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"Exposure: Saudi Arabia Uncovered" analyzes one of the worst countries on earth

The shocking documentary "Exposure: Saudi Arabia Uncovered" by ITV shows why this is one of the worst countries on earth. See the full programme in HD here:

The oil state Saudi Arabia hates women, gays and Jews. It violates countless human rights, and hundreds of people are whipped or executed every year. Saudi money is funneled all over the world to spread extreme Wahhabism.

Even though it's a strategic oil nation, the west must realise Saudi Arabia is not an ally – but a dangerous enemy we must boycott.

Yes, this means challenging Big Oil and possibly endangering relations with the US. But it can be done, and as many nations as possible must start immediately.


Articles about the documentary in:
* The Weekly Observer
* Daily Express
* Daily Mirror
* Daily Mail

(Unfortunately mostly tabloid papers have written about it so far. Hopefully other outlets will cover it too soon, and I'll add more links later.)

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