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Videos and pictures from Rokolectiv 2008

These are videos and pictures from the third edition of Rokolectiv, a Romanian festival in Bucuresti/Bucharest for electronic music and related visual arts.

It took place at the 11th and 12th of April at the club Session, and on the closing Sunday the 13th at the National Museum of Contemporary Arts (MNAC).

This year's theme was Playground, and the artists were encouraged to "push their limits of their creativity and engage their playful energies".

Some of the artists are listed here:
* Underground Resistance (US)
* Mungolian Jet Set (NO)
* Jean-Jacques Perrey & David Chazam (FR)
* Daedelus (US)
* Elektrofant (NO)
* Khan of Finland (DE)
* DAT Politics (FR)

For much more information, go to the official website.

Below are 28 videos on YouTube - click on a video to open it in a separate window, and you can also click here to see a gallery of 32 pictures on Flickr.

DAT Politics

Underground Resistance (seven videos)

Tom Wilson

Kalabrese presents The Rumpelorchestra

Mungolian Jet Set (three videos)

Elektrofant (three videos)

Khan of Finland


Jean-Jacques Perrey (nine videos)

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