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No self-control? Here is free software to block websites on your PC or Mac

We all have a lot to do.

And we all waste time on sites we shouldn't be on with when we have more important things to do.

Since most of us don't have enough self-control to stop ourselves from visiting these websites, a very simple solution is to install a free program to just block time wasters.

Both of these programs are free:
* For PC, download Cold Turkey.
* For Mac, download SelfControl.

With these installed, you add the websites you shouldn't visit, determine how long you should be blocked from visiting them - and click "block". Now you can't open these sites until the time has passed, even if you restart the computer or uninstall the software.

I use these myself on both Mac and PC, and they really work. With fewer distractions you will simply get more useful stuff done, and also train yourself to not get distracted while you are focused on a task. I also recommend the "Pomodoro" technique, read more about it here.

Beware that you might find yourself going to different websites for distractions - if so you simply add these sites to the list of "forbidden places".

For musical inspiration, here's Raff's beautiful classic italo-disco anthem "Self Control".

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