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Help to stop ACTA, a huge threat to Internet freedom

SOPA/PIPA was stopped, and now ACTA is threatening the Internet in the same way. Please read this, it's important.

ACTA is an international trade agreement currently being negotiated. One of the major goals is to force signatory countries into implementing anti file-sharing policies.

This will in turn allow corporations and lobbyers to e.g. effectively control the Internet, and make Internet Service Providers responsible for what their users are doing. This would seriously cripple Internet freedom.

Here is what you can do:
- Sign this Avaaz campaign, along with over 800.000 others (and counting)
- If you are in the EU, here are additional ways you can take action
- See this video explaining ACTA's effects

Please share this on Facebook and other social media, informing your network about this danger.

And read more at StopACTA.
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