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To do it - or never to do it at all?

Soooo I have Mio, my reeeally cute cat who's about six months, and unfortunately an indoor cat since we live on the fourth floor. (The alternative would be for him to keep living on the street, since that's where I found him.)

Now, he's probably starting to think about doing something with the girls. At least judging from his sounds and the way he runs around restlessly, seemingly looking for something I can't offer him. :) Normally, neutering indoor cats is what you would do, and I'll have that done soon.

The big question is - before the chop-chop, should I hook him up with some cute pussycats first and let him be a little playa? Or, if he never gets to use his reproductive organ - will he miss them less? Tough decision!

Here's the teenager in question:

(little Misha in the background is dead cute, but I think a little too young for Mio)

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