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"Search companion" instead of "Windows search"

Small tip - if you updated your Windows and you now have the really annoying "Windows search" come up as the search window instead of the good old "Search companion", do this to restore it back and get rid of "Windows search".

Open registry (Start -> Run -> write "regedit") and find this key:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows Desktop Search\DS\ShowStartSearchBand

Change the dword-value from 1 to 0 , and it will change the search back to "Search companion".

P.S. Tested on XP, I don't know if it works on Vista or not.


First see "WALL-E" - then "BURN-E"

Accompanying the lovely Pixar animated feature film "WALL-E" on the DVD and Blu-ray Disc is a cute and related short film called "BURN-E" - make sure you watch this AFTER you have seen "WALL-E"!

The reason for this is because "BURN-E" contains a number of important scenes from "WALL-E", and you will ruin the main movie for yourself if you see the short first... just FYI :)

P.S. In the theatres "WALL-E" was preceeded by the short film "Presto", feel free to see that before you see the main feature.


Videos of Thievery Corporation live in Bucureşti (Bucharest), 15/10-2008

Five videos of Thievery Corporation playing live at Sala Palatului in Bucureşti (Bucharest), Romania, 15/10-2008.


400 new pictures added to my website

I finally uploaded all the 400 new pictures from 2008 to my FlickR-page, for anyone who's interested...

* Sofia (March)

* Bucuresti (summer)

* Oslo (summer/autumn)

* Sfântu Gheorghe - Anonimul Film Festival (August)

* Vama Veche (August)

* Berlin (September)

The main page for all the DJ-mixes, blogs, pictures, videos etc. is always




Huge update to my website - 80 interviews and 10 DJ-sets (almost 50 hours of music)

Hey all. I just updated my website and added:

a) almost 50 hours of music, in 10 DJ-sets that are all about FIVE hours long and contain tons of various music styles, with playlists and timing-points
over 80 interviews (in Norwegian) with various artists and producers, from 2001 up to now

Feel free to check it out if you want, is my new website.


Videos and pictures from Rokolectiv 2008

These are videos and pictures from the third edition of Rokolectiv, a Romanian festival in Bucuresti/Bucharest for electronic music and related visual arts.

It took place at the 11th and 12th of April at the club Session, and on the closing Sunday the 13th at the National Museum of Contemporary Arts (MNAC).

This year's theme was Playground, and the artists were encouraged to "push their limits of their creativity and engage their playful energies".

Some of the artists are listed here:
* Underground Resistance (US)
* Mungolian Jet Set (NO)
* Jean-Jacques Perrey & David Chazam (FR)
* Daedelus (US)
* Elektrofant (NO)
* Khan of Finland (DE)
* DAT Politics (FR)

For much more information, go to the official website.

Below are 28 videos on YouTube - click on a video to open it in a separate window, and you can also click here to see a gallery of 32 pictures on Flickr.

DAT Politics

Underground Resistance (seven videos)

Tom Wilson

Kalabrese presents The Rumpelorchestra

Mungolian Jet Set (three videos)

Elektrofant (three videos)

Khan of Finland


Jean-Jacques Perrey (nine videos)


Candy Says - Picture Of An Angel (from "Live Nude Girls")

"Live Nude Girls" is a nice little movie from 1995 about a group of women having a sleepover party, while constantly talking about relationships, life and sex. Lots of sex, I should add!

During this very sensual fantasy scene (see it below) with Olivia d'Abo and Lora Zane, a song is played that I was never able to find out what was - until now. Answer is coming up...

I finally had the bright idea of emailing the film's music supervisor Robin Urdang, and she told me it's "Picture Of An Angel", by the pretty unknown group Candy Says. It's available on their very rare album "Kaleidoscope" (1992).

Strangely enough it doesn't really resemble any other songs on the album, since it's the only ambient track like this there. Here you can listen to the whole track:

And I hope the band don't get angry with me, but since it's nearly impossible to find this album I took the liberty of sharing the full MP3 of the song. Here it is in 320 kb/s: link 1 or link 2. (Comment if the links go down.)


"I've been gone for days now
You didn't hear me leave
I had good intentions
But I was so naive

I was wrong

I want to be a lady
An angel for a day
I want to be forgiven
What more can I say

I was wrong

I could die tomorrow
Wouldn't that be sad
Another voice gone silent
In a world gone mad

I was wrong
I was wrong"


"Comparisons to other alternative groups abound about the Lexington, Ky-based pop rock poets Candy Says, ranging from 10,000 Maniacs to the Cure to the Sundays. Guitar-based rock trios featuring girl singers with feathery voices are hardly a new configuration and they usually serve to showcase either the female singer's vocals or the group's songwriting abilities or both.

Candy Says' second release, Kaleidoscope, bows to the form, with clean, precise arrangements that offer up Aleah X. Metzger's voice. Most of the time it works, though occasionally she seems to be a butterfly being chased by large felines, as the guitar-rooted melody lines edge toward snarling power-chords.

The rhythm section of Jay Baker on drums and Keith Coleman on bass is straight-ahead and generally right in the pocket. When that section is combined with R. R. Hornback's guitar, many of the tunes have a riff-driven pop groove. That sound goes a long way back past current alternative to a mid-Sixties feel, sometimes like Hendrix, sometimes even like early Fairport Convention but still Nineties smooth.

Ah, but to the point -- is there a radio tune on this project? Any hit songs?

"Upside Down" has a fine little guitar riff for an intro and the tune's musical structure fits solidly into the mold. Some of the most interesting lyrics on the album are found in this song.

"As She Fades" seems to the band's choice -- they throw in a little radio static and tuning at the beginning. Hornback's guitar part even feels like Fogerty in his Credence days.

The rest of the tunes are less individually memorable, although the overall sound and feel of the album has a certain stick-in-the-back-of-the-head quality. The lyrics are obscurely poetic but lack real punch. When there is a strong lyric, it doesn't match the music, so that there are no dynamite hooks.

Still, the project is a good effort by a band that clearly wants to be taken seriously (read major-label ready).

Kaleidoscope should earn them at least a look at their next project."

Written by Paul Moffett

P.S. Not surprisingly, the movie doesn't contain much nudity, which might be a bummer for those wanting to see Dana Delany and Kim Cattrall naked.

P.P.S. I will of course remove the download links if requested by the band or other copyright holders.


Geert Wilders' "Fitna"

The Dutch politican Geert Wilders, leader of the Party for Freedom (PVV) recently released his short anti-Islam film "Fitna" on the net.

It's actually not a very good film, and after seeing it I was going to write something about the content – but I actually don't dare. And I'm not alone about this. For instance, many sites that had it up for streaming have removed it from their servers, due to fear of retaliations from Islamists.

Also, in the movie Wilders seemingly tears a page out of The Qur'an, then it fades to black and he writes "the sound you heard was a page torn from a phone book", to make it clear he didn't touch the holy book.

This makes me think... what does all this fear say about the situation of Europe today, and where we are headed?


China are killing monks in Tibet

China are now murdering innocent monks and other protesters in Tibet, while lying to the world community and saying no violence is happening. This is all part of their invasion of Tibet.

PLEASE help Tibet by signing one (or both) of these two petitions:
Avaaz and ThePetitionSite

It only takes a minute or so, and your signature will help. Also, please give the link for this page to all your friends, so they can sign the petitions too.

If you don't believe this is happening, click here to see pictures of monks who have been shot to death (warning: very graphic pictures). Here is the press release with facts about the killings.


When remixes are shit: Michael Jackson - Thriller (25th Anniversary Edition)

Michael Jackson's "Thriller", one of the best pop albums ever, recently got a re-release coinciding with its 25th anniversary.

There is already a really good "Special Edition" from 2001 with all the original tracks plus interviews, but of course MJ and Epic wanna sell the album again, so on this "25th Anniversary Edition" you get new and bland remixes thrown in:

* "The girl is mine 2008" (with Will.I.Am)
* "PYT (Pretty Young Thing) 2008" (with Will.I.Am)
* "Wanna be startin' somethin' 2008" (with Akon)
* "Beat it 2008" (with Fergie)
* "Billie Jean 2008" (with Kanye West)

Sure, they are all decent and typical productions for 2007/8, and they sound similar to any other shit that's on the charts these days. But when you are remixing Michael Jackson, this just isn't good enough.

So all of these manage to turn the original brilliant songs and productions into mediocre blandness. Nothing of value is added, and they demonstrate perfectly how poor modern and programmed R&B can sound. Compare each remix to the real musicianship and funk of real soul/funk/disco/black music, and they all sound lame, tame and pompous, especially Will.I.Am (who apparantly never even learned to spell).

If you want to, you can actually point to these new remixes as shining examples of everything that's wrong with popmusic these days, and I'm sure that wasn't the intention of Will.I.Am, Fergie and Kanye West - whom should all be thoroughly ashamed of themselves for shitting on "Thriller" like this.

Please don't spend any money on this crap, but download it from Torrent or Rapidshare it if you can. Make sure no one gets more money for this!


Recommended documentary film: "Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room"

I just saw the documentary film "Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room" about how the company Enron went bankrupt due to many reasons, among them accounting fraud and draining of funds.

In short, all the employees lost their jobs, stocks, pensions and medical insurance, except for the crooked executives high up in the system, who cashed in enormous sums just before the company went down.

Enron were responsible for many unethical and criminal acts in their "business", among them the "California electricity crisis" of 2000 and 2001, when the state of California experienced electricity blackouts that led to chaos, huge personal losses and tragedies, and the price of electricity going up as high as 20 times the normal price.

(By the way, the energy crisis also led to the body builder, misogynist and - of course - republican Arnold Schwarzenegger taking over as guvernor.)

Even if I knew the facts, I was still shocked with how blatant and greedy the executives and traders at Enron acted. The clarity of the presentation in "Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room" makes it worthwhile seeing for everyone, and it also points out how the ever-greedy Bush family were involved with and made money from Enron. Highly recommended!

Unfortunately, chairman and CEO Kenneth Lay died from a heart attack before his trial, and thus never had to stand accountable for his actions. If there is a hell, he might be there roasting slowly there forever.

Arrogant liar, CEO and COO Jeffrey Skilling was convicted to 24 years of prison, denying all knowledge of anything. Personally I don't think he ever deserves to be let back into society again, so I'd say he got away easy.

Lou Pai is perhaps the one who made the most money out of everyone involved. He got away with over 280 million dollars before it all collapsed, and he hasn't been charged or sued with anything. I seriously think someone who lost a lot of money will have him murdered at some point. Look over your shoulder, Lou.

P.S. The movie is narrated by Peter Coyote, interestingly enough.


If you hate buying clothes...'re like me. I really don't like shopping for clothes. It takes too much time, the music in the store is usually too loud, I almost never find anything I really like, and everything is too expensive (or too cheap if Indonesian kids made it).

But there's one thing I can actually deal with - "outlet sales", when a brand displays forthcoming clothes and parts with them for really low prices.

Today I bought all of this at Blend's "collection sale", guess how much I paid?

(click the image for larger size)

Only 1700 NOK (which is about 215 EURO / 330 USD / 165 GBP / 800 RON) for 19 items! And they're actually good quality!

After doing this for a few years now, I can hardly get back to buying clothes for "normal" prices. It just feels... wrong. So instead I try to go to this collection sale every third month and feel like I've somehow cheated the system. And then I just hope they weren't made by kids in sweat shops...


Story of Stuff with Annie Leonard

If you have 20 minutes of your life to spare (and we all do), PLEASE click the link over and watch the short interactive film "Story of Stuff".

It's a critical look of how all the stuff we buy is killing our planet, and it's made in a very informative, humourous and thought provoking way. Maybe it will make some of us change our habits?

See it and then show it to all your friends!


Recommended TV series part 1

Here is an alphabetical list of 23 quality TV series I've enjoyed and can recommend. Download and/or buy and check them out - and please go through the whole list here, since they are all good. :)


30 Rock
Tina Fey from Saturday Night Live created and stars in this comedy, and it's produced by Lorne Michaels (also SNL). Very fun and witty with a perfect Alec Baldwin as the irratic, powerful and charismatic CEO.

Big Love
This drama is from HBO (= quality), it's about polygamy and it's got Bill Paxton, Chlöe Sevigny, Bruce Dern and Harry Dean Stanton in it. Series 1 was excellent, and series 2 has just finished. Try to watch it with subtitles if you can - lots of strange biblical phrases there.

An entertaining (though not amazing) comedy series about a geek turned into a spy/super-computer, with lots of references to contemporary culture. Well made, and you can see (in the first seasons) that they must have had a big budget for it.

Day Break
Crime drama about a day repeating (like in "Groundhog Day"), it's really cleverly made, and it only ran for one season. It even got cancelled in the USA, because it was just too good for ABC.

A highly entertaining drama/crime from Showtime, about a very likeable serial killer murdering only bad people while keeping his day job in the police, and it's got Michael C. Hall (from "Six Feet Under") in it. Series 1 was absolutely excellent, and series 2 is just as good. Just make sure you start with series 1!

By Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, who also made "The Office". Every episode features a guest star who are all allowed to seem egomaniac or crazy. High quality British comedy! Guest starring e.g. Ben Stiller, Kate Winslet, Samuel L. Jackson, Patrick Stewart, Orlando Bloom, David Bowie, Daniel Radcliffe, and Ian McKellen.

In Treatment
Gabriel Byrne stars as a sympathetic psychologist, and the 25-minute episodes are all showing his sessions in real time with various recurring patients, while also showing aspects of his personal life. Almost no music, just intelligent and emotional dialogue. It's based on the Israeli TV series "BeTipul" - for once they did something good over there! Now if they could just tear down the wall...

Good sci-fi/drama that was cancelled by ABC, again probably too intelligent for their core audience. Think "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" updated for the 00's, and add a dose of well played drama and small town life as well.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia(
In this comedy we follow four friends who run a bar in Philly, and they're so cynical and reprehensible that every scene and every episode displays people at their absolute worst - in a really funny way. Almost every stereotype and prejudice is covered, and since the episodes are so short it's really easy to just put on another one, and another one...

Just Shoot Me
David Spade is really funny in this older and long lived series, though it gets kind of predictable in the end. The rest of the cast are OK, but see it for David - some of his dialogue is so cynic, sharp and on-point that it almost makes me pee.

Mad About You
If you like Helen Hunt, you'll love this gentle comedy with Paul Reiser and Helen as a couple that goes through most phases worth showing on television. I still have a nostalgic spot for this series, since I saw it when I was younger.

Masters of Horror
Gather the best horror directors and -writers and have them do an episode where they can do almost whatever they want, and you get this series. Some are very scary and intense, others are a bit more harmless and almost stupid. But all in all a good effort, with enough good moments to keep you watching it.

Peep Show
(Channel 4)
REALLY really funny awkward British comedy series about two flatmates who are not good for much, though they try to pretend for themselves they are. Somewhere between "Extras" and "The Office", this series is full of horrible, shameful and laughable moments, simply because they are happening to someone else. Guilty pleasures.

A British show about 250 million years old creatures entering present day through "anomalies", time portals that open up in random places (mostly around London, oddly enough..) and allow creatures from i.e. the Permian period to enter our time. Not amazing in any way, but if you like sci-fi and cool CGI this could be your thing.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
Expensive (so much so that it only lasted one season) and sharply made about a fictional SNL-type show, this drama by Aaron Sorkin has stars like Matthew Perry and Amanda Peet in it, and is kept in basically the same witty tradition as "West Wing", Sorkin's previous creation. Entertaining, also because it contains a multitude of references to everything imaginable. Could be seen as kind of like a "show off"-thing, but it's kept in a sober way.

Short lived (only one season) contemporary sci-fi about a young female scientist discovering monsters in the sea and then trying to tell the world about it. Contains the usual conspiracy-theories, but it looks good and plays well. Too bad it didn't come back for a second season.

The Big Bang Theory
eally funny comedy about two very geeky men, their geeky friends and a sexy/cute down-to-earth female neighbour. Very accurate script that shows the collision between normality and high strung geekiness.

The Human Sexes with Desmond Morris
(The Learning Channel)

A six-part documentary, comparing the biological differences between the human male and female and investigation of why so many cultures have chosen to downplay or exaggerate sexual differences. Renowned zoologist and people-watcher Desmond Morris combines his observations with the latest evolutionary theories to present a new view of males and females.

Each episode compares a unique aspect of male and female biology, from differences in the brain and body to sex-specific rituals, sexual biology, attraction and relationships, sex-roles in marriage and parenting - and the ongoing gender war.

Personally, I think it explains very plainly a lot of things people really don't understand or have thought much about, and if enough people saw these kind of documentaries, it could create a better understanding between the sexes. And a fairer treatment of women everywhere...

The L Word
Probably the best drama about lesbians ever made for TV. Yes, it can be argued that the personal lives of privileged, (mainly) white, 30-something lesbians living in L.A. might not be the most accurate representation of girls who loves girls - but it's still a very well written drama that spends time in exploring the many different facets of human universal emotions. And it has lots of love scenes with beautful women! What more do you need?

The Office
Steve Carell does a great job in the American version of this show, but it's this British original created by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant that started it all. Incredibly awkward comedy that at times is almost painful to watch, because you feel so embarrassed for the characters. Essential viewing! Also check "Extras" (BBC) by the same makers.

The Riches
Dark drama about an American family of thieving "travellers", that by (deadly) chance get the opportunity to take over the life of a wealthy family. British comedian and actor Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver make this a must-see for anyone interested in alternative and intelligent TV series.

The Sarah Silverman Program
(Comedy Central)
Queen of dead pan sarcasm, Jewish Sarah Silverman is one of the most cynic and funny women on TV. You should see her stand up movie "Jesus Is Magic" and then go through this, her own show. And oh, check her out on the Comedy Central roasts (i.e. Pamela Anderson's) - brilliant stuff.

Mary Louise Parker surprised a few of her fans with this witty drama TV series, starring as a mother who loses her husband and then has to struggle to keep up the facade in a very rich suburban community. Not really having a job, she decides to sell weed to keep the family wheel going. Also starring Elizabeth Perkins, Kevin Nealon and Justin Kirk (from the brilliant mini series "Angels in America").


When you almost lose your baby

I almost lost my amazing cat Mio twice these last days:

1) A few days ago he snuck out the door and into the hallway of the block. Luckily I found him after some time on some steps a few floors below us, totally silent and shivering from fear. I think maybe he made some noise and someone scared him to shut him up? Anyway, he didn't make it out of the building. Phew!

2) Then today, he was sitting in the window and suddenly started walking on the very thin ledge, away from the window. And since there wasn't enough space for him to turn, when he tried getting back he fell off the ledge... Luckily, he managed somehow to cling on and I could grab him seconds before he would have fallen down five floors onto the asphalt.

So to celebrate he is still around, here is a bunch of pictures of my beloved kitty. (Click the link to go to the Flickr gallery.)


Greedy/insane woman wants 54 million dollars for her lost laptop

This is Raelyn Campbell, an American woman from Washington who is sueing the consumer electronics shop Best Buy for 54 million dollars, after they lost her laptop while it was in repair.

It's shocking that her claim is taken seriously, but it only goes to show how messed up the American "legal" system is.

Obviously she's greedy and/or insane, and if you want to leave a comment for her, this is her blog where she's written about her case.

The really twisted thing is that she seems kind of hot, and what would a guy do if she hit on him, knowing about this whole case? Would he say "No thanks, you are a horrible woman", or just go with the flow? Hm.