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Interesting links and texts from previous years on my Facebook: 28/2

Read a very funny parody by Jeffrey Ellinger, "Date a guy who farts":

Also read these:
- Rosemarie Urquico's original "Date a girl who reads":
- Aleah Taboclaon's follow-up "Date a girl who travels":
- Charles Warnke's parody "Date an illiterate girl":


"The majority of Westerners are able to live a life of leisure. We may slide through large, unchallenging schools, slip into an unexciting, run-of-the-mill job, ease into quiet retirement in a pampered home and eventually death in soft bed surrounded by family members.

It is now our own individual responsibilities to seek out challenges. Study the hard subjects. Take the difficult jobs. Yes, you will have to work harder than everyone else around you. Yes, you will fail. And, if you continue to work, yes, you will overcome.

And then you will have the satisfaction of looking at those around you, knowing that you are quicker, stronger, smarter - harder."

Excerpt from the blogpost "We live in a world of 'Soft Men'":


Here is a very simple and effective way of stopping negative thought patterns:
After a situation/event/phase, you NEVER focus on what went "wrong" or what you did that wasn't "good enough".

Instead you ONLY ask yourself this:
1) What did I do well?
2) What would I do differently another time?

You will always become what you think about - so always focus on those two questions, nothing else.


Tomorrow is Mărțișor, an old Romanian celebration happening at the beginning of spring.

Apparently this is a symbolic day to to show friendship, love, appreciation and respect, and people give each other small Mărțișor decorations.

Right now I'm eating traditional Romanian food at Museum of the Romanian Peasant (Muzeul Taranului Roman), and there is a big Mărțișor market outside:

Like Hugh Grant talks about in the beginning of "Love Actually", I see love and appreciation on the faces of the people around me, and it's beautiful. ❤


Here's an official promo video about moving house in Japan:

Basically you don't have to do anything yourself, not even pack, unpack or clean - the movers will do EVERYTHING for you. Fantastic!


Some useful articles and links:
1) The Economist Intelligence Unit - EIU's "Worldwide Cost of Living" report for 2012 - very handy if you (like me) are thinking of relocating. The whole report costs $995, but this summary is free:

2) Lifehacker's guide to giving away your million-dollar idea, if you are not going to develop it yourself:

3) Beautiful pictures from Hans Zimmer's extremely impressive studio. Notice the walls covered by modular synths:

4) An approach to getting rid of email and making people call or visit you if they need you:

5) An interesting article about how doctors die differently, and often don't try to fight the illnesses that are killing them:


The all-time best excuse for missing a deadline was given by Dorothy Parker to her editor at The New Yorker: "Somebody was using the pencil."

She was a woman of great wit - even her epitaph reads "Excuse my dust." More quotes by Parker:


"If you have to be careful not to drink too much, it's because you're not to be trusted when you do."
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