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Vangelis interviews to check out

I was listening to the Greek master of electronic music Vangelis and his very rare album "Silent Portraits", and thought I'd post some good interviews with our hero.

(from the "Direct" cover art, released in 1988 - check out the massive gear collection)

If you're not familiar with his music, a good place to start is the 2003 compilation "Odyssey" (CD), which has most of his best compositions from various albums and soundtracks. I must also recommend "Blade Runner Trilogy", an updated triple disc 25th anniversary version (CD/MP3) of his amazing soundtrack to Ridley Scott's masterpiece from 1982.

Click here or the picture below to see a very good 24 minute TV interview from 1984, where Vangelis goes into great detail about his process of composing and producing:

Here is a 10 minute interview with Mark Lawson on the BBC Radio 4 program "Front Row", from 2008: stream or download.

Sound on Sound wrote a very detailed article in 1997 about how Vangelis works in his Nemo Studios in London.

And finally, here is Vangelis improvising on his favourite keyboards:

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