild boys
(w: Duran Duran, p: Nile Rodgers/Duran Duran)
(from LP "Arena") (2 60308 1)
(.uk EMI, 1984)

ABC - Be near me
(w+p: Martin Fry/Mark White)
(from 7" "Be near me") (880626-7)
(.uk Phonogram, 1985)

Trans X - Living in video ('85 big mix by Pascal Languirand and Claude Allard)
(w: Pascal Languirand, p: Daniel Bernier)
(from 12" "Living in video ('85 big mix)") (POSPX 650)
(.de Polydor, 1985)

Dead or Alive - In too deep (Off yer mong mix)
(w: Dead or Alive, p: Stock/Aitken/Waterman)
(from 12" "In too deep") (EPCA 12-6360)
(.uk CBS, 1985)

Donna Allen - Serious
(w: L. Pace/D. Allen/Blitz, p: Lou Pace)
(from LP "Perfect timing") (450888 1)
(.us 21/Portrait/CBS, 1986)

Brilliant - Somebody
(w: Glover/Montana/Cauty/Chester, p: Stock/Aitken/Waterman)
(from LP "Kiss the lips of life") (240974-1)
(.uk WEA, 1986)

Hazell Dean - They say it's gonna rain (the zulu mix)
(w: Delius/Sanders, p: Stock/Aitken/Waterman)
(.uk EMI, 1985)
(from LP "Always") (7 90304 1)
(.uk EMI, 1988)

Kim Wilde - The second time (extended version)
(w: M. & R. Wilde, p: Ricki Wilde)
(from 12" "The second time") (KIMT 1)
(.uk MCA, 1984)

Paul Hardcastle - 19 (the final story)
(w: P. Hardcastle/W. Couturie/J. McCord, p: Paul Hardcastle)
(from 12" "19 (the final story)") (601 814)
(.uk Chrysalis, 1985)

Stephen Tintin Duffy - Kiss me
(w: Duffy, p: J.J. Jeczalik/Nicholas Froome)
(from 7" "Kiss me") (107 251)
(.uk Ten, 1985)

Fun Fun - Color my love (original mix)
(w: D. Raimondi/L. Pignagoli/I. Spagna, p: Dario Raimondi/Alvaro Ugolini)
(from 12" "Color my love") (TSR 836)
(.us TSR, 1984)

Camouflage - Love is a shield (12" Orbit mix by William Orbit)
(w: Heiko Maile/Oliver Kreyssig/Peter Godwin/Marcus Meyn, p: Camouflage/Axel Henninger)
(from 12" "Love is a shield") (0-86311)
(.de Metronome/.us Atlantic, 1989)

Paul Young - Love of the common people
(w: John Hurley/Ronnie Wilkins, p: Laurie Latham)
(.uk CBS, 1982)
(from LP "No parlez") (CBS 25521)
(.uk CBS, 1983)



World of Apples - Fifteen months
(w+p: Ewan Pearson)
(.uk Giant 45, 1997)
(from compilation double CD "Smokedown 2: Further travels into the leftfield") (DCID008)
(.uk Music Collection International, 1998)

Des'ree - Why should I love you?
(w: Des'ree, p: Phil Legg)
(from CD "Mind adventures") (471263 2)
(.uk Dusted Sound/Sony Soho Square/Sony, 1992)

Rama - C'est la vie (original mix)
(from compilation CD "Wave forum") (WAVE 222)
(.uk Wave, 1996)

Christian Falk f/Jevetta Steele - Calling you
(w: B. Telson, p: Christian Falk)
(from CDEP "Calling you") (3984-26409-2)
(.se Warner, 1999)

Ephraim Lewis - World between us (Monasterian mix by Tu Bees)
(w: Bacon/Lewis/Quarmby, p: Kevin Bacon/Jonathan Quarmby)
(from CDS "Skin") (7559-66321-2)
(.us Elektra/WEA International, 1993)

The PsychoAcoustic SoundClash - Corporate dub number
(w+p: Sikorsky/Manilow)
(from CD "Autumn/Winter collection") (UN008CD)
(.uk Un, 1999)

Rachelle Ferrell - I'm special
(w: Rachelle Ferrell, p: George Duke)
(from CD "Rachelle Ferrell") (7 93769 2)
(.us Capitol, 1992)

DJ Krush - Crimson
(w+p: DJ Krush)
(from CD "Kakusei") (492893 2)
(.jp Columbia/Sony, 1999)

Tournesol - Sunny blow
(w+p: Tommy Gee)
(from CD "Moonfunk") (RS 95074 CD)
(.be R&S, 1995)

Scratch Perverts - Course of action
(from compilation CD "Deeper concentration") (OM 016)
(.us Om, 1998)

b.Low - Stepping through a wooden door
(w+p: P. Pulsinger/E. Tunakan)
(from compilation CD "Invisible soundtracks: Macro 2) (REEL 3CD)
(.uk The Leaf Label, 1998)


... 20.00-21.00

Foehn - Chagrin d’amour
(from promo CD “Hidden cinema soundtracks”) (FAT-SP01)
(.uk Fat Cat, 2000)

Salako - 98.7
(w: Salako, p: Banana Hand)
(from CDS "Ventimiglia 120899 EP") (JPRCDS016)
(.uk Jeepster, 2000)

Depeche Mode - Slowblow (Darren Price mix)
(w: Martin L. Gore, p: Tim Simenon)
(from CDS "It's no good") (CD BONG 26)
(.uk Mute, 1997)

Santessa - Eyes on you (4 Hero mix)
(from CDR "Eyes on you")
(.uk Disco Volante)

Mulu - Pussycat (Herbaliser)
(from CDS "Desire" 1/2) (MULU 004CD(1))
(.uk Dedicated, 1997)

Jimpster - Phantom fusion
(w+p: Jamie Odell)
(from CDS "Interconnect E.P." (KUDCD 010)
(.uk Freerange/Kudos)

Animals on Wheels - Never in and never out
(w+p: Andrew Coleman)
(from CD "Nuvol i cadira") (NTONE CD36)
(.uk Ntone/Ninja Tune, 1999)

Faze Action - Moving cities (Cinematic Orchestra remix)
(w+p: Robin Lee/Simon Lee)
(from CDS "Moving cities") (NUX146CD)
(.uk Nuphonic, 2000)

Upper Rooms - The way we tear
(w+p: Isak Anderssen)
(from 7" "The way we tear") (BSS028)
(.no Beatservice, 2000)

Morcheeba feat. Biz Markie - In the hands of the gods (Tumbleweed gunslinger mix by Dropped as a Child)
(w: Paul Godfrey/Ross Godfrey/Skye Edwards, p: Paul Godfrey/Ross Godfrey/Pete Norris)
(from CDS "Rome wasn't built in a day") (8573-83567-2)
(.uk China, 2000)

Jol - Think tin
(w+p: Joel Eriksson)
(from 12" "Think tin") (DOT1212)
(.se Dot/MNW, 2000)

Divine Stylez - Hajii
(from promo CD "Word power 2") (MWR122CDP)
(.us DTX/.uk Mo Wax, 1999)

Ellers Det - Egotripp
(w: A. Choukah/M. Bjørnesen, p: D.J. Lada)
(from CDS "Ellers takk")
(.no Unity, 1995)


... 20.00-21.00

Kobi - ?

Elsewhere - ? (track 4)

DJ Food (Xen) - ?

Impulse - ? (track 10)

Jolly Mukherjee - ? (track 2)

Wordlab - ? (track 1)

Le flow 2 - ? (track 10)

Isolationist - ? (track 12)

David Holmes - ? (track 4)

Bobby Hughes - ? (track 1)

Bridge & Tunnel - ? (track 3)
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