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"The Imitation Game" - mostly fiction, but good entertainment

"The Imitation Game" (2014) is a blockbuster film that tries to portray the life of British mathematician Alan Turing. It has been nominated for a ton of awards, even winning some of them.

The Norwegian director Morten Tyldum has been heavily critized for taking huge liberties with factual accuracy when it comes to relaying Turing's life story, and I thought I would gather some links to highlight what the film gets wrong - and also right.

And personally I might not see it because I don't like this type of historical revisionism, much like what David Fincher did in "The Social Network".

* Hypable: Nine facts The Imitation Game got wrong about Alan Turing
* Aperiodical: An Alan Turing expert answers your The Imitation Game questions
* Tech Republic: Why you should watch The Imitation Game and why you might want to skip it
* History vs Hollywood: Questioning the story of The Imitation Game

* Time: The Imitation Game director Morten Tyldum explains why the movie didn’t stick to history
* Wired: 9 secrets about The Imitation Game, straight from its screenwriter Graham Moore

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