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HBO's "In Treatment" back with its second season

HBO always deliver quality TV series. Case in point - "In Treatment", starring Gabriel Byrne as a sympathetic psychologist, with 25-minute episodes all showing his sessions in real time with four recurring patients, while at the same time showing aspects of his personal life. Almost no music, just intelligent and emotional dialogue showcasing psychology at work - how people really are.

(Read a good and explanatory review here.)

If you were one of those who caught the first season of "In Treatment" (all 43 episodes of it), you'll be delighted to know that it's back with its second season. Gabriel Byrne is still the therapist, but some circumstances have changed, and this season is (so far) even more personal than the first. Some moments are heartbreakingly well written and extremely touching, and each episode leaves an impression.

Both seasons come highly recommended by yours truly, and the series has also won several TV awards. Buy the first and second season, it's great viewing and it goes much deeper when you watch a few episodes in a row.

And oh - be sure NOT to find out the ending of season one before you commence with season two, you'll kick yourself if you do. (The same thing goes for Dexter season one and two.)
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