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No self-control? Just block all distractions on your computer and phone/tablet.

We all have a lot to do.

We all waste time on distractions when we have more important things to do.

We don't have enough self-control to stop ourselves from procrastinating.

So – the most effective solution is to simply block yourself from having access to anything that isn't work-related.


1) If you have distracting games on your computer, uninstall them all, including Steam. You can always install them again when you have finished your work – but for now you will decide to get rid of them.

2) On your smartphone or tablet, uninstall all apps you spend time on instead of working. Social media must go, the same with Instagram, Reddit and everything else that steals your time – get rid of everything. Remember that you will not allow yourself to waste any time on your phone.

3) The final step is to block access to all distractions, with these free apps:
* Mac: SelfControl
* Windows PC: Cold Turkey

On your smartphone/tablet, use one of these apps:
* iPhone/iPad
* Android

With these installed, you just add the websites you shouldn't visit, determine how long you should be blocked from visiting them - and click "block". Now you simply CAN'T go to these sites until the time has passed, even if you restart the device or uninstall the software.

All of these strategies work for me. With fewer distractions you will get bored more quickly, and simply move your attention to more useful stuff. Also, and very importantly, you are actively training your brain to not get distracted while you are focused on a task.

I also recommend using the "Pomodoro" technique to get a lot of work done in short chunks of time. Read more about it here.

Beware that you might find yourself going to different websites for distractions. If so, you simply add these sites to the list of "forbidden places". And if you start using other apps instead, you will uninstall them as well.

Don't allow yourself to procrastinate. You have goals, dreams, aspirations – do anything and everything to reach them. This is your life, don't waste it.

For musical inspiration, here's Raff's beautiful classic italo-disco anthem "Self Control".

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