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The Earlies with the best remix ever?

Rachel Goswell was the lead singer of Slowdive, then Mojave 3, now solo.

Take some minutes now to listen to this amazing ambient remix of Rachel Goswell's "Plucked" (2005), on the respected label 4AD. All tracks are streaming from Deezer.

First up is the original version:
Listen to "Plucked"

Then the remixes for comparison:
Listen to "Plucked One (re-produced by Names on Records)"
Listen to "Plucked Two (re-produced by Names on Records)"

The original is a beautiful and somber song, driven by acoustic guitar and a fragile vocal tastefully drenched in reverb. Carefully augmented with rich strings and sparse instrumentation, this is certainly a very nice tune.

BUT! Then the English trio The Earlies (aka Names On Records) take over, and deliver possibly one of the best remixes I have ever heard, developing the source material into an ambient feast of sound. They retain the song, but transform it into a mix of lush and warm electronics, coupled with the atmospheric sound of early Mum. Two mixes are available, number two being a chilled and echoed out tranquil version.

So what I'm saying is - could this be the best musically respectful remix ever? Paying a tribute to the original, while at the same time widely expanding on the scope? If you know about any other remixes that does something similar, please let me know by commenting!

Also on this release Ulrich Schnauss does some very nice remixes of "Coastline":
Listen to "Coastline (Ulrich Schnauss vocal mix)"
Listen to "Coastline (Ulrich Schnauss instrumental mix)"

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