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Experimenta - part 2 of 5 (2000)

This is the permanent archive for the radio show "Experimenta", that aired on Radio Nova in Oslo from 1996 to 2006. Here you can listen to 137 of the shows, with over 150 hours of music.

The profile was to play "everything from ambient to hip hop", via genres like trip hop, jazz, pop, soul, lo-fi, electronica, house, techno, drum'n'bass, breaks, noise, glitch, rock, mashups etc.

A big principle was to not play the same track or mix more than once, and over 2700 different tracks were aired. The host was Per Christian Frankplads.

International guests included:
The Orb, Mixmaster Morris, Ben Christophers, Raw Deal, Elegia/Laurent Collat and i:wound

Norwegians guests included:
Lindstrøm, Nils Petter Molvær, Bugge Wesseltoft, Rune Lindbæk, Claes Olsen, Eivind Olsvik, Mind Over MIDI/Helge Tømmervåg, Nicholas Sillitoe, Origami Galaktika/Benny Braaten, Päron Soda, Raymond Pellicer, Sketch/Kai Mikalsen, Sternklang and Xploding Plastix

Part 1: 1996-1999
Part 2: 2000
Part 3: 2001
Part 4: 2002-2003
Part 5: 2004-2006
Part 6: Detailed playlists for shows from 1996 to 2000 (unfortunately no recordings exits)

Part 2: 2000


Shawn Cappelle - It's out there
(from compilation CD "Silence descends")
(.ca Front, 1999)
(COMMENT: From a compilation CD with experimental sound montages from Canadian artists.)

Freeform - Know
(w+p: Symon Pyke)
(from CDR "Pattern tub")
(.uk Headphone, 1999)
(COMMENT: Liz Scarff plays the flute.)

Circular - Chip song/Drifting
(w+p: Bjarte Andreassen/Jostein Dahl Gjelsvik)
(from CD "Divergent") (BSCD026)
(.no Beatservice, 1999)
(COMMENT: This duo from Bergen/Norway is approaching "classic" ambient music on their second album as Circular. They also release house and techno with Oddgeir Hvidsten under the name Motion Control.)

Elektronische Geist - Material
(w+p: Kjell Gaute Grude)
(from promo CD "1v/oct") (GEIST001PR)
(.no Geistlicher Platten, 1999)
(COMMENT: Young and promising electronica artist who played live on the first "Auxiliary"-evening hosted by DJ Darknorse the night before on Blå.)

Tarwater - Subfusc
(w+p: Bernd Jestram/Ronald Lippok)
(from compilation double CD "Freischwimmer: The 1994-1999 anthology") (KY99026 DCD)
(.de Kitty-Yo, 1999)
(COMMENT: From a comprehensive compilation of Kitty-Yo tracks, covering 1994-1999.)

The Sonora Pine - Cloister
(.us Quarterstick, 1997)
(from compilation CD "On the cam") (TG205CD)
(.us Touch and Go, 1999)
(COMMENT: This track is from a joint venture between two Chicago labels, Touch and Go & Quarterstick. The compilation from which this track is liften is released in Europe only, through Southern.)

Rubberoom - Claimin' victums remix
(w: J. Bostic/B. Hines/A. Smith, p: The Opus)
(from compilation CD "Collision course") (PIASXCD006)
(.be Pias, 1999)
(COMMENT: The compilation this track is from a experimental odyssey into noise.)

Handsome Boy Modeling School feat. Grand Puba and Sadat X - Once again (here to kick one for you)
(w: Dan Nakamura/Paul Huston/W. Dixon/D. Murphy, p: Dan the Automator/Prince Paul)
(from CD "So... how's your girl?") (TBCD1258)
(.us Tommy Boy, 1999)

Kool Keith - Lost in space
(w: Kool Keith, p: Kool Keith/Jeremy Larner)
(from CD "Black Elvis/Lost in space") (495106 2)
(.us Ruffhouse/Columbia, 1999)
(COMMENT: Kool Keith will play live in Norway at the end of January.)

Blues - Andra sidan (bortom dimhöljet) (Blues vs. Colleone & Webb remix)
(l: Raymond Peroti, m+p: Roberto Martorell)
(from CDS "Andra sidan (bortom dimhöljet)") (563 725-2)
(.se Stockholm, 1999)
(COMMENT: Colleone & Webb are a hot commodity in hip hop-Sweden, and are often used as remixers.)

Moka Only - Variety
(from compilation CD "Defenders of the underworld") (JFRCD 019)
(.uk Jazz Fudge/Battle Axe, 1999)

Thievery Corporation - It takes a thief
(w+p: Rob Garza/Eric Hilton)
(from compilation CD "DJ Kicks: Thievery Corporation) (!K7076CD)
(.de Studio K7, 1999)
(COMMENT: From their lounged-out compilation album in the DJ Kicks-series.)

Junior Delgado - Hypocrites (Kid Loops rainfall vocal)
(w+p: Junior Delgado)
(from CDS "Hypocrites") (ABB5002203)
(.uk Big Cat, 1998)
(COMMENT: The original is a bit boring, but Kid Loops' remix is very nice.)



Isan - Paintchart
(w+p: Antony Ryan/Robin Saville)
(from CD "Beauttronics") (TUGCD004)
(.uk Tugboat, 1998)
(COMMENT: Nice electronic music from a pair of cosy English lads.)

Elektronische Geist - Hale proscenium
(w+p: Kjell Gaute Grude)
(from promo CD "1v/oct") (GEIST001PR)
(.no Geistlicher Platten, 1999)
(COMMENT: Rhythmic electronica, obviously inspired by British peers like Autechre, Aphex Twin etc.)

Bows - Britannica (DJ Scissorkicks remix)
(from CDEP "Britannica") (PURE 88CDS)
(.uk Too Pure, 1999)

T-Power - Nomenclature
(w+p: M. Royal)
(from compilation double CD "Botchit breaks 2") (BOSCDLP005)
(.uk Botchit & Scarper, 1999)

Kurtis Mantronik - Hush
(w+p: Kurtis Mantronik)
(from CD "I sing the body electric") (PIASB 001 CD)
(.us Oxygen Music Works/.be PIAS, 1999)
(COMMENT: Probably one of the better tracks on this otherwise quite self-centered album, with little or no news from this old-school chap.)

Laurent Garnier - Cycles d'opposites
(w+p: Laurent Garnier)
(from promo CD "Unreasonable behaviour") (F115 PROMOCD)
(.fr F Communications, 2000)
(COMMENT: Garnier has gotten a lot of help from Laurent "Elegia" Collat on the programming and sound design of this, his new album, and it shows. Good techno tunes with excellent sounds.)

Luke Slater - Hard knock rock
(w+p: Luke Slater)
(from compilation CD "14 irregular files: A Mute accumulation") (IRREG6/7)
(.uk Mute, 1999)
(COMMENT: This track is originally taken from Slater's album "Wireless" and is quite breakey.)

Luke Slater - All exhale (Rude Solo mix by Weatherall/Tenniswood)
(w+p: Luke Slater)
(from CDS "All exhale") (CDNOMU66)
(.uk NovaMute/Mute, 1999)
(COMMENT: Tasteful electro remix.)

Scala - Words and thoughts
(w: Sarah Peacock/Daren Seymour/Mark van Hoen, p: Mark van Hoen)
(from CD "Compass heart") (TONE 9)
(.uk Touch, 1998)

Bad Company - The fear
(w+p: D. White/D. Stein)
(from compilation CD "Collision course") (PIASXCD006)
(.be Pias, 1999)
(COMMENT: Atmospheric drum'n'bassey textures.)

Handsome Boy Modeling School - Rock 'n' roll
(w: Dan Nakamura/Paul Huston, p: Dan the Automator/Prince Paul)
(from CDS "Rock 'n' roll") (TBCD2062)
(.us Tommy Boy, 1999)



Regular Fries - Dream lottery
(from CD "Accept the signal") (JBO 1007762P)
(.uk JBO, 1999)

Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares - Strati na angelika doumasche
(w: Haiduk chant, p: Marcel Cellier)
(from CD "Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares") (CAD 603 CD)
(.ch Disques Cellier, 1975/.uk 4AD, 1986)
(COMMENT: From a beautiful album with choir singers from Bulgaria, unlike any other voices I've ever heard. The women have appeared on Kate Bush's latest albums.)

Origami Galaktika - Täkevalgus
(w+p: B9)
(from double LP "Eesti libbed silmad süda)
(.no B9, 1998)
(COMMENT: Droney, industrial ambient from Norway.)

Innerzone Orchestra - Architecture
(w+p: Carl Craig)
(from promo CD "Programmed") (IZOP1)
(.us Planet E/.uk Talkin Loud/Mercury, 1999)
(COMMENT: From a very varied album.)

Elegia - Finally
(w+p: Laurent Collat)
(from promo CD "Sounds within") (F107 PROMOCD)
(.fr F Communications, 1999)
(COMMENT: Nice little instrumental piece from France.)

Nicolette - Beautiful day (Lush pastoral mix by Mark Broom and D. Hill)
(w: Nicolette, p: Plaid)
(from CDS "Beautiful day") (578105-2)
(.uk Mercury/Talkin Loud, 1996)

Two Lone Swordsmen - Kist
(from 12" "A virus with shoes") (WAP126)
(.uk Warp, 1999)
(COMMENT: Andrew Weatherall, half of this outfit, came to Norway to DJ the following week as part of the Venue2000 festival being arranged in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.)

Baby Mammoth - Danger on the rocks
(w+p: Blissenden/Burdall)
(from CD "Motion without pain") (PORK 065)
(.uk Sunken Isle/Pork, 1999)

Eurythmics - Sexcrime (nineteen eighty-four) (extended mix)
(w: David A. Stewart/Annie Lennox, p: David A. Stewart)
(from 12" "Sexcrime") (604 604)
(.uk Virgin, 1984)
(COMMENT: From the soundtrack of "1984", the movie starring John Hurt. I found this 12" in a used-record shop and had to play it, since I read the book by Orwell the other day. Perfect remix. Notice that the film came out in 1984...)

Motion Control - Digits 2 (Mind over MIDI remix by Helge Tømmervåg)
(w+p: Oddgeir Hvidsten/Lars Kristian Sande)
(from 7" "Strawberries") (BSS025-6)
(.no Beatservice, 1999)
(COMMENT: From a series of six 7"-singles with the B-sides remixed from the Beatservice label, released to promote the "Arctic Circles 2"-compilation.)

Fra Lippo Lippi - Come summer (extended, remixed by Kaj Erixon and FLL)
(w: Kristoffersen/Kvalnes/Sjøberg/Sørensen, p: Dave Allen)
(from 12" "Come summer") (VS 877-12)
(.uk Virgin, 1986)
(COMMENT: Nice Norwegian pop from 1986. The remixer, Kaj Erixon, still works a lot with Swedish pop.)

Janet Jackson - Go deep (Masters at Work alternative mix)
(w: Janet Jackson/James Harris III/Terry Lewis/René Elizondo Jr., p: Jimmy Jam/Terry Lewis)
(from CDS "Go deep") (8 95151 2)
(.us Black Doll/Virgin, 1998)
(COMMENT: Deep MAW remix of Janet.)

Zapp - It doesn't really matter (long version)
(w: Roger Troutman/Zapp Troutman, p: Roger Troutman)
(from 12" "It doesn't really matter") (W 8879)
(.us WEA, 1985)
(COMMENT: Original version on the album "The New Zapp IV U". As you may know, both brothers Troutman died tragically last year when Larry first shot his brother Roger, then himself.)

Sven Väth - Ballet-fusion (Belfast-fusion by David Holmes)
(w+p: Sven Väth/Ralf Hildenbeutel)
(from CDS "Ballet-fusion") (4509-99173-2)
(.de Eye Q, 1995)
(COMMENT: A David Holmes remix from his harder techno period, ages before his "dirtier" soundtrackey work for i.e. the movie "Out of Sight". Similar to his remix of Saint Etienne.)

West Street Mob - Break dance electric boogie (remix by Jon Carter and Mark Sayfritz)
(w: Robinson/Lordan/Robinson)
(from CDS "Still/The joint: Sugarhill remixed") (NEEX1009)
(.us Sugarhill/.uk Castle, 1999)
(COMMENT: Pretty good remix, but I haven't heard the rest of this remix-compilation of tracks from the Sugarhill vault. I hope they pay respect to the originals, like Carter and Sayfritz do here.)

New Order - Blue Monday
(p: New Order)
(from 12" "Blue Monday") (FAC 173)
(.uk Factory, 1983)
(COMMENT: It fit right in with the beat, so I had to mix it in...)

Primal Scream - Swastika eyes (Chemical Brothers mix)
(w+p: Primal Scream)
(from promo CDS "Swastika eyes") (CCD326)
(.uk Creation, 1999)
(COMMENT: A sample of the harder side that Chemical Brothers possess, especially when they remix.)

S'Express - Superfly guy
(w+p: Mark Moore/Pascal Gabriel)
(from 12" "Superfly guy") (LEFT 28T)
(.uk Rhythm King/Mute, 1988)
(COMMENT: A classic! You can watch the music video for this track over the net here.)

DJ Q - 100 not out
(w+p: Paul Flynn)
(from CD "TwentyFour7even") (FILT043CD)
(.uk Filter/Dorado, 2000)
(COMMENT: The rest of the album is unfortunately not as good as this track.)



BJ Cole - In at the deep end (Titanic elegy)
(w: BJ Cole/Guy Jackson, p: Nick Griffiths/BJ Cole)
(from CD "The heart of the moment") (RES107CD)
(.uk Resurgence, 1995)
(COMMENT: Experimental steel guitar from England. See end of playlist for more details.)

Krøyt - Echoes
(from compilation CD "Blå, Molde") (BP 99005)
(.no BP, 1999)
(COMMENT: From the Norwegian Molde jazzfestival 1999, where the Oslo club Blå had their own nights.)

Ben Christophers - Give me everything
(w: Ben Christophers/David Kosten, p: David Kosten)
(from CD "My beautiful demon") (VVR1008142)
(.uk V2, 1999)
(COMMENT: Ben gave a fantastic mini promo-gig a few weeks ago at So What!)

South - I know what your like
(w+p: South)
(from 12" "4 track sessions") (MWR120)
(.uk Mo Wax, 1999)
(COMMENT: New signing with Mo Wax, this rockey band plays real tunes with real instruments... what is this world coming to? :-D)

Folk & Røvere feat. Beate Slettevoll Lech - Kakao
(w: Folk & Røvere, p: Peder Kjellsby/Sjur Miljeteig)
(from CDS "Pille") (TCD 9716)
(.no Sonet, 1999)
(COMMENT: Beate Slettevoll Lech is no longer part of the band, but she guests on this beautiful little number.)

Delta House of Funk - Hurry Tuesday's child
(w: Bobby Gentry, p: Ashley Beedle/Delta House of Funk)
(from CDS "No pressure") (GODCD 150)
(.uk Go! Discs, 1996)
(COMMENT: Nice and mellow EP. This is a cover version.)

Wolfgang Dauner Quintet - Take off your clothes to feel the setting sun
(from compilation CD "Untouchable Outcaste beats") (CASTE 3CD)
(.uk Outcaste, 1997)

Breakbeat Era - Bullitproof (Unkle remix)
(from double promo 12" "Bullitproof") (XLT 115 DJ)
(.uk XL)
(COMMENT: Amazing Unkle remix by James Lavelle and his secret helpers... perhaps DJ Shadow?)

Howie B - Angels go bald: too (Swordsmen mix by Weatherall/Tenniswood)
(w+p: Howie B)
(from CDS?EP? "Angels go bald: too") (571167 2)
(.uk Polydor, 1997)
(COMMENT: Andrew Weatherall DJ'ed at So What! the week before this edition and played hard and tough electro. I tried recording his DJ-set on MiniDisc, so we could broadcast it here on Radio NOVA, but our equipment failed us. As luck would have it, Weatherall offered us to record the same set again when he came back to his studio, and send it to us on CD for us to broadcast - of course we said yes! So look out for a "Swordsmen" DJ-set from UK sometime...)

Luke Vibert/BJ Cole - Watery glass planet (pt. 3)
(w+p: Luke Vibert/BJ Cole)
(from CD "Stop the panic") (COOK CD 193)
(.uk Cooking Vinyl/Law & Auder, 2000)
(COMMENT: As part of the Venue2000 festival being arranged in Sweden, Denmark and Norway the week previous to this show, Vibert and Cole played So What! at a Friday night to a disappointingly sparse crowd. But the gig was nice! It's just a shame more people didn't get to hear it. I did an interview with the two chaps, and it will be put out on these pages later, when it's edited.)

Hooverphonic - Club Montepulciano (Hooverphonic funk remix by Pim)
(p: Hooverphonic/Mark Plati)
(from CDS "Club Montepulciano") (665806 2)
(.be Sony, 1998)
(COMMENT: Originally taken from the album "Blue wonder power milk".)



(This program featured Raymond Pellicer AKA DJ Darknorse as guest and co-host. Raymond is also a member of the electronic duo Phono and otherwise works closely with the Oslo club Blå, where he has his electronic night "Auxiliary" every Thursday. He can also be heard DJ'ing every Sunday at the Oslo club Sikamikanico. In this edition he only played music from people who will be guesting "Auxiliary" this spring, except Chris de Luca.)

Phono - Untitled
(from CDR)

Schneider TM - Starfuck
(w: Dirk Dresselhaus, p: Schneider TM)
(from LP "Moist") (08702-1)
(.de City Slang, 1998)

Pole - Huckepack
(w+p: Stefan Betke)
(from double LP "2")
(.de Kitt, 1998)

Information - I.F.F. #2
(w+p: Jørgen Knudsen/Per Henrik Svalastog)
(from 12" "Artifact 1-3") (BS 004)
(.no Beatservice)

Chris de Luca - (Side 1, track 1)
(from 12" "Unknown EP") (WAS 10-01)

Soul Static Sound - Ganger/The trilogy/The underdog

Monolake - Static
(from 12" "Fragile") (ML004)

Monolake - Tangent II

Basic Channel - Quadrant dub

Round Four - Found a way
(.de Main Street)

Rhythm & Sound feat. Tikiman - Ruff way
(from 10" "Ruff way") (BM-03)
(.de Burial Mix, 1997)



Echoboy - 55
(w+p: Echoboy)
(from promo CD "Vol. 1") (ACDSTUMM 180)
(.uk Mute, 2000)
(COMMENT: Very experimental stuff on this album.)

Cornelius - Mic check
(w+p: Keigo Oyamada and the Orangu-Tang Clan)
(from promo CD "Fantasma") (OLE 300-2P)
(.us Matador, 1998)
(COMMENT: Same goes with this one, but this one is more melodic than Echoboy.)

Air - The word 'hurricane'
(w+p: Air)
(from promo soundtrack CD "The Virgin Suicides") (VISA 4914)
(.fr Record Makers/Source/Virgin, 1999)
(COMMENT: While we're waiting for their next "proper" album, this soundtrack for Sofia Coppola's film should keep us satisfied.)

Yo La Tengo - Danelectro 2
(w: Yo La Tengo)
(from CDS "Saturday") (OLE 422-2)
(.uk Matador, 2000)
(COMMENT: Exclusive track for this single and not on their new album "And then nothing turned itself inside-out".)

Bowery Electric - Soul city
(w: Lawrence Chandler/Martha Schwendener, p: Bowery Electric)
(from CD "Lushlife") (BBQCD 213)
(.uk Beggars Banquet, 1999)
(COMMENT: Third album from this American duo. Nice soundscapes - this track is trip-hoppy instrumental, without Martha's voice.)

Morphine - The way we met
(from promo CD "The night") (RCD 10499 ADV)
(.us Rykodisc, 2000)
(COMMENT: Old rockers are back, without a core member who died in July 1999, Mark Sandman)

Juantrip - Blé
(w+p: Juantrip)
(from CDS "Electronic") (F 098CD)
(.fr F Communications, 1998)
(COMMENT: Cute little electronic trip.)

Opiate - Quick save on a Sunday
(w+p: Thomas Knak)
(from CD "Objects for an ideal home") (APR029CD)
(.dk April, 1999)
(COMMENT: From a very minimalistic album, this is probably one of the better tracks.)

Nova Nova - Plaid (Bang Bang remix)
(w+p: Marc Durif/Michel Gravil)
(from compilation CD "Electronic with no limit") (FC SAMPLER 4)
(.fr F Communications, 1999)
(COMMENT: Vocals by Elisa Carrahar.)

Cornelius - The Microdisneycal world tour (Sean O'Hagan mix)
(w+p: Cornelius)
(.jp Polystar, 1997)
(from compilation CD "Sushi 4004") (BUNG 036)
(.de Bungalow, 1998)

SCN - Landed on your block
(w+p: SCN)
(from CD "Oslonian underdogs") (GB 001)
(.no George Brothers, 2000)
(COMMENT: Pretty standard Norwegian hip hop, but with a nice element to it after all.)

Petter feat. Eye n'I - Så klart! (Stureplan remix by Patrick Berger)
(w: Petter Alexis/Eye n'I/Christian Falk, p: Christian Falk)
(from CDEP "Så klart!") (74321 73451 2)
(.se BMG, 2000)
(COMMENT: Yes, I go all commercial near the end of the show :-D. This remix is quite nice.)

Donell Jones - U know what's up
(w: Edward Ferrel/Darren Lighty/Clifton Lighty/Balewa Muhammad/Veronica McKenzie/Anthony Hamilton, p: Edward Ferrel/Darren Lighty)
(from CDS "U know what's up") (74321 73888 2)
(.us LaFace, 1999)
(COMMENT: Really elegant R&B featuring Left-Eye from TLC.)

Pierre Henry & Michel Colombier - Psyché rock (Fatboy Slim Malpaso radio edit by Norman Cook)
(from CDS "Psyché rock") (464 479-2)
(.fr Mercury/Phillips, 1997/1999)
(COMMENT: Good non-formulaic remix by Cook, better than his average output.)



(This program featured Benny Braaten, better known as B9, as guest and co-host. Benny is also half of Origami Galaktika, and otherwise works closely with the Oslo café Mir (at Grünerløkka Lufthavn), where he has his weekly electronic night every Sunday. He also has a nice and cosy radioshow Wednesday mornings from 9-11 on RadiOrakel, FM 99.3. Check the Origami website for much more information.)

I:Wound - ... fait de la musique re/volutionnaire tunisienne (rmx)
(w+p: Sasha Karminski)
(from CDR "Eighty percent of nothing")
(.de Ambermusic for the Tattoed Frog)

Tibetan Nuns - We sing a song of sadness, we sing it from Drapchi
(from CDR)
(.de Ambermusic for the Tattoed Frog)

Daniele Brusaschetto - Mamma fottimi
(from CD "ZZZ/RRR9")
(.it ZZZ Prod/.us RRRecords)

Manipura - [B-side, track 1]
(w+p: Neil Solheim)
(from LP "Manipura")
(.de Speeding Across My Hemisphere, 2000)

B9 - Black soul
(w+p: Benny Braaten)
(from demo-CDR)

Medit - When autumn leaves
(w+p: Kelly Braaten)
(from CDR "Medit/Napisham demo-CD")

B9 - Bonedrone with poem "I have seen a glimpse"
(w+p: Benny Braaten)
(from demo-CDR)

Jack of All Trades



(This program featured Thorolf Holmboe, also known as DJ Timing X, as guest and co-host. Thorolf is DJ'ing from time to time at Lazy Sunday Afternoon, held biweekly at the Oslo club So What!)

Wagon Christ - Throbbing pouch
(w+p: Luke Vibert)
(from CD "Throbbing pouch")
(.uk Rising High, 1994)

Klinik - World domination
(m: Marc Verhaeghen, l: Dirk ivens)
(from CD "States") (AS 5052-CD)
(.be Antler Subway)

Quadrophonia - Quadrophonia
(w: Oliver Abbeloos/Lucien Foort, p: Quadrophonia)
(from LP "Cozmic jam") (ARS 468322 1)
(.be ARS, 1991)

Extended Noise - A certain kind / of ping pong
(w: Eivin One Petersen, p: Jan Erik Kongshaug/Rune Lindquist)
(from LP "Jamaha!") (8602)
(.no Circulasione Totale)

East Flatbush Project - Tried by twelve (remixed by Tom Jenkison)
(w+p: Spencer Bellamy)
(from CDS "Tried by twelve") (ZEN CDS75)
(.uk Ninja Tune)

Sub Bass Monster - Intro/Fe
(from CD "Sub Bass Monster")
(.hu 1G Records)
(COMMENT: Hungarian hip hop!)

Teebee & K - Nightstalker
(w+p: Kjetil Dale Sagstad)
(from CD "Black science") (BSCD021)
(.no Beatservice, 1999)

London Elektricity - Shakedown
(w+p: Tony Colman/Chris Goss)
(from CD "Pull the plug")
(.uk Hospital)

Sergey Prokofiev - The adoration of Veless and Ala
Scottish National Orchestra, conducted by Neeme Järvi
(from CD "Scythian suite op. 20: Ala et Lolly") (CHAN 8584)
(.uk Chandos, 1988)

Random - Secret Faces
(w+p: Jon Drukman)
(from CD "Too stoned to sneeze without regretting it") (ETR-10009-2)
(.us Evil Teens, 1999)

Optical - To shape the future remix
(w+p: Optical)
(from double CD compilation "Metalheadz: Limited edition CD metal box set") (556 025-2)
(.uk Metalheadz, 1998)

The Specials - Concrete jungle
(w: Radiation, p: Jerry Dammers/Clive Langer)
(from compilation CD "The best of British Ska... live!")(F2 21783)
(.us Chrysalis, 1980/1990)

The Aller Værste - Rene hender
(from CD "Dans til musikken")
(.no Den Gode Hensikt, 1980)



(This program featured Kai Mikalsen as guest and co-host. Kai is half of ambient duo Sketch and also part of musique concrete-people KA. You can find him DJ'ing under the name of DJ X-Roy. KA have just released a vinylset called "98-97", consisting of a 7", 10" and an LP.)

Arm - Self-employed citizens 1-4
(w+p: Arne Borgan/Steven Cuzner/Marius von der Fehr/Are Mokkelbost/Alexander Rishaug)
(from compilation CD "Good music") (JAZZ15)
(.no Jazzassin, 2000)

Clop Neplat - h.a.h.s
(w+p: Mads Staff Jensen)
(from compilation CD "Good music") (JAZZ15)
(.no Jazzassin, 2000)

Jazzkammer - Great analog world
(w+p: John Hegre/Lasse Marhaug)
(from compilation CD "Good music") (JAZZ15)
(.no Jazzassin, 2000)
(COMMENT: Jazzkammer released "Timex" just before Christmas, an experimental album on Rune Grammofon.)

(w+p: Kai Mikalsen/Tore H. Bøe/Kjelll Øyvind Braaten)
(from compilation CD "Good music") (JAZZ15)
(.no Jazzassin, 2000)

(w+p: Kelly Braaten/Tore H. Bøe)
from vinylset "98-97") (MOLD 4/OHM 0.5)
(.no ohm, 2000)

KA - V
(w+p: Kelly Braaten/Tore H. Bøe/Kai Mikalsen)
(from vinylset "98-97") (MOLD 4/OHM 0.5)
(.no ohm, 2000)

Sketch - Cliff
(w+p: Tor Jørgensen/Kai Mikalsen)
(from CDR "Zincanode")
(.no End of Hum)

Sketch - Untitled track 3
(w+p: Tor Jørgensen/Kai Mikalsen)
(from CDR "Sketch")
(.no End of Hum)

Lee Perry and the Upsetters - Words
(w+p: Lee Perry)
(from compilation CD "Chapter 2 of Words: Lee Perry and Friends") (CDTRL 425)
(.uk Trojan, 1999)

Fred Frith - Ostkreutz
(w+p: Fred Frith)
(from CD "Eye to ear") (TZ 7503)
(.us Tzadik, 1997)

Paul Schutze - The lotus voltage
(w+p: Paul Schutze)
(from CD "Abysmyl evenings") (AMBT19)
(.uk Paul Schutze/Virgin, 1996)



(This program is a first at Experimenta - a live concert from two electronic musicians, Sascha Karminski (I:Wound) from Germany and Benny Braaten (B9) from Oslo. Benny guested the show as co-host and record presenter three editions ago.)

I:Wound & B9 - Live concert (one hour)



(Happy birthday to Experimenta! This month the show is four - 4 - years old, and I celebrated this with a three hour special. Enjoy!)

Natacha Atlas - One brief moment (Klute remix by Tom Withers)
(w: Natacha Atlas/David Arnold, p: David Arnold)
(from CDS "One brief moment") (MNT42CD)
(.uk Mantra, 1999)
(COMMENT: A collaboration between Natacha Atlas and David Arnold.)

The Chemical Brothers - Music: response (Gentleman thief mix by Justin Robertson and Roger Lyons)
(w: Rowlands/Simons/Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliot/Tim Mosley/A. Richards, p: The Chemical Brothers)
(from CDS " Music: response") (CHEMSD11)
(.uk Virgin, 2000)

The Dysfunctional Psychedelic Waltons - All over my face (Alex Gopher steel mix)
(w: Arthur Russell/Steven D'Acquisto/Vincent Montana Jr./Nellee Hooper, p: Nellee Hooper)
(from CDS "All over my face") (VUSCD160)
(.us Meanwhile/Virgin, 2000)
(COMMENT: As featured in the comedy motion picture "The Big Tease".)

Boxsaga - Atata
(w+p: Nick Phillips)
(from CDEP "Positive sweat") (PFACD7)
(.uk Blue/Universal Island, 2000)
(COMMENT: From a thorough four track EP on Ross Allen's new sub-label of the giant Universal, Blue. Ross Allen used to be in charge of the Filter division of the London label Dorado. LOTS of great music will come from this new label, I'm sure.)

Motion Control - Glossy rubber
(w: Oddgeir Hvidsten/Jostein Dahl Gjelsvik, p: Oddgeir Hvidsten)
(from CD "Groove tool") (BSCD029)
(.no Beatservice, 2000)
(COMMENT: Good quality Norwegian house.)

The Cardigans - Junk of the hearts (remix by Nåid)
(m: Svensson, l: Sveningsson, p: Tore Johansson)
(from CDS "Gran turismo overdrive: The Cardigans remixed by Nåid)
(.se Stockholm, 1999)
(COMMENT: From a five track EP with Nåid remixes of popsters The Cardigans.)

Tony Allen - Ariya
(w: Candido Obajimi/Tony Allen, p: Tony Allen/Candido Obajimi/Maurice Ekpo-Otu)
(from double CD "No accommodation for lagos/No discrimination") (STRUTACD002)
(.us Blues Interaction/.uk Strut, 2000)
(COMMENT: This double CD is released with love by the London reissue label Strut, and compacts the two soloalbums Tony Allen did in the late 70's, after he parted company with Fela Kuti after the two laid down the foundation for the term "afro-funk".)

Manic Street Preachers - Tsunami (Electron ray tube mix by Stereolab)
(m: James Dean Bradfield/Sean Moore, l: Nick Jones, p: Mike Hedges)
(from CDEP "Tsunami") (667411 5)
(.uk Sony, 1999)
(COMMENT: A very interesting remix of an already good tune to begin with.)

Black Star Liner - Sita D
(w: Hosein/Harrop/Salmon, p: Choque)
(from CD "Bengali bantam youth experience!) (3984-25004-2)
(.uk Warner, 1999)
(COMMENT: The opening song of a very good album, not quite bhangra, but more electronic in its form.)

Danmass - Run don't hide
(from compilation double CD "Dope on plastic 7") (REACTCD 169)
(.uk React, 1999)
(COMMENT: More breaks and beats in this series. OK, but not amazing.)

Palm Skin Productions - Künstruk
(from CD "Künstruk") (PUSSY CDLP020)
(.uk Pussyfoot, 2000)
(COMMENT: I recommend this album wholeheartedly.)

Neba Solo - Cinporoko nonougoro (Jeff Sharel mix)
(from promo compilation CD "Frikyiwa") (FRI008PROMOCD)
(.fr Cobalt/F Communications, 2000)
(COMMENT: Here's an idea - let electronic musicians remix African music. Not at all as commercial as Hardfloor's remix of Mory Kante, this is an interesting fusion of traditional African "folk music" and western repetetive electronic music.)

Recycler - Flying carpet
(w+p: Recycler)
(from CD "AlphaBhangraPsychedelicFunkin'") (NRCD1097)
(.uk Nation, 1999)
(COMMENT: Not really the most interesting of Nation's albums as of late, but two or three very good tunes are on here.)

Dynamic Syncopation feat. Mass Influence - A ground zero
(m: B. Allen/J. Morris/A. Johnson/S. Bailey, l: Mass Influence, p: Dynamic Syncopation)
(from 12" "A ground zero") (ZEN 1282)
(.uk Ninja Tune, 1999)
(COMMENT: Innovative hip hop with a ground breaking production. Also check their album "Dynamism" on the same label.)

Amar - Red sky (Wamdue lotempo remix by Chris Brann)
(w: Amar/Nitin Sawhney, p: Nitin Sawhney)
(from CDS "Red sky") (NEG122CD1)
(.uk Blanco Y Negro/Warner, 1999)
(COMMENT: You would expect a house remix from Wamdue, but no - this is a nice mellow remix of this slightly commercial track.)

Bjorn - New form of life
(w+p: B. Stokes)
(from compilation CD "Soulfood") (CKCD001)
(.uk Cookin'/Good Looking, 1999)
(COMMENT: From a compilation consisting of only downtempo tracks, released by a new sub-label of the "classic" drum'n'bass label Good Looking.)

Euphoria - Delirium (Fila Brazillia mix)
(w: Ken Ram)
(.uk Six Degrees, 1999)
(from compilation CD "Brazilification: remixes 95-99") (KUDCD013)
(.uk Kudos, 2000)
(COMMENT: English nutters Fila Brazillia have remixed at least over 30 other acts, and now distributors and sometimes record company Kudos have released a double CD with 18 of their best remixes so far. Here you have remixes of people with such a variety as Radiohead, Moloko, U.N.K.L.E., DJ Food, The Orb, Freak Power, Simple Minds, Irresistible Force, Lamb... and the list goes on.)

Leftfield feat. Nicole Willis - Swords (To Rococo Rot mix)
(from promo double 12" "Swords") (HAND59TP)
(.uk Hard Hands/Higher Ground/Sony, 2000)
(COMMENT: A good choice of remixers appear on this promo double pack: Cari Lekebusch, To Rococo Rot and Two Lone Swordsmen. In addition there are two new remixes by the boys - or should that be old men? - themselves.)

Kraftwerk - Expo2000 (Kling Klang mix 2001 radio edit)
(w: Hutter/Schneider/Hilpert)
(from promo CDS "Expo2000") (CD KLANG 001)
(.de Kraftwerk/.uk EMI, 2000)
(COMMENT: I hadn't played this before! I had to correct the mistake this night.)

DJ Food - Nevermore (Sleep dyad 2)
(w: Foakes, p: PC/Strictly Kev)
(from CD "Kaleidoscope") (ZEN CD47)
(.uk Ninja Tune, 2000)
(COMMENT: From a fantastic album filled with cinematic textures from beginning to end. Electronic organic music oozing with soul.)

Underwolves - So blue it's black (Juryman aberash version)
(w: Jeb Loy Nichols/Ned Kelly/Professor Stretch/Betty Davis, p: Professor Stretch/Ned Kelly)
(from CDEP "So blue it's black") (PFACD5)
(.uk Blue/Universal Island, 2000)
(COMMENT: A wonderful, but a little short, remix by Juryman of an already good track.)

Howie B - Hopscotch (Wagon Christ remix by Luke Vibert)
(w+p: Howie B)
(from CDEP "Take your partner by the hand") (569 327-2)
(.uk Polydor, 1997)
(COMMENT: One of Luke Vibert's better remixes, so typical him in sound and style. Haven't heard the original, though.)

Schooly D & Joe Delia - The player (theme from Blackout) (Pigforce fat players remix)
(from promo CDS "The player") (MUMCD 99DJ)
(.uk Mother)
(COMMENT: Almost twostep remix of a "my-dick-is-big" rap track.)

Raw Deal - A strange operation
(w: J.Z. Robins, p: Raw Deal)
(from CDS "Sky high EP") (TLCD53)
(.uk Talkin Loud/Mercury, 2000)
(COMMENT: Phat beats with good melodies.)

Cosmos - Summer in space (Mark Pritchard mix)
(w+p: Tom Middleton)
(from CDS "Summer in space") (PFACD3)
(.uk Blue/Universal Island, 1999)
(COMMENT: Although Tom Middleton and Mark Pritchard have released lots and lots of amazing music before, their output as of late has been a far cry from the brilliance and originality they showed on i.e. their "76:14" album as Global Communication. But then again, who can blame them for trying to cash in on the general interest for house and electronic music in general that's in the air now. After all, they've more than paid their dues.)

Gary Numan - Cars (Dave Clarke remix)
(w+p: Gary Numan)
(from CD "Random (02)") (BBQCD 197)
(.uk Beggars Banquet, 1998)
(COMMENT: A nice electromix of this classic track.)

Slick Sixty - Hilary, last of the pool sharks (Meat Katie remix)
(from CDEP "Hilary, last of the pool sharks") (CDMUTE235)
(.uk Mute, 1999)
(COMMENT: Weird project with an ever weirder song title. There's also a Andrea Parker remix here, perhaps I'll play it on a later edition of the show.)

CiM - Typical
(w+p: CiM)
(from 12" "Series one") (HS004)
(.uk Headspace, 1998)
(COMMENT: The brit CiM is a fave with everyone with a love for electronic music. This is from an old, but very good 12". Also contains a nice Morgan Geist remix.)

Lackluster - Trullcakes
(from promo CDR "Container") (FOC350CD)
(.uk Focus, 2000)
(COMMENT: This kid is from Finland, and has just released his first album on London label Focus, run by Clair who used to run Clear with Hal, who now does graphic work, I think. If you didn't get lost by that one, I'll just tell you that this album is very nice, reminiscent of a less complex version of Autechre, perhaps?)

Death in Vegas - Dirge (Slam remix)
(from promo 12" "Dirge") (DIRGE 2)
(.uk Concrete/BMG, 2000)
(COMMENT: Boring original track, nice slamming remix by the old men of Slam.)

Sven Väth - Dein schweiss
(w+p: Sven Väth/Johannes Heil)
(from CD "Contact") (CDVIR95)
(.de Virgin, 2000)
(COMMENT: From Väth's new offering, a weird and highly electronic album by the grandpa, or at least uncle, of electronic music. The new album doesn't exactly sound like his previous stuff on his former label Eye Q, that's for certain.)



A Reminiscent Drive - (On my way) to Providence
(w+p: Jay Alanski)
(from promo CD "Ambrosia") (F120 PROMOCD)
(.fr F Communications, 2000)
(COMMENT: Very nice new album from this talented French electronic musician.)

Me One - Game plan (Cameron McVey remix)
(w: Eric Martin/Nile Rodgers/Bernard Edwards, p: Me One)
(from CDS "Game plan") (CID 751)
(.uk Universal Island, 1999)
(COMMENT: Cameron McVey has done several interesting remixes, amongst them this.)

St Germain - What you think about...
(from promo CD "Tourist")
(.fr Blue Note/EMI, 2000)
(COMMENT: Having left F Communications, St Germain releases his first album for legendary Blue Note.)

Tungtvann - Ubudne gjesta
(l: Jørg-1, m+p: Poppa Lars)
(from CDS "Reinspikka hip hop EP") (8 88612 2)
(.no EMI, 2000)
(COMMENT: Amazing Norwegian hip hop - fantastic lyrics.)

Common - The 6th sense
(from promo 12" "Like water for chocolate - LP sampler") (COMMON1)
(.us MCA, 2000)
(COMMENT: Common had a concert the following Wednesday at Blå, and we gave a listener two tickets.)

Palace of Pleasure - Batboy (Päronsoda mix)
(from CDS "Batboy") (S2CM014)
(.no POP/S2, 2000)
(COMMENT: Nice chilled Päronsoda mix.)

Kahuun - Galu-tex
(w+p: Kai Mæland)
(from compilation CD "Tellé 007 samleplate") (TELLE 1/2000)
(.no Tellé, 2000)
(COMMENT: Finally Tellé Records from Bergen in Norway releases something on CD, a compilation of the best tracks so far..)

Daddylonglegs - When Betty comes to town (Palm Skin Productions mix by Simon Richmond)
(w: H. Bernstein/J. Shaw/W. O'Donovan/G. Fleming/S. Baldursson, p: Daddylonglegs)
(from CDS "When Betty comes to town") (PUSSY CD038)
(.uk Pussyfoot, 1999)
(COMMENT: Very good remix by Simon Richmond.)

Leuroj - Isokora (Bushwacka! mix by Matthew B)
(w+p: Simon Rodgers)
(.uk Loaded, 1999)
(from compilation triple LP "Tectonics") (MAPAVLP001)
(.uk Marine Parade, 2000)
(COMMENT: From a compilation put together by Adam Freeland. The whole album isn't that amazing, but some of the tracks are more than good enough.)

Moloko - The time is now (Francois K main vocal mix by Francois Kevorkian)
(w: Mark Brydon/Roisin Murphy, p: Moloko)
(from CDS "The time is now") (RR 2111-3)
(.uk Echo/.nl Roadrunner, 2000)
(COMMENT: Moloko was supposed to have a gig the day after the show, Saturday, but it was unfortunately cancelled. I even gave out two tickets for the concert... and to the woman who won - sorry! We couldn't know. :-D)

David Bendeth - Feel the real (Jazz-n-Groove ultra classic edit)
(from promo CDR-S "Feel the real")
(.uk Deluxe Audio, 2000)

Two Shot Sons - Constant guitar
(w+p: Morgand M)
(from compilation CD "Le jazz non") (STS034CD)
(.no Smalltown Supersound, 2000)
(COMMENT: From a new compilation of Norwegian noise released on the very small, but very very respected label Smalltown Supersound. I'll return to this compilation later. The concept "Auxiliary" at the Oslo jazz club Blå hosted the release party for the album the following Thursday, 18 May.)



(This program was two hours long, and featured a CD album.)

Pierre Henry Michel Colombier - Psyche rock (The invisible remix by William Orbit)
(from CDS "Psyche rock") (462 031-2)
(.uk Polydor, 1997)
(COMMENT: One of William Orbit's wildest remixes, really interesting. I played it in full, over 10 minutes of phat beats and weird noises.)

Bergmund Waal Skaslien - Khatami in Abali
(w+p: Bergmund Waal Skaslien/Lars Årdal)
(from CD "Sound off") (EUCD 15)
(.no Turn Left Prod/Musikkoperatørene, 2000)
(COMMENT: Experimental music from Bergen, Norway. Known to collaborate with dancer and choreographer Jo Strømgren, this jazz musician has made this really interesting album, full of textures and sometimes beats, as in this track. Skaslien is amusingly enough sponsored by Nokia, and plays a Nokia 9110 on this track.)

Hardyboyz - Massive
(w+p: Kyrre Øverland Andersen/Stig Holte)
(from CDS "We can sing EP") (668521 2)
(.no Storm/Sony, 2000)
(COMMENT: A nice little track from an otherwise more big beatey EP. The Hardyboyz are based in Trondheim.)

Laurent Garnier - The man with the red face (Funk D'Void mix)
(w+p: Laurent Garnier)
(from CDS "The man with the red face") (F119 CD)
(.fr F Communications, 2000)
(COMMENT: It's been a while since we heard from Denmark and Funk D'Void. This mix suits the song well, and is far from a standard 4/4-house workout.)

Röyksopp - Wooden leg
(w+p: Torbjørn Brundtland/Svein Berge)
(from compilation CD "Le big sloppy kiss") (74321 70530 2)
(.no PanM/BMG, 2000)
(COMMENT: Torbjørn Brundtland is one of Norway's new wonderboys in electronic music, and with partner Svein Berge [ex-Aedena Cycle] in Röyksopp he makes beautiful analog-style electronic and instrumental music. Their debutalbum should be released this fall.)

Ronny Jordan - London lowdown (radio edit)
(w: Ronny Jordan)
(from promo CDS "London lowdown") (DPRO 6 14608 2)
(.us Blue Note/Capitol, 2000)
(COMMENT: Ronny is out with a new album on Blue Note, "A brighter day", which comes fully recommended from us in Radio NOVA.)

Various - Larry Levan live at the Paradise Garage
(.us West End/.uk Strut, 2000) (STRUTCD 006)
(COMMENT: The small recordlabel Strut in London re-releases old records, and this time they've gotten hold of a mix legendary DJ Larry Levan did at the Paradise Garage in 1979. The club closed in 1987, Levan passed away in 1992, and for all those who never got to hear him DJ live this mix is the nearest we get, full-on disco with the vibe of New York, 1979 in full effect.)
Ashford and Simpson - Bourgie bourgie
Damon Harris - It's music
T Connection - At midnight
Stephanie Mills - Put your body in it
Crown Heights Affair - Dreaming a dream
Bunny Sigler - By the way you dance
Shalamar - Right in the socket
Cher - Take me home
Melba Moore - Pick me up I'll dance
Munich Machine - Get on the funk train
People's Choice - Here we go again
Motown Sounds - Bad mouthin'
Supremes - Let yourself go
Change - Angel in my pocket
Janice McClain - Smack dab in the middle
Jakki - Sun sun sun
John Gibbs and the US Steel Band - Tinidad
Chi-Lites - My first mistake
Jermaine Jackson - Erucu



(This program featured legendary Alex Paterson of The Orb as guest and co-host. Alex DJ'ed at the Subcity 02-party in Oslo in May, and I was lucky enough to catch a DJ-set from him when he was in town. The Orb is coming out with a new album sometime this autumn and Alex has also got a new label of his own called BadOrb on which he will be releasing interesting music on from summer on. Yes - I will be playing it all.

NOTE: Unfortunately it was a bit unpractical to write down the playlist as Alex was playing, so this time around you won't find any playlist. But please listen to the transmission!)



(This program was part I of a festival special, where I focused (mainly) on artists who appeared on the Norwegian Quart-festival in Kristiansand and the Danish Roskilde-festival. Part II will follow next Friday. As most of you know, a terrible incident happened at Roskilde this year during the Pearl Jam-concert, where a total of nine people were killed because the crowd got out of control. So even though it was my first year and it should be mind-blowing, this tragedy made it impossible to enjoy the festival fully. I guess the Quart-festival would have been a better choice this year.)

Bliss - Song for Olabi
(w+p: Bliss)
(.dk Music for Dreams, 2000)
(from compilation double CD "Real Ibiza 3: Chilling you softly") (REACT CD 180)
(.uk React, 2000)

King Britt & Ursula Rucker - Circe (remixed by Jazzanova)
(w: Ursula Rucker, p: King Britt)
(.us Guidance)
(from compilation double CD "Quart 00 Club")
(.no Quart Festivalen/Tuba, 2000)
(COMMENT: Listen to the lyrics! This beautiful track is from a "special edition" of the offical Quart CD of 2000, with two mixed CD's and a multimedia CD-ROM. CD1 is more chilled, while CD2 is housed up. Music selection is by Norwegian "oldie" DJ Peer.)

Olu - Sista why (Roots remix)
(w: K.O. Artis, p: Olu/Stuart Matthewman)
(from CDS "Baby can't leave it alone") (GEE5012783)
(.us Gee Street/V2, 2000)
(COMMENT: A sweet soulful Roots-treatment of a an already nice track. Roots have played both Quart and Roskilde, if I remember correctly.)

Remedeeh feat. ADL - Pound for pound
(m: Hermit, l: Remedeeh/ADL, p: Hermit/Monk/Payler)
(from CDEP "My everything") (BMSCD 2005)
(.se Bonnier Music Scandinavia, 2000)
(COMMENT: Swedish singer/rapper with a talent for both. Phat production, a nice groove and very good rapping from both. Don't know how the album is, though.)

Tony Touch feat. Gang Starr - The piece maker
(w: C. Martin/K. Elam, p: DJ Premier)
(from CDS "The Diaz Bros.") (TBCD2099)
(.us Tommy Boy, 2000)
(COMMENT: As usual, a very nice production by DJ Premier.)

Lyrics Born & the Poets of Rhythm - I changed my mind (DJ Spinna mix)
(from promo CDS "I changed my mind") (MWR114CDS)
(.us Quannum Projects/.uk Mo Wax, 1999)
(COMMENT: Quannum-related Blackalicious played Quart this year.)

Angie Stone - Life story (Jazz hop mix by Full Crew)
(w: G. Deveaux/C. Ross, p: Gerry Deveaux)
(from CD "Black diamond") (74321 72775 2)
(.us Arista, 1999)
(COMMENT: Quannum-related Blackalicious played Quart this year.)

Ian Brown - Love like a fountain (Aim mix)
(w: Ian Brown)
(from CDS "Love like a fountain") (561 520-2)
(.uk Polydor, 1999)
(COMMENT: Aim, of Grand Central Records, played Quart this year.)

House of Pain - Who's the man
(w: E. Schrody/D. O'Connor/L. DiMant/R. Bell/R. Wright/K. Lassiter/P. Duarte/K. Cheek/W. Beckett/D. White/K. Bell, p: Lethal)
(from CD "Same is it ever was") (XLCD 115)
(.us Tommy Boy/.uk XL, 1994)
(COMMENT: Samples "The master plan" by The Kay Gees. House of Pain played Quart a few years ago, I think.)

Tungtvann - Reinspikka hip hop
(l: Jørg-1, m+p: Poppa Lars)
(from CDS "Reinspikka hip hop EP") (8 88612 2)
(.no EMI, 2000)
(COMMENT: Amazing Norwegian hip hop-duo from Northern Norway. Lars Audun Sandness and Jørgen Nordeng played Quart this year, and SHOULD have played Roskilde too, in my humble opinion.)

Kid Koala - Emperors main course
(from 10" "Emperors main course in Cantonese") (ZEN 1093)
(.uk Ninja Tune, 2000)
(COMMENT: Kid Koala played/DJed Roskilde this year with P-Love as Bullfrog, and I must say I've never seen anyone perform such magic with vinyl as these two very gentle and nice fellows did. Not only technically brilliant, Kid Koala turns out to be quite a performer as well, adding comments and little speeches on top of and in between the music. If he does his thing live nearby you, go see it!)

Nuyorican Soul featuring Jocelyn Brown - I am the black gold of the sun
(w: Charles Stephney/Richard Rudolph, p: "Little" Louie Vega/Kenny "Dope" Gonzales)
(from CD "Nuyorican Soul") (534 460-2)
(.uk Talkin Loud/Mercury, 1997)
(COMMENT: Vega and Gonzales were at Quart this year to DJ.)

Xploding Plastix - Treat me mean, I need the reputation
(w+p: Hallvard Wennersberg Hagen/Jens Petter Nilsen)
(from 7" "Treat me mean, I need the reputation") (BSS031)
(.no Beatservice, 2000)
(COMMENT: Using samples to put together orchestral-ish groovy beats, this Norwegian duo played live at Quart this year.)

Femi Kuti - Beng beng beng (Ashley Beedle's Afrikans on Marz remix)
(w: Femi Anikulapo Kuti, p: SODI)
(from CD "Shoki remixed") (NUX145CD)
(.fr Barclay/Universal, 1999/.uk Nuphonic, 2000)
(COMMENT: The son of legendary Fela Kuti played live on the Orange Stage at Roskilde this year.)

Laurent Garnier - Sore fingers
(w+p: Laurent Garnier)
(from CDS "The sound of big babou") (F111 CD)
(.fr F Communications, 1999)
(COMMENT: Garnier played live at Roskilde this year, with a very nice set. Looking at him on stage, you could really see him enjoying himself. And so did the audience. :-D)



(This program was part II of a festival-special, where I focused (mainly) on artists who appeared on the Norwegian Quart-festival in Kristiansand and the Danish Roskilde-festival. As most of you know, a terrible incident happened at Roskilde this year during the Pearl Jam-concert, where a total of nine people were killed because the crowd got out of control. So even though it was my first year and it should be mindblowing, this tragedy made it impossible to enjoy the festival fully. I guess the Quart-festival would have been a better choice this year.)

Biosphere - Black lamb & grey falcon
(w+p: Geir Jenssen)
(from CD "Cirque") (APR056CD)
(.dk April/Voices of Wonder, 2000)
(COMMENT: Biosphere did a beautiful concert at Roskilde this summer.)

Sigur Rós - Bíum bíum bambaló
(l: Jónas Árnason)
(from CDEP "Ný batterí") (CDFAT039)
(.is Krúnk/.uk Fat Cat, 2000)
(COMMENT: So did this Icelandic group.)

Emiliana Torrini - Baby blue (Rae & Christian remix)
(w+p: Roland Orzabal/Alan Griffiths)
(from CDS "Baby blue") (273TP7CD)
(.uk One Little Indian, 1999)
(COMMENT: A slow and epic remix from Rae & Christian, who played Roskilde this year.)

The Amalgation of Soundz - Enchant me (radio edit)
(m+p: Mark Harbottle/Jean-Claude Thompson, l: Yvonne Webbley)
(from CDS "Enchant me/Urban discoid activity") (FILT036CD)
(.uk Filter/Dorado, 1999)

Finley Quake - It's great when we're together (Fun Lovin' Criminal re-mix)
(w: Finley Quake, p: Kevin Bacon/Jonathan Quarmby/Finley Quake)
(from CDS "It's great when we're together") (665338 2)
(.uk Sony, 1997)

Roni Size/Reprazent - Down (Bel-Air remix)
(w: Roni Size/Die)
(from CDEP "Watching windows") (TLDD 31)
(.uk Talkin Loud/Mercury, 1997)
(COMMENT: These guys played Roskilde this year and many felt the concert was amazing.)

Anneli Drecker - Sexy love (Röyksopps romantiske sløyd)
(p: Anneli Drecker/Torbjørn Brundtland)
(from promo CDS "Sexy love") (8 88871 2)
(.no EMI, 2000)
(COMMENT: Torbjørn Brundtland and Svein Berge in Röyksopp played live at Quart this year.)

Atakama - Of(f) this world (Mental Overdrive 1984 original mix)
(w: Atakama, p: Ned Douglas/Atakama)
(from CDS "9-2-5 (9 to 5) EP") (8 88530 2)
(.no EMI, 2000)

Saint Etienne - Heart failed (in the back of a taxi) (Two Lone Swordsmen mix)
(from promo CDEP "Heart failed (in the back of a taxi)") (STET2CD)
(.uk Mantra, 2000)
(COMMENT: Saint Etienne played Quart this year.)

Leftfield - Phat planet (Dave Clarke remix)
(w: Barnes/Daley, p: Leftfield)
(from CDEP "Afrika shox" 2/2) (HAND057CD2)
(.uk Hard Hands/Sony, 1999)
(COMMENT: Leftfield played Quart this year.)

GusGus vs. T-World - Purple
(w: Biggi Veira/Herb Legowitz, p: Biggi Veira)
(from CDS "GusGus vs. T-World") (CAD2K02CD)
(.UK 4AD, 2000)



Cutterblade - Nocturnal temple of Ahoo
(w+p: Nima/Dave)
(from double LP "Cutterblade") (PROCESS 005)
(.uk Process, 1999)
(COMMENT: Interesting ambient drum'n'bass.)

Locust - Summer rain
(w: Mark van Hoen/Holli Ashton, p: Mark van Hoen)
(from CD "Morning light") (31026-2)
(.be Apollo/R&S/.us Sire, 1997)
(COMMENT: Mark van Hoen combines "art"-music and popmusic on this track. Holli Ashton on vocals and lyrics.)

Mandalay - Not seventeen (Attica Blues remix)
(from double promo 12" "Not seventeen") (VVR5014156P)
(.uk V2, 2000)
(COMMENT: Really good remix by Attica Blues, who are releasing a new album on Sony these days.)

Nood - Bumblebee
(w: Nood/Grytøyr/Steve G, p: Nood)
(from CD "Shaped like a taco") (NDBUT 019)
(.no dBut, 2000)
(COMMENT: Mellow track. Stine Grytøyr on vocals.)

Up, Bustle & Out - The educators (Remix PHD in street, crime word to wind power by Clandestine Ein)
(w+p: Señor Roody)
(from 12" "Ron Y Menta EP") (ZEN 1295)
(.uk Ninja Tune, 2000)
(COMMENT: Typical Up, Bustle & Out. Which is a good thing, of course)

Züm - Take ya time
(w: R. Scott/G. Thomas/J. Brown/L. Austin, p: Richard Scott/Glyn Thomas)
(from 12" "Take ya time") (RKDK 009)
(.uk Rinkydinky, 2000)
(COMMENT: Resembles "Remember me" by Blueboy. Samples "Rock me again and again.." by Lyn Collins.)

Amon Tobin - Saboteur (Roots Manuva remix)
(w+p: Amon Tobin)
(from CDS "4 ton mantis) (ZEN CDS 094)
(.uk Ninja Tune, 2000)
(COMMENT: More like a Roots Manuva-track than a remix, but that's fine.)

Perculator - Addicted (Morgenstern abducted by Sternklang)
(from 12" "Addicted remixes")
(.no dBut, 2000)
(COMMENT: Very nice Norwegian mellow track from a good EP of quality remixes of "Addicted", including a remix by English Afterlife.)

World Service - Skankin' for Jullandar
(w+p: Input/Volume)
(from compilation CD "Qilaash: How the west was one") (NRCD1066)
(.uk Nation, 2000)
(COMMENT: OK collection of tracks from old London label Nation. "Qilaash" is actually the name of a tribe in Pakistan that has preserved their lifestyle for thousands of years.)

Titan - Corazon (Wiseguys remix by Touché)
(from promo 12" "Corazon") (DINSFDJ201)
(.us Tombola!/Virgin, 2000)
(COMMENT: Samples the Carole King-written classic "Corazon".)

MJ Cole feat. Nova Caspar & Jay Dee - Sincere (Re-cue'd)
(w+p: Matt Coleman)
(from double promo 12" "Sincere") (TKDJ84)
(.uk Talkin Loud/Mercury, 2000)
(COMMENT: A slightly altered - re-cue'd - version of this modern classic. I didn't actually play the original when it came out ages ago, so this remix is a good excuse to play this one.)

Lelonex - Connections
(w+p: Friedel Lelonek)
(from white label 12" "Connections") (ONEK 301)
(.uk One K)
(COMMENT: Very nice two-step'ey techno'ed out tune. I want more!)



(On Friday the 13th!)

Hefner - An evening with Hefner part 3
(w+p: Lee Jones)
(.uk Inertia)
(from double CD compilation "The Big Chill: Enchanted 01") (FACTOR 2)
(.uk The Big Chill, 1999)
(COMMENT: Originally from one of the first Hefner EP's on the very quality minded London label Inertia, here culled from the nice and mostly chilled "Enchanted 01" compilation CD released by The Big Chill.)

DJ Vadim feat. Blu Rum 13 - It's obvious
(m+p: DJ Vadim, l: Blu Rum 13)
(from CD "USSR: Life from the other side") (ZENCD44)
(.uk Jazz Fudge/Ninja Tune, 2000)
(COMMENT: DJ Vadim held an Oslo-concert the Sunday previous to the show. This track is from his latest album on Ninja, and it's mellow as usual. Check the rest of the album for more quirky hip hop.)

DJ Shuriken - Psycked up muzak
(w+p: Gábor Vályi)
(from compilation CD "Future sound of jazz vol. 7") (COMPOST 080-2)
(.de Compost, 2000)
(COMMENT: From the seventh instalment of this ongoing series of compilation albums, this track is slightly fucked up to good effect.)

Guru feat. Herbie Hancock - Timeless
(w: K. Elam/H. Hancock, p: Guru)
(from CD "Jazzmatazz: Streetsoul") (8 50188 2)
(.us Virgin, 2000)
(COMMENT: Ah, Guru from Gangstarr is getting older, and the third album in the "Jazzmatazz"-series is far from as interesting as the first one. A lot of good people on it, but the general vibe is lacking. This track is nice, however, even though it's not at all "timeless", like Guru keep stating in the song.)

Muggs feat. Dilated Peoples - Suckers are hidin'
(w: A. Maman/R. Taylor/M. Perreta, p: The Alchemist)
(from CD "Muggs presents Soul Assasins II") (RLCD-02)
(.uk Ruff Life, 2000)
(COMMENT: Phat production on this rap track, with sympathetic rapping by Dilated Peoples.)

Tungtvann - Hold det nede
(w: Sandness/Noreng, p: Lars Professor)
(from CDEP "Hold det nede") (8 89532 2)
(.no EMI, 2000)
(COMMENT: Best hip-hop group out of Norway ever? Jørg-1 raps in his own native tongue and the production by Poppa Lars simply rips. They had the release party for their album "Nord og ned" the following Monday, and they CAN do their shit live too. Again, just phenomenal.)

Salvatore - Beware of clubwear
(from CD "Clingfilm") (RJ005)
(.no Racing Junior, 2000)
(COMMENT: Nice electronic postrock by "new" Norwegian group.)

Red Snapper - Some kind of funk (Two Lone Swordsmen mix)
(from promo CDS "Some kind of funk") (WAP142CDP)
(.uk Warp, 2000)
(COMMENT: Cool mix by Weatherall and Tenniswood. The original is good too.)

Photek - DNA
(w+p: R. Parker)
(from promo CDEP "Terminus") (QEDCDJ 8)
(.uk Science/Virgin, 2000)
(COMMENT: Photek is back and he's still good. Check out his new album.)

Only Child feat. Kriminul - I've got a right (Nextmen remix)
(w: Only Child/D. Ogbourne, p: Only Child)
(from CDS "I've got a right") (GC133CDS)
(.uk Grand Central, 2000)
(COMMENT: OK hip hop from Rae & Christian's label.)

Ski - Fifths (Jazzanova 6 sickth mix)
(w+p: Dominic Oakenfull)
(.fr Sony, 2000)
(from double CD compilation "Jazzanova: The remixes 1997-2000") (JCR 013-2)
(.de Jazzanova/Compost, 2000)
(COMMENT: From an outstanding collection of Jazzanova remixes. Get this!)

Mr. Oizo - Last night a DJ killed my dog (Demon Lnadjkmd rmx by Jérémie Mondon)
(w+p: Quentin Dupieux)
(from CDS "Last night a DJ killed my dog") (F117 CD)
(.fr F Communications, 2000)
(COMMENT: Interesting and weird techno'ish remix by a French guy I've never heard of before.)



Banabila - Wonderful mistakes
(w+p: Michel Banabila)
(from CD "Voiznoiz") (PORK 073)
(.uk Pork, 2000)
(COMMENT: Interesting urban soundscapes on forward-looking English label Pork Recordings.)

Flightcrank - Masterplan
(w+p: Leeroy Thornhill)
(from CDEP "Flightcrank") (COPA 016 X)
(.uk Copasetik, 2000)
(COMMENT: Leeroy used to be part of The Prodigy. This is much deeper and dubby than Liam & co.)

J Boogie's Dubtronic Science - Rosada flor
(from compilation CD "Om Lounge 4")
(.us Om, 2000)
(COMMENT: Really nice downtempo track from a good compilation released by the San Francisco label Om.)

D'Angelo - Me and those dreamin' eyes of mine (Def Squad mix by Erick Sermon)
(w: D'Angelo, p: D'Angelo/Bob Power)
(.us EMI, 1996)
(from 12" "Untitled (how does it feel?)") (8 88429 6)
(.us Virgin, 2000)
(COMMENT: Originally from his 1995-album "Brown sugar", put on the backside of a new 12".)

Xploding Plastix - Electric things
(from compilation CD "O what a day") (SCD1UCM)
(.no UCM/Playground, 2000)
(COMMENT: A really good and funky track by these Norwegians who are coming out with their debutalbum quite soon.)

Moon Orchestra - Dark string passage
(from 10" "Departure lounge") (NDBUT 20)
(.no dBut, 2000)
(COMMENT: Mellow and nice from Norwegian Jon Platou Selvig.)

DJ Vadim - Open shutters (exclusive live-recording for Radio NOVA and Tellus Radio)
(from the Russian Percussion Tour at So What!, 8 October 2000)
(COMMENT: DJ Vadim (turntables), Mr. Thing (turntables), Blu Rum 13 (rap), Killer Kela (human beatbox) and John Ellis (keyboards) played So What! and did an AMAZING concert. I recorded the whole shabang in association with Tellus Radio and I'll probably play more tracks from this gig later.)

Nuspirit Helsinki feat. Hypnomen - Orson
(w: P. Laine/T. Malm/K. Rantala/T. Kallio, p: Nuspirit Helsinki)
(from 12" "Montana Roha jazz EP") (JCR 010)
(.de Jazzanova/Compost, 2000)
(COMMENT: This Finnish collective of people played a fairly new Oslo club called Fonii the day after the show.)

Red Snapper - Keeping pigs together
(w: Ayers/Friend/Thair, p: Red Snapper)
(from CD "Our aim is to satisfy") (WARPCD78)
(.uk Warp, 2000)
(COMMENT: New album, new funky tunes.)

Pablo - Roll call: 7 am
(w+p: Pablo)
(.uk Fenetik/Soma)
(from compilation CD "DJ Morpheus: In my bag") (SSR 231)
(.be SSR/Crammed Discs, 2000)
(COMMENT: Nice and deep compilation put together by DJ Morpheus, who actually looks a bit like Mixmaster Morris...)

Rozzo - 15 in Moscow
(w+p: Rozzo)
(.?? Track Down, 1998)
(from compilation CD "Science fiction jazz volume five") (MOLE CD 029-2)
(.de Mole/.ch Jaboo, 2000)
(COMMENT: Good compilation of many unknown, but quality tunes.)

Zeke Shöön - San Tropez tonight (Quant remix)
(from compilation CD "A DOT sampler")
(.se DOT, 2000)

Sunday Brunch - After the rain
(from promo compilation 12" "After the rain") (VISA 8504)
(.se Svek, 2000)
(COMMENT: From a forthcoming compilation on Svek/Virgin.)



(A two-hour edition with DJ Scapegoat co-presenting.)

Tele:funken - Crescent 9
(from promo CD "A collection of ice cream vans vol. 2") (WIGCD83P)
(.uk Domino, 2000)
(COMMENT: Have released some stuff on Domino before, but I haven't heard it. Though I'm keen on checking it out, based on this album.)

Kim Hiorthøy - Doktor Watson-trikset
(from 7" "Torture happiness") (ST 5403)
(.no Smalltown Supersound, 2000)
(COMMENT: To be honest, this is a quite boring and transparent single from one of Norway's better (known) designers and illustrators. This is just my opinion - John Peel of BBC loved it, apparantly. Anyway, this last track on the B-side is fairly nice and chilled.)

Bridge & Tunnel - Flussabwaerts
(w+p: Mark Bihler/Nathan Bennett)
(from CD "Bridge & Tunnel") (HARM 303)
(.uk Harmsonic, 2000)
(COMMENT: Interesting debutalbum on a quite new London label. Check it out.)

Elektronische Geist - Submit
(w+p: Kjell Gaute Grude)
(from 12" "Transystem EP") (WTC 001)
(.no WTC, 2000)
(COMMENT: Very nice Norwegian electronica released only on 12".)

Mandalay - It's enough now
(from promo CD "Instinct") (VVR1012392)
(.uk V2, 2000)
(COMMENT: Eerie and vibrating voice on Nicola Hitchcock, vocalist and writer in this duo.)

Karen Jo Fields - Embrace me (Howard Maples mix)
(from CDEP "Embrace now") (8 95362 7)
(.no EMI, 2000)
(COMMENT: New Norwegian singstress. The original is not that interesting, but this Howard Maple remix does the trick.)

Nightmares on Wax - Ethnic majority
(w: George Evelyn/Robin Taylor-Firth/David Shire/Robert Goldstein, p: E.A.S.E.)
(.uk Warp, 1999)
(from compilation double CD "Kevin & Perry go large") (VTDCDF298)
(.uk Virgin, 2000)
(COMMENT: From a very commercial soundtrack to the film! But some gems can be found, including this track, which incidentally samples James Last's "Washington Square".)

Etienne de Crecy - Noname
(from promo CD "Tempovision") (SLD 028 PRO)
(.fr Disques Solid, 2000)
(COMMENT: Erm... this is quite embarassing. Etienne was in Oslo to promote this album, and I FORGOT I was gonna interview him! Etienne, if you read this, I'm sorry.)

Unforscene - Z
(from compilation CD "Dub plates from The Lamp") (PORK 072)
(.uk Pork, 2000)
(COMMENT: Unforscene are from England, and actually have TWO tracks on this compilation by Pork. Apparently "The Lamp" is a pub in Hull where the Pork people DJ from time to time, and almost all the tracks on this compilation are unsolicited demos that have been sent to label over the years. A VERY good compilation, with two Norwegian contributions that I'll return to later.)

The Source w/Candi Staton - You got the love (The divine inspiration remix by Steve Anderson)
(from members only LP "DMC February 91 mixes 3") (DMC A97/3)
(.uk DMC, 1991)

Shawn Lee - Happiness (Ashley Beedle's West coast beach bossa vocal mix)
(w+p: Shawn Lee)
(from 12" "Happiness") (AMOUR6T)
(.uk We Love You/Wall of Sound, 2000)
(COMMENT: Ashley Beedle DJ'ed the day after at the Oslo club S&C. I was there, and it wasn't that amazing or original, I'm sorry to say. He played a bit too much 'standard' housemusic to my taste. Oh well, his music and remixes are almost always brilliant, so keep it up in the studio, Ashley!)

Ian Pooley - Since then
(w+p: Ian Pooley)
(from CD "Since then") (VVR1011732)
(.de V2, 2000)

Tate's Place - Burnin' (Jazzanova mix)
(w: Julie Dexter/Chris Franck)
(.uk Dynamite Joint, 1999)
(from double CD compilation "Jazzanova: The remixes 1997-2000") (JCR 013-2)
(.de Jazzanova/Compost, 2000)

Da Lata - Prá manhã
(w: C. Franck/P. Forge/L. Chachian/O. Savill)
(.uk Palm Pictures, 1998)
(COMMENT: Da Lata played live at Blå the same evening, and I recorded the concert. I'll play a tune from the concert in a later show.)

Luciano - Life (Da Lata mix)
(from compilation double LP "The rebirth of cool seven") (524 494-1)
(.uk Island, 1998)

King Kooba - The antidote
(from promo compilation CD "Skinful volume 4: A Second Skin compilation") (SKINCD010)
(.uk Second Skin, 2000)

Chas Jankel - Glad to know you (remixed by Ben Liebrand)
(from members only LP "DMC December 89 previews") (DMC 83/3)
(.uk DMC, 1989)

Makesome Breaksome - Bong
(w+p: Matthew "Bushwacka!" B/Everald Dingram)
(from 12" "Bong") (PLANK 016)
(.uk Plank, 2000)

Morgan - Sitting in the sun (Morgan vs 2nd protocol)
(w: Morgan Nicholls/Amy Nicholls)
(from promo CDEP "Sitting in the sun") (SOURCDSP009)
(.uk Mawlaw 388/Source, 2000)

Azzido da Bass - Dooms night remix (Timo Maas remix)
(w+p: Azzido da Bass/Steve wilcken)
(.de Edel, 1999)
(from compilation quadruple LP "Matt 'Jam' Lamont: The jam experience") (REACTLP189)
(.uk React, 2000)
(COMMENT: I actually hadn't played this before, so this was a good time as any.)

Cut La Roc - Freeze
(from 12" "Freeze") (CUTLAROC4)
(.uk Skint, 1999)
(COMMENT: Dark and twisted techno sounds.)

Szerementa Program - I am
(from promo compilation 12" "After the rain") (VISA 8504)
(.se Svek, 2000)

Fun Fun - Happy station (Scratch mix)
(from mp3 via Napster)
(COMMENT: Found this on Napster! Classic Italian disco from 1984 or something. They also had "Color my love" as a hit, which we've played before.)

Surreal Madrid - We're going to Vegas baby! (Stg. Rock remix)
(w+p: Colin Owens)
(from 12" "We're going to Vegas baby!") (FABR028T)
(.uk Fused & Bruised, 2000)

Simon Harris - Bass (how low can you go) (Bomb the house mix)
(w+p: Simon Harris)
(from 12" "Bass (how low can you go)") (886 266-1)
(.uk ffrr, 1988)

Torch Song - Prepare 2 energize remix
(from compilation CD "Andrew Weatherall: 9 o clock drop")
(.uk Nuphonic, 2000)
(COMMENT: Old William Orbit-project from 1983. Weatherall pays respect by including the classic on this compilation.)



(This program featured Harald Grenne as guest and co-host. Harald is a freelance journalist and editor in the free newspaper Natt & Dag, and he played what he felt what was the best releases from 2000 so far.)

Photek - Glamourama
(w+p: Photek)
(from CD "Solaris") (CDQED6)
(.uk Virgin, 2000)

Photek feat. Robert Owens - Mine to give
(w+p: Photek/Robert Owens)
(from CD "Solaris") (CDQED6)
(.uk Virgin, 2000)

Truesteppers feat. Neutrino - Boooo!
(w: Lisners/Andy Lysandrou/Neutrino, p: Jonny L)
(from CD "True stepping") (74321 81224 2)
(.uk Ice Cream/Star-Write/Nu-Life, 2000)

Isolée - Démon
(w+p: Rajko Müller)
(from CD "Rest") (56401-2)
(.de Playhouse, 2000)

A Certain Ratio - Water line
(w: Jeremy Kerr/Donald Johnson/Martin Moscrop/Simon Topping/Peter Terrell, p: A Certain Ratio)
(.uk A Certain Ratio, 1981)
(from compilation CD "Andrew Weatherall: Nine o'clock drop")
(.uk Nuphonic, 2000)

Timo Maas - Ubik (the breakz) (radio mix)
(w: Timo Maas/Martin Buttrich/Andy Bolleskon/Martin Bettinhaus, p: Timo Maas/Martin Buttrich/Andy Bolleskon)
(from CDS "Ubik") (011971PER)
(.uk Hope/Perfecto/Mushroom/Edel, 2000)

Chicks on Speed feat. Push Anderson - Glamour girl
(w+p: Christopher Just/Logan/Moorse/Murray-Leslie)
(from CD "Chicks on Speed will save us all") (29901-2)
(.us Chicks on Speed, 2000)

Roni Size & Reprazent feat. Method Man - Ghetto celebrity
(from promo CD "In the møde") (ADV 2000 5)
(.uk Mercury/Talkin Loud, 2000)

Common - Dooinit
(w: Lonnie Lyon/James Yancey, p: Jay Dee)
(from CD "Like water for chocolate")
(.us MCA/Universal, 2000)



(This program featured Laurent Collat aka Elegia as guest and co-host. Laurent releases music mostly on F Communications, and was in Norway to play live at SubCity 04: Paris, which took place at Chateau Neuf in Oslo. I didn't get to save any playlist for this show, but Laurent played almost exclusively unreleased material and remixes for us. Thanks, Laurent!)



(This program featured Raw Deal as guest and co-host. Jim Robins releases records on Talkin Loud, and was in Oslo to DJ at the innovative jazzclub Blå at a night there with Norwegian DJ Prins Thomas. Unfortunately I didn't get to write down any playlist this time around, but he played a lot of nu-jazzey house things, and it was all very cosy.)



Pete Namlook & Geir Jenssen - Nouvelles machines
(w+p: Pete Namlook/Geir Jenssen)
(from CD "The fires of Ork II") (PW44)
(.de Fax, 2000)

Jimpster - You are
(w: Jamie O'Dell/Dave Walsh)
(.uk Kudos, 1999)
(from compilation double CD "Solar spectrums: The definitive chillout soundtrack") (EVSCD01)
(.uk Obsessive/Logic, 2000)

Gatas Parlament - Asfaltevangeliet
(w: Gatas Parlament/Jester, p: Jester)
(.no Rhythm and Rhymes, 2000)
(from compilation "ScandalNavia vol. 1") (TEE CD 0007)
(.no Virgin, 2000)

Bomb the Bass - Bug Powder Juice (DJ Muggs remix instrumental)
(from mp3 via Napster)

Moby - Porcelain (Clubbed to Death version by Rob Dougan)
(w+p: Moby)
(from CDS "Porcelain (remix)") (LCDMUTE252)
(.uk Mute, 2000)

Black Sheep - The choice is yours (revisited version)
(w+p: William McClean/Andreas Titus)
(.us PolyGram, 1991)
(from compilation CD "Classic hip hop mastercuts volume 2") (CUTSCD 35)
(.uk Beechwood, 1996)

WaiWan - The deep
(w+p: WaiWan)
(from CD "Distraction") (4 93168 2)
(.uk Autonomy, 1998)
(COMMENT: With Veba of Grand Central-fame on vocals and Johnny Miller on scratching.)

Dynamic Syncopation - Dynamism
(from CD "Dynamism") (ZEN CD43)
(.uk Ninja Tune, 1999)

Fink - Ever since I was a kid it seemed I collected something (Hefner remix)
(w+p: Fink)
(.uk Ninja Tune, 2000)
(from compilation CD "Sounds like Inertia vol. #2") (INTERT 12CD)
(.uk Inertia, 2000)

Howard Maple - Inside
(w+p: Håvard Abusland)
(from CD "Inside") (CCD 008)
(.no C+C, 2000)
(COMMENT: Raphael Corderos on trumpet and DJ Scapegoat on scratches.)

Layo & Bushwacka! - Kusekhaya
(w+p: Layo Paskin/Matthew Bushwacka!)
(.?? End)
(from compilation CD "DJ Morpheus: In my bag) (SSR 231)
(.be SSR/Crammed Discs, 2000)

Various - The Big Chill: Enchanted 02
(.uk Big Chill Label/PK Music, 2000) (FACTOR 5)
(COMMENT: I was at the Big Chill this summer - a very nice summerfestival of alternative music and culture in the midst of the English countryside - and when I got this new double-CD in the post I thought I should play the whole shabang. So here's CD1. CD2 to follow another day.)
(CD 1 of 2)
Truant - Naked ape
United Eye - Big chief
Hexstatic - Robo pop
Runaways - Do what you wanna do
Shur-i-Kan - The dayz
The Bays - Albatross
Over Soul feat. Gram'ma Funk - Universal unfolding
Baby Mammoth - Urban waltz
Audio Montage - Barracuda
Unforscene - Tall girl
Mighty Math - Quark sparking
Blue States - Elios therepia
Amon Tobin - Slowly
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