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When remixes are shit: Michael Jackson - Thriller (25th Anniversary Edition)

Michael Jackson's "Thriller", one of the best pop albums ever, recently got a re-release coinciding with its 25th anniversary.

There is already a really good "Special Edition" from 2001 with all the original tracks plus interviews, but of course MJ and Epic wanna sell the album again, so on this "25th Anniversary Edition" you get new and bland remixes thrown in:

* "The girl is mine 2008" (with Will.I.Am)
* "PYT (Pretty Young Thing) 2008" (with Will.I.Am)
* "Wanna be startin' somethin' 2008" (with Akon)
* "Beat it 2008" (with Fergie)
* "Billie Jean 2008" (with Kanye West)

Sure, they are all decent and typical productions for 2007/8, and they sound similar to any other shit that's on the charts these days. But when you are remixing Michael Jackson, this just isn't good enough.

So all of these manage to turn the original brilliant songs and productions into mediocre blandness. Nothing of value is added, and they demonstrate perfectly how poor modern and programmed R&B can sound. Compare each remix to the real musicianship and funk of real soul/funk/disco/black music, and they all sound lame, tame and pompous, especially Will.I.Am (who apparantly never even learned to spell).

If you want to, you can actually point to these new remixes as shining examples of everything that's wrong with popmusic these days, and I'm sure that wasn't the intention of Will.I.Am, Fergie and Kanye West - whom should all be thoroughly ashamed of themselves for shitting on "Thriller" like this.

Please don't spend any money on this crap, but download it from Torrent or Rapidshare it if you can. Make sure no one gets more money for this!
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