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When you almost lose your baby

I almost lost my amazing cat Mio twice these last days:

1) A few days ago he snuck out the door and into the hallway of the block. Luckily I found him after some time on some steps a few floors below us, totally silent and shivering from fear. I think maybe he made some noise and someone scared him to shut him up? Anyway, he didn't make it out of the building. Phew!

2) Then today, he was sitting in the window and suddenly started walking on the very thin ledge, away from the window. And since there wasn't enough space for him to turn, when he tried getting back he fell off the ledge... Luckily, he managed somehow to cling on and I could grab him seconds before he would have fallen down five floors onto the asphalt.

So to celebrate he is still around, here is a bunch of pictures of my beloved kitty. (Click the link to go to the Flickr gallery.)
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