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If you hate buying clothes...'re like me. I really don't like shopping for clothes. It takes too much time, the music in the store is usually too loud, I almost never find anything I really like, and everything is too expensive (or too cheap if Indonesian kids made it).

But there's one thing I can actually deal with - "outlet sales", when a brand displays forthcoming clothes and parts with them for really low prices.

Today I bought all of this at Blend's "collection sale", guess how much I paid?

(click the image for larger size)

Only 1700 NOK (which is about 215 EURO / 330 USD / 165 GBP / 800 RON) for 19 items! And they're actually good quality!

After doing this for a few years now, I can hardly get back to buying clothes for "normal" prices. It just feels... wrong. So instead I try to go to this collection sale every third month and feel like I've somehow cheated the system. And then I just hope they weren't made by kids in sweat shops...
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